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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Travel Industry push U.K Government to scrap free ‘Taxpayer Funded PCR #COVID19 tests’ as daily positive new cases have risen to nearly 40,000 as of last three days figures see below:

Winter and spring of discontent” is the headline dominating the front of the i weekend as it reports that ministers fear there is a year of disruption ahead for Britain’s food, fuel, gas and labour markets. The shipping crisis could last for at least six to nine months, the paper adds more soon folks …….

The Daily Telegraph front page 9 October 2021
Senior government ministers are pushing to end mass free Covid testing because of the huge costs to the taxpayer, the Daily Telegraph reports. There are discussions in government to pull back the arrangement which allows everyone to have a lateral flow test and some to have a PCR test without paying, the paper says. Free tests might only be provided in high-risk settings, such as care homes, hospitals and schools, and for people with symptoms, the paper adds. However, the paper says Boris Johnson’s position is unclear and Downing Street is understood to be playing down chances of mass free testing ending over the winter.

Oct.10, 2021: @acenewsservices

BBC News: Staff:

There is anxiety in government over imposing any “Plan B” tighter Covid rules this winter, with daily deaths needing to rise to 250 before such a plan is introduced.The PM has tasked former Tesco boss Sir David Lewis with ending the supply chain crisis and “saving” Christmas, the Daily Express reports. It is hoped he can apply his retail knowledge to prevent shortages. The paper says figures reveal that around one in six adults have been unable to buy essential food items in the past two weeks.The Times reports that ministers are due to announce plans for levies on gas bills to fund low-carbon heating in the next two weeks, despite prices rising. Ministers are pushing ahead with the “eco plan”, according to the paper, which says the carbon pricing scheme could push gas bills “significantly higher”.Meanwhile, the Guardian’s lead story concerns social media warnings, with the paper reporting that TikTok lets children see lies and conspiracy theories about Covid-19. Accounts on the platform have hundreds of thousands of followers and peddle false claims about Covid survival rates and discourage vaccination, according to the Guardian. TikTok told the paper that it worked diligently to tackle content and accounts that spread misinformation.The Daily Mail leads with the new “walk me home service”, a phone line designed to help protect lone women. Home Secretary Priti Patel has backed plans for the 888 number, which the paper says could be in operation by Christmas. It is being developed following the public outcry over the murder of Sarah Everard. The service would allow people to have their journeys tracked, triggering an alert if they do not reach home in time, according to the Mail.Elsewhere, the Daily Mirror says that investigators are sure that Christian B murdered Madeleine McCann, reporting that they have the evidence to charge him.Some 136 countries have signed a “groundbreaking” corporate tax reform designed to eliminate tax havens, the FT Weekend reports. It is expected to bring in $150bn (£108bn), according to the paper. The paper bills it as the “biggest tax deal in a century”. The nations also agreed to a two-year ban on introducing new taxes on tech groups such as Google and Amazon, the paper adds, while the Jo Biden administration tries to ratify the deal in the US.Finally, “a real kick in the wotsits” is the Daily Star’s headline as the paper reports warnings that the price of crisps and snacks could rise. “It’s crunch time for munchies,” the paper says.

Government ministers will announce plans for new levies on gas bills to fund low-carbon heating, despite rising energy prices, the Times reports.

The paper says the strategy – to be published in the next fortnight, ahead of the COP26 climate conference – will include a carbon pricing scheme that could push bills significantly higher.

But one government source tells the Times the plans are “madness”, with Downing Street failing to appreciate the problem of rising energy prices.

The Daily Express leads on the appointment of the former Tesco boss Sir David Lewis to a role advising the government on supply chains.

The paper says he has been called on to “save Christmas” from a “triple whammy” of food, fuel and carbon dioxide shortages.

The Independent claims that fears of “Christmas chaos” are growing – with warnings from industry of factory shutdowns within weeks. 

The i weekend says disruption, exacerbated by a global shipping logjam, could last for months, leading to a winter – and spring – of discontent. 

The Sun’s leader column says the UK should have ended its reliance on gas imports long ago. 

With Russia slowing supply and China buying all the gas it can, the paper says, the West is shamefully at the mercy of its enemies. 

Discussions are under way within government to scale back free mass Covid testing, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Ministers are said to be concerned about the huge costs to the taxpayer. 

Under a new system, free tests would be available only for high-risk settings, or people with symptoms. 

The Telegraph says there are fears taxes would have to rise for the current provisions to continue.

The Daily Mail welcomes the idea of a new phone service, to help protect women walking alone, as an “imaginative contribution” to what it calls the “agonising debate” about women’s safety, following the murder of Sarah Everard. 

Notwithstanding possible privacy issues, the paper says, the idea of a “walk me home” service deserves “serious consideration”. 

Writing in the Mail, the chief executive of BT Philip Jansen says he came up with the idea because many women are living in fear, and he wants to do something practical to help. 

The paper says accounts that promote vaccine misinformation to hundreds of thousands of followers were uncovered by the online misinformation monitor Newsguard. 

It told the Guardian it sent its findings to the UK government and the World Health Organisation in June – but the content remained online – and accessible to children as young as nine. 

Tiktok said it worked diligently to take action on accounts that spread misinformation. 

And the Times highlights an unusual scourge affecting drivers in Horsham in West Sussex. 

Foxes thirsty for a sweet-tasting alcoholic component of brake fluid have been apparently severing brake lines in cars to get their fix. 

Thirty people in one street have had their cables chewed – costing £60,000 to repair. 

One man has secured a tarpaulin to his Volvo to stop the animals.

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