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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Is it #COP26 IN OR COP-OUT as many of the front pages focus on the publication of the government’s zero carbon strategy. The Metro goes with the headline “Countdown To Net Zero”, while the Daily Mail calls it “Boris’s Trillion Pound Green Gamble”, focusing on an admission from the prime minister that he was taking a “big bet” on the effectiveness of unproven technologies

Daily Mail 20 Oct
The Daily Mail leads on the government’s latest strategy to make the great shift to a virtually zero-carbon economy. It dubs it Boris Johnson’s “trillion pound green gamble” – because of the prime minister’s comment that the plan involved “a ‘big bet’ on unproven technology”. The Treasury is warning of a “hefty price tag”, the paper notes.

Oct.21, 2021: @acenewsservices

BBC News: Staff:

The Duchess of Cambridge, who attended an addiction awareness event on Tuesday, beams at readers from the front of the Metro. Its lead story on climate notes that the prime minister “promised new money for electric car grants, street charge points, more trees and low-carbon heat pumps”. But critics have branded his plan a “pick ‘n’ mix” of “inadequate policies”, the paper reports.The duchess is not the only royal on the front of Wednesday’s papers.

The Times opts for a picture of the Queen, who told business leaders she was “proud of Britain’s efforts to move towards a sustainable future”. But the paper leads on warnings from the Treasury that “new taxes or reduced public spending” will be needed to pay for the UK’s climate plan – adding that “splits [have] emerged at the top of government over the cost of decarbonisation”.Campaigners and experts are warning that the net zero plans “fall short on ambition and funds”, according to the Guardian. The paper runs through different elements of the plan in detail, as well as warnings from the Treasury about costs.

It adds that ministers were “under pressure to publish the strategy” ahead of the #COP26 global climate summit in Glasgow next month.And Covid is the focus for most of the other front pages. The i says government scientific advisers who used to meet weekly are now meeting once a month “because of lessened demand from ministers for their input”. That’s despite “cases, hospital admissions and deaths increasing” and fears of a winter wave, the paper says – as well as suggestions from scientists that a new variant could be between 10% and 15% more infectious.

The Daily Express points out that the UK recorded 223 deaths within 28 days of a positive test on Tuesday, “the highest level for seven months”. The paper says millions of people are being urged to get third jabs to “keep Britain safe” but there are warnings that boosters are “not being taken up as quickly as the initial doses were rolled out”.

The Daily Mirror goes further, claiming there is a “crisis over top-up jabs”. The paper quotes Prof Neil Ferguson, the scientist whose modelling led to the first nationwide restrictions, speaking about a potential return of restrictions amid “low take-up, immunity waning, cases soaring and a new Delta variant”. “It’s critical we accelerate boosters,” the scientist says.

The Sun, illustrating a booster jab “lift-off” with a rocket launch, urges its readers not to “blow it” by missing their vaccinations. “Nothing is more vital to save lives and keep our freedoms this winter,” it says. “If you’re invited to get YOUR booster shot, don’t hesitate.”There’s a focus on care homes on the front page of the Daily Telegraph, which reports that two third of residents “are still waiting for a Covid-19 booster jab” – despite a government deadline to have offered them by 1 November. The paper adds that “some GPs have stopped vaccinations to prioritise clearing treatment backlogs”. It notes that an extension to the Coronavirus Act 2020, “allowing for extra measures to keep Covid under control until next March”, passed unopposed on Tuesday.

The Financial Times reports that the chancellor will cut the tax surcharge on bank profits from 8% to 3% from April 2023. It says the move, which is “an effort to keep the City of London competitive against global rivals in the wake of Brexit”, will be welcomed by the financial sector. But Rishi Sunak could be criticised for doing it “at a time of tight public finances”, it adds.The Queen makes another appearance, this time on the front page of the Daily Star. The paper reports that she “slapped down a mag which took liberties by selecting her as its Oldie Of The Year – at the tender age of 95”.

The Guardian quotes experts who say the plan “falls short” of what is needed. One of them, Prof Kevin Anderson from the University of Manchester, tells the paper it is “a story of subterfuge, delusion, offsetting and piecemeal policies – all dressed up as a shiny new strategy”.

The Times and the Financial Times both draw attention to warnings from the Treasury that taxes will need to rise in order to fund the plan. An unnamed source tells The Times that a document published by Chancellor Rishi Sunak – which warned that the plans would leave a £37bn hole in public finances due to the end of fuel duty – was watered down from previous drafts that featured starker warnings. 

The Spectator’s deputy political editor, Katy Balls, says the chancellor’s reluctance to predict an overall cost of achieving the environmental goal casts doubt on how serious the government is about reaching net zero. She claims that ministers’ strategy appears to rely on taking “a few steps now and then [hoping] for the best”.

The government’s coronavirus vaccine booster programme also gets plenty of coverage. 

The Sun prints a front page editorial, headlined “It’s Time For Lift Off”, urging eligible people to take up the offer of an extra dose “to put rocket boosters under the stuttering jabs roll out”. 

The Daily Mirror joins the calls for the programme to be accelerated, using the headline “Boost or Bust”, while the Daily Express says action is needed to “Keep Britain Safe” after daily Covid deaths reached their highest level since March.

The Daily Telegraph claims that two thirds of care home residents are still waiting for their additional shot, while the i reports that the government’s scientific advisors are now only meeting on a monthly basis due to less demand from ministers for their views. 

The Independent carries more optimistic vaccination news, saying that the team that created the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine is developing a new version to target the mutation of the Delta variant.

The Telegraph reports that Seville is to become the first city to name heat waves. It is hoped the move – which mirrors the system in place for hurricanes and storms – will raise awareness of changes to the climate and increases of deadly spells of hot weather. The system will also trigger increases to hospital staffing and the opening of centres to allow people to shelter safely from unsafe temperatures.

Finally, the Sun warns that Jurassic Park’s plot could soon become a reality. 

It says scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences hope to extract the genetic code of a caudipteryx – which is believed to closely resemble a velociraptor – from a fossil that was preserved in volcanic ash. 

One of the project’s lead professors tells the paper she’s hopeful they’ll be able to reconstruct a DNA sequence from the artefact, and responds to sceptics by saying: “I could be wrong… but I could be right.”

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