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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Most of the front pages focus on Boris Johnson’s speech at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester on Wednesday as he receives ‘backlash’ from business calling this just ‘build back banter’ as there was nothing in it for them in the way of cash more soon folks …..

The Guardian front page
Reactions to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party conference speech feature on most of the front pages. The Guardian says business groups rounded on Mr Johnson for delivering a “boosterish” speech that failed to tackle the supply chain crisis, branding his address “vacuous and economically illiterate”.

Oct.08, 2021: @acenewsservices

BBC News: Staff:

The Times also says Mr Johnson faces a “business backlash”, reporting that pro-Brexit industry leaders have accused the government of treating them like a “bogeyman” over labour shortages as the prime minister outlined his vision of a high-wage economy. “Business is not an endless sponge that can keep absorbing costs in one go,” says Iceland managing director Richard Walker.”Build back banter” is the headline that Metro uses to sum up a speech that it says was packed with jokes but “short on policies”. The paper says the prime minister riffed on his “build back better” slogan with variations including “build back burger” for meat exports and “build back beaver” for rewilding rivers.By contrast, the Daily Express headline casts Mr Johnson as “Iron Man Boris”, who promises to “unleash the spirit of Britain”. The paper says it was a “barnstorming” speech in which he invoked his political heroes Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill.The Daily Telegraph front page says ministers have ditched the most contentious parts of their planning reforms as Mr Johnson signalled a softening of the government’s approach. The paper reports the prime minister acknowledged fears that the countryside could be “desecrated by ugly new homes” and promised that houses should not be built on green fields.”There may be trouble ahead” is the i newspaper’s front page headline, as it reports the prime minister “shrugs off Britain’s cost of living crisis”. ………..The paper says a “buoyant PM” argued that the UK is just facing post-Brexit transition problems on the way to a higher wage economy, but it adds that tensions in the cabinet are growing over the risk of inflation and immigration policy.The Daily Mirror front page focuses on one of the UK’s staffing crises: the shortage of abattoir workers that means up to 100,000 pigs could be culled and burned rather than sold as food. The paper labels it “senseless slaughter” while “families struggle to put food on the table”.Gas prices – one of the elements of the UK’s cost of living issues – are the focus of the Financial Times’ main story, which says they swung sharply after Vladimir Putin said Russia was prepared to stabilise soaring global energy costs. It says UK and European gas prices increased ten-fold before suddenly reversing course an hour later as Putin hinted Russia may increase supplies.The Daily Mail’s front page story says the Queen is facing pressure to end her friendship with Dubai’s ruler after the High Court found he hacked the phone of his ex-wife and her lawyer. It says the spying by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum was a “constitutional outrage” because the lawyer, Fiona Shackleton, is also a Conservative peer.Finally, the Daily Star says that Uri Geller has blamed extra-terrestrials for the social media outage that affected Facebook and its subsidiaries, Instagram and WhatsApp. “Stranger things have certainly happened in the last two years,” writes the paper’s world-weary reporter.

Many highlight the reaction of business leaders with the Guardian saying the address was condemned by many as “vacuous” and “bombastic”.

The Times also reports that the prime minister faces a “business backlash”, saying many pro-Brexit industry figures have accused the government of treating them like a “bogeyman” over labour shortages.

The Daily Mirror’s assessment is that Mr Johnson’s address was “out of touch”. Metro sums up the event with the headline “Build back banter”, saying the speech was filled with jokes, but light on policy. 

In contrast, the Daily Express calls the prime minister “Iron Man Boris”, and declares that he took the “conference by storm” vowing to “unleash the spirit of Britain” and deliver opportunity for all.

The address was “relentlessly optimistic” says the Daily Mail, and received a “rapturous welcome” from Tory delegates.

The paper says Mr Johnson acknowledged fears that the countryside could be “desecrated by ugly new homes” and promised that houses should not be built on green fields. 

The Queen is under pressure to “ditch her friendship” with the ruler of Dubai, according to the front page of the Daily Mail, after a High Court found Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum hacked the phone of his former wife and her lawyer. 

Labour MP Chris Bryant is calling for the Foreign Office to carry out a proper inquiry into the UK’s relationship with Dubai.

Officials at the Department of Health have proposed the idea, as there are fears that without supervision switching to lateral flow tests from those processed in a lab could see people fake the results.

But the paper reports that the Department for Transport believes an email with an image of the kit and ID would be sufficient, with a source saying anything else would be “another unnecessary hurdle to restoring foreign travel”.

A Saudi Arabian-backed takeover of the Premier League club Newcastle United dominates the sport pages of many of the papers. 

Most say the deal, thought to be worth around £300m, is imminent – but they also reflect the mixed opinions about the news. 

The Guardian says there is likely to be a backlash from human rights organisations who’ve previously warned that the Saudi regime is trying to “sportswash” its reputation. 

But most of the papers say fans of the club who have long been unhappy with the 14-year tenure of the current owner, Sport Direct’s Mike Ashley, are celebrating. 

The Sun says supporters of the club are hailing the “end of an error” and the Daily Mirror says “weary fans can start to look forward to a brighter future”.

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