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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Financial According to the i spokesman for Mr Blair has denied there was any attempt to avoid paying tax, adding that all transactions were registered publicly, after the former PM has previously been critical of tax loopholes.

The Guardian front page 4 October 2021
The Guardian joins several other papers to lead with the Pandora Papers leak, which has exposed the dealings and secret wealth of world leaders, politicians and billionaires. The huge leak of financial documents features 35 current and former leaders and more than 300 public officials. Among the revelations is how the King of Jordan secretly amassed £70m of UK and US property, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s link to secret assets in Monaco and how former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife saved more than £300,000 in stamp duty when buying a £6.45m London townhouse.

Oct.05, 2021: @acenewsservices

The Times notes that revelations from the Pandora Papers could be embarrassing for the British government, which has “repeatedly failed to act on promises to introduce a register of offshore property owners despite concerns that buyers could be hiding money-laundering activities”.

BBC News: Staff:

Several papers feature announcements which are due in the coming days from the conference in Manchester.”Police’s social media sickness” is the headline dominating the front of the Daily Mail. The paper reports that nearly 1,000 police officers and staff have been investigated for misogynistic, sexist, racist and homophobic communications. Hundreds have been accused of posting the troubling material to social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, but only a “tiny fraction” have left their jobs, according to the Mail.Leading the Daily Mirror is a report into the impact the pandemic has had on people’s mental health. A survey from the paper found that one in four is in a worse state of mind since the pandemic, with one in 12 saying they experience panic attacks. Anxiety pill prescriptions for children are also at a record high, the paper adds.Meanwhile, the Daily Express says that the prime minister intends to cut taxes, citing a Cabinet source. It comes as Chancellor Rishi Sunak will unveil a £500m jobs proposal to keep the over-50s in employment, the paper adds.The Financial Times’ lead story is on Mr Sunak’s £500m package of support, which will be targeted at those leaving the furlough scheme and older workers. The paper notes that the announcement comes as the government tries to tackle the acute labour shortages which have hit some sectors following Brexit. Mr Johnson has refused to plug the holes in the labour market by boosting immigration, the paper adds, with the PM instead saying the economy is undergoing a “period of adjustment”.The Sun reports that John Barrowman has been “axed” by ITV as a judge on Dancing on Ice following accusations that he repeatedly exposed himself on the sets of other shows. He had been on the panel of the show for two years.Finally, the Daily Star says that Britain is set to bask in a five-day heatwave hotter than Istanbul from Thursday, with temperatures reaching 21C.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson will announce later this week that all of Britain’s electricity will come from renewable sources by 2035, according to the Times: The PM will reveal further details when he addresses the Conservative Party conference, the paper adds.

The Times reports Boris Johnson will announce this week that all of Britain’s electricity will come from low carbon sources by 2035. 

It says the prime minister will use his conference speech to commit his party to plans to “hugely increase” investment in renewable and nuclear energy. 

A climate expert tells the paper it would “go a very long way to putting Britain on track to net zero”.

The Daily Telegraph focuses on a different conference speech – that of the Brexit minister Lord Frost, who, the paper says, will today threaten the EU that the UK is prepared to trigger Article 16 unless it agrees to replace the Northern Ireland Protocol. 

The Telegraph says he will tell delegates Britain “cannot wait forever” for Brussels to agree a new settlement, so is prepared to suspend parts of the Protocol unilaterally. 

The Financial Times reports on another minister considering ripping up a previous government commitment – Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, who it suggests has “signalled a big rethink on HS2”. 

Mr Shapps tells the FT ministers can no longer “blindly follow” the original blueprint for the rail line – which the paper says means the eastern leg from Birmingham to Leeds is “in jeopardy”.

The coverage features world leaders as well as ministers, judges and generals, and tax havens such as Monaco, Panama and Switzerland. 

The paper says the documents provide a “rare window” into the “global offshore economy” which enables some of the world’s wealthiest people to pay little or no tax. 

It points out only an “infinitesimal fraction” of the leaked data has been analysed; so the revelations published by the Guardian and others so far only represent the needles in the haystack.

PA MediaFormer prime minister and Labour leader Tony Blair features in the Pandora Papers

“Police’s social media sickness” is the Daily Mail’s headline, as it says 1,000 police officers have been investigated for posting offensive content online – although “only a tiny fraction” ended up losing their jobs. 

It gives the example of a sergeant who dressed as Jimmy Savile on his stag do – pictures of which went on social media – who faced no disciplinary action. 

In the wake of Sarah Everard’s murder, the paper says in its editorial, it is “time to blow the whistle on police depravity”.

The paper describes it as a “mental health crisis” which could “take a generation to recover from”. 

It uses its leader column to argue for more funding for mental health services and says the role of social media, the workplace and our education system also need to be examined.

Finally, the Times reports on a potential breakthrough in another area of medical care – a jet suit which could help paramedics reach stricken hikers

The device has been tested on Dartmoor and in the Lakes where, the paper says, it allowed medical staff to blast quickly across the kind of unforgiving terrain it can normally take hours to negotiate. 

It shows, the Times suggests, that a staple of “comic book fantasy” could have a “real-world role”.

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