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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Guardian reports that women are facing an “epidemic” of indecent exposure. Police recorded more than 10,000 cases last year but took fewer than 600 suspects to court, analysis from the paper reveals: Mr Couzens was reported for instances of indecent exposure before he murdered Ms Everard. Vera Baird, the Victims’ Commissioner for England and Wales, warned that indecent exposure was rarely taken seriously by police, yet it can be a potential precursor to more serious sexual offences this is something that will run and run as its time for opposition parties to use that ‘bandwagon’ once again …..more soon folks …

The Times front page 2 October 2021
The police’s relationship with women continues to be the lead story for several of Saturday’s papers. Boris Johnson has criticised the police’s failure to take violence against women and girls seriously enough, calling it “infuriating” in an interview with the Times. His comments come in light of Sarah Everard’s kidnap, rape and murder at the hands of serving police officer Wayne Couzens, who was given a whole-life sentence on Thursday. Mr Johnson said there was an issue with the way police treat allegations from women, with complaints not being taken seriously by forces. However, the PM has stood by Dame Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police commissioner, who is facing calls to resign.

Oct.03, 2021: @acenewsservices

Now its the Army on fuel patrol as 150 the Government plans for them to join the ranks of driving HGV vehicles and delivering much needed fuel to stations as many run dry in the South ….

BBC News: Staff:

Home Secretary Priti Patel has also spoken out about police action, telling the Daily Telegraph that forces must “raise the bar” by taking harassment and flashing of women more seriously. Ms Patel said: “There is something so corrosive in society if people think that it’s OK to harass women verbally, physically, and in an abusive way on the street and all that kind of stuff.” The Met is facing questions over whether it missed opportunities to stop Mr Couzens before he murdered Ms Everard. Mr Couzens is believed to have been in a WhatsApp group with five police officers who allegedly shared “discriminatory” messages – including misogynistic content. The officers are being investigated for gross misconduct.

Turning to the petrol crisis, the i weekend reports that the Army will start delivering fuel to petrol stations on Monday. The military has now been mobilised after ministers realised the situation was not improving in many parts of the UK, the paper says, citing government sources. The i adds that there is concern in the NHS that the government is trying to “poach” ambulance workers to fix the HGV driver crisis.

“Caught short” is the headline dominating the front of the Daily Mirror, adding: “Britain grinding to a halt.” The paper reports that “every sector” of the economy has been impacted, with the PM under pressure to tackle the worker crisis. More than one-in-four filling stations are empty, bosses have said. The paper quotes Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer as saying: “Boris Johnson was warned about this crisis and did nothing about it. The prime minister needs to get a grip.”

“At last, Army goes in,” the Daily Mail exclaims. Nearly 200 military drivers will be deployed to the worst-hit areas, the paper adds. However, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has warned that food shortages could last until Christmas. “We are determined to do what we can to try to mitigate as much of this as we can,” Mr Sunak told the paper.

The FT Weekend reports that turkeys will be imported from Poland and France ahead of Christmas after UK farmers cut production over labour shortage concerns. Meanwhile, the paper carries the results of a late-stage clinical trial, which suggests that an antiviral drug to treat Covid-19 cuts the risk of hospitalisation or death by about half. US drug-maker Merck has said that it will ask US regulators to authorise the drug, called molnupiravir. If approved, it would be the first treatment of its kind. The twice-daily pill would be prescribed for five days to patients after a Covid diagnosis, the paper adds.

Elsewhere, the Daily Express reports that there is a “stampede” for flights after foreign holiday Covid tests were axed.

In the Daily Star’s long-running mockery of government, the paper pokes fun at Mr Johnson and the shortages, saying that now Britain is running out of clowns.

Finally, the Sun reports that five England players are refusing to be vaccinated – throwing the team’s World Cup hopes into “disarray”. Organisers of next year’s Qatar World Cup plan to ban all unvaccinated players, the paper adds.

Two senior members of the government have given interviews in which they demand more of the police in tackling violence against women and girls, in light of the Sarah Everard case.

“Are the police taking this issue seriously enough?” Boris Johnson asks in an interview with the Times

“I think the public feel that they aren’t,” is his answer, adding: “And they’re not wrong.”

The prime minister describes the situation as “infuriating”.

In the Daily Telegraph, Home Secretary Priti Patel says detectives must not treat flashing and harassment as “low level”.

The paper says she has insisted that police forces have been given sufficient resources to treat all reports of crimes “with parity”. 

The Telegraph also reports the Home Office is drawing up plans for a national communications campaign to increase women’s confidence that, if they report offending, the police will enforce the law.

The Guardian leads on a data analysis it has carried out indicating there were more than 10,000 cases of indecent exposure recorded last year – but fewer than 600 suspects were taken to court. 

The Victims’ Commissioner for England and Wales calls it an “epidemic”.

Dame Vera Baird tells the paper she “hardly knows a woman who hasn’t been flashed”, and says the offence needs to be taken more seriously as a “potential precursor to more serious sexual offences”.

Sarah Everard was falsely arrested and handcuffed by Met Police officer Wayne Couzens

A number of the other papers focus on the ongoing supply chain crisis. 

“Caught short” is the Daily Mirror’s headline, as it says “every sector” of the economy has been hit by what it calls the “worker crisis”.

A “dithering” prime minister has finally called in the Army, it notes. 

But it says, nonetheless, that everything from “warehouses to factories, buses to pubs, pharmacies to schools” are being “battered” by a shortage of workers.

The Daily Mail has spoken to the chancellor who, it says, has warned there could be more months of food shortages ahead. 

Rishi Sunak tells the paper the government is “determined to mitigate as much of this as we can”. 

But, he suggests, the underlying problems are global, so “can’t be fixed by Britain alone”.

The Financial Times reports on one particular food shortage – turkeys. 

It says key producers have “slashed” the number of birds they have reared this year by a fifth because Brexit “cut off their supply of cheap labour”. 

With the poultry industry unable to turn to EU workers, British supermarkets will instead turn to EU farms. 

“Millions of Christmas dinners are to be saved by turkeys imported from Poland and France,” the FT says.

The same cannot be said of thousands of German citizens in the UK who, the Independent reports, are bemused to have received invitations from the Department for Transport to take up work as lorry drivers. The confusion has arisen because some German driving licences theoretically allow people to drive medium-sized trucks – although, in reality, most have no experience whatsoever of lorry driving. One man contacted by the department tells the paper: “I’m sure pay and conditions for HGV drivers have improved, but ultimately I have decided to carry on in my role at an investment bank.” His wife has also declined the “exciting opportunity”, he says, as “she’s never driven anything larger than a Volvo”

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