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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Goods stuck at UK port as people moan and groan about everything and anything now its the i-newspaper that also reports Christmas goods are affected. It says the world’s largest shipping company Maersk is now diverting some cargo vessels away from Britain and ships bound for Felixstowe are instead sailing to Rotterdam and Antwerp……….As well as a shortage of lorry drivers, a lack of capacity at warehouses inland is also blamed for the logjam.A picture of the container blockage at Felixstowe makes the front of the Financial Times.

The Times - Wednesday
Wednesday’s Times focuses on the chaos at Felixstowe port, where containers are piled up and unable to be moved because of the lorry driver shortage. The paper suggests deliveries for Christmas are among the goods being held up – including toys, electrical goods, bikes and homeware. Ministers are being warned that there could be gaps on shelves, the paper says. Felixstowe normally handles more than a third of Britain’s container imports and exports, and much of it is toys and furniture.

Oct.14, 2021: @acenewsservices

A number of Wednesday’s papers lead with the EU’s offer of a new deal on the part of the Brexit deal that covers Northern Ireland, the Northern Ireland Protocol.

BBC News: Staff:

But the paper’s top story is on a forecast from the International Monetary Fund, warning the UK economy will take longer to recover from the Covid crisis than any other country in the G7 group of rich nations. The paper says the “large scars to the British economy” will force Chancellor Rishi Sunak to use the money from new taxes to recover from the pandemic, rather than improving health and social care.A Brexit story makes the front of the Daily Telegraph, which looks ahead to an announcement from the European Commission later. Brussels is due to set out its proposals to resolve the dispute over the Northern Ireland Protocol – the part of the Brexit deal that specifically covers Northern Ireland. The paper says the bloc is making concessions over checks, proposing that up to half of customs checks on goods will be lifted.

The Guardian describes the EU’s offer to remove customs checks on goods as an “olive branch”, and that the bloc is seeking “to turn the page on the rancorous relationship with Boris Johnson”. But a bone of contention between the two sides remains, the paper says, over the UK’s demand that the European Court of Justice can no longer be the arbiter of EU law in NI.

The Daily Express focuses on the noises coming from the British side over Brexit, quoting Lord Frost as saying the UK may rip up the Brexit agreement unless the EU eases border rules. Brexit chief Lord Frost said Boris Johnson would take the “nuclear option” if the bloc refuses to budge in the dispute over Northern Ireland trade.The Daily Mirror has a picture of Boris Johnson painting at an easel while in Marbella.

The paper is critical of the prime minister for being on holiday while “his deadly mishandling of Covid” is being condemned in a damning report from MPs. “Where’s the PM?” reads the headline. “He’s playing with his paint set at his billionaire pal’s villa.” The picture caption adds: “Escape artist.”The front page of the Daily Star is equally scathing. It carries the same picture of Mr Johnson, adding: “Nice that Bozo can brush off a critical report blaming his dithering for 20,000 Brit Covid deaths- we’d hate for it to spoil his holiday.”

The Metro also focuses on how the government has responded to yesterday’s report from MPs on the UK’s early response to Covid. It says ministers have repeatedly refused to apologise, and says Cabinet Office minister Stephen Barclay admitted he had not read the official report. The paper also criticises science minister George Freeman, who suggested the UK’s high death toll could be related to obesity.The Daily Mail reports that Health Secretary Sajid Javid is planning new measures to enable GPs to see more patients in person. It says surgeries will be given new Covid guidance that scraps the two-metre rule and relaxes cleaning rules. The Mail quotes a government source saying that any small minority of GPs who resist the return to face-to-face appointments will be “held to account”.

For the Guardian, lifting up to 50% of post-Brexit customs checks on goods and over half of the checks on meat and plants is a bold proposal – with Brussels seeking to turn the page on the rancorous relationship with Boris Johnson. 

But it adds that the olive branch will be extended in defiance of the French government, which has internally raised concerns about it. 

According to the Daily Telegraph, EU sources have warned that the British demand to remove the role of European judges in overseeing the protocol is a “red line” and could cost Northern Ireland its access to the single market.

Getty ImagesFelixstowe is the UK’s busiest container port and is currently experiencing a backlog

The Times and the i newspaper lead on the log-jam of shipping containers at Felixstowe port. The i has the headline: “Ships unable to dock and unload goods for Christmas”. 

A shipping boss tells the Times: “I don’t want to sound like a Grinch, but there are going to be gaps on shelves this Christmas.” The paper says toys, electronics, bikes and homeware items are understood to be affected.

COVID19 report

The Metro says ministers refused repeatedly yesterday to apologise for mistakes during the pandemic, following the damning report by MPs on their performance – and instead blamed victims for being too fat. 

The Daily Mirror’s front page has a picture of Boris Johnson painting on an easel while on holiday in Marbella. 

But it says the country’s in crisis and his deadly mishandling of Covid is being condemned by bereaved families and MPs. “Having fun, Boris”? its headline asks.

For its main story, the Daily Mail reports that the Health Secretary Sajid Javid is to tell GPs to tear up Covid rules to allow them to see more patients in person. 

According to the paper, a package of measures will include scrapping the two-metre social distancing rule in surgeries, which ended months ago elsewhere, and relaxing onerous “enhanced cleaning” regimes.

Pictures of the Queen using a walking stick at a Royal British Legion service at Westminster Abbey yesterday appear widely. The Times reports that she had previously been pictured with a stick in 2003 and 2004 after knee surgery. 

The Telegraph says it is understood the accessory was there yesterday simply for her comfort and not for any medical reason.

Finally, a man is claiming a world record for a pub crawl – after visiting 51 pubs in nine hours. 

Matt Ellis had to drink a certain amount at each of his stops in Cambridgeshire to qualify. 

But, the Sun says, Guinness World Records is set to adjudicate on his claim after he drank just four pints of beer in total, otherwise sticking to soft drinks. 

According to the Mirror, Mr Ellis avoided alcohol out of respect for his health. 

The 48-year-old tells the paper: “Maybe several years ago I would have made it with 51 alcoholic drinks – but not now.”

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