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#AceDailyNews says here’s today Newspaper Headlines: Today we report on a sad story that finally ends with ‘Life In Prison WITHOUT Remmision’ as we mourn Sarah Everard and send 🙏’s to her mother, father and sister who spoke on this post we published today God Bless Amen

The Sun 30 September 2021
Most of Thursday’s papers lead with the murder of Sarah Everard. The moment police officer Wayne Couzens tricked Ms Everard into his car is captured in a CCTV image on the front of the Sun. The paper says Couzens – who will be sentenced on Thursday – handcuffed the 33-year-old and drove her on an 80-mile journey to Dover – where she was killed.

But as we send our our prayers its time to reflect on this being a policeman in who so many people trust to be honest and truthful and now didn’t stand a chance’ and ‘women lose trust’ in the future of being able to know that any man will protect them even a police man ….

Oct.01, 2021: @acenewsservices

BBC News: Staff:

Thursday’s papers lead with details of the murder of Sarah Everard who was abducted in London earlier this year.

The same image leads the Metro as the paper notes prosecutors believe Couzens conducted a fake arrest over lockdown laws on 3 March this year.

A picture of Ms Everard smiling appears in the Times, as it reports how her family demanded Couzens face them in court. Ms Everard’s mother Susan spoke of her anguish at imagining her daughter’s final moments – and of her “silent scream” each evening at 21:30 of “Don’t get in the car, Sarah. Don’t believe him. Run!”

Susan Everard’s words lead the Daily Express with the headline: “I’m haunted by horror of my precious little girl’s murder”.

The Daily Telegraph raises questions about police vetting after the Old Bailey heard details of Wayne Couzens’s crimes ahead of his sentencing. It says Couzens used his working knowledge of police Covid patrols to target Ms Everard.

Wayne Couzens used his police warrant card to lure Ms Everard off the street, says the Guardian. It says a judge will decide whether he will be sentenced to die in jail.

Women are losing trust in the police, reports the i paper, as it says Met Commissioner Cressida Dick is being urged to restore trust in the force and improve women’s safety on the streets.

The Financial Times says ministers are to outline plans to shift green energy surcharges from household electricity bills to gas bills. People who heat their homes with electricity or drive electric cars would pay less – but those with gas boilers would pay more under the proposals, the FT says. The paper reports it is part of the government’s Net Zero target.

And the Daily Star says alien experts are warning that governments are doing little to prepare for an invasion of cosmic beings – with warnings we are all “doomed if attacked”.

The smiling face of Ms Everard appears on many of the front pages after the first day of her killer’s sentencing hearing yesterday. 

A grainy CCTV image is featured on the cover of the Metro – showing the Metropolitan Police officer, Wayne Couzens, reaching for his handcuffs moments before he kidnapped the marketing executive under false pretences. 

“Sarah Didn’t Stand A Chance” is the headline in the Sun – which describes Couzens as “one of the most appalling, calculating and cold-blooded monsters Britain has known”. The Daily Mail quotes the victim’s mother telling him in court that he’s “the very worst of humanity”.

The i paper says the head of Scotland Yard, Dame Cressida Dick, is “fighting the perception that she hasn’t done enough to improve safety for women in London” – and will need a “convincing answer” when she faces the public once Couzens is jailed. 

The Daily Mirror points out the police watchdog is examining claims that the Met failed to investigate two previous allegations that Couzens had indecently exposed himself. The Daily Express suggests the case has dealt a “shattering blow” to the Met’s reputation which will take “a long time to recover”.

“Starmer makes his stand” is how the Daily Telegraph sums up the Labour leader’s first in-person speech to his party’s conference. The paper believes it was an “overlong” 90-minute statement with “little that stuck in the memory” and “vacuous” ideas like the creation of a “good society”. 

But the Financial Times says that similar themes put Tony Blair in Downing Street, and Sir Keir deliberately evoked them to move Labour “back to the political centre”. 

There are further warnings in the Times about possible disruption to Christmas shopping thanks to the continuing lorry driver shortage and shipping problems. One retail analyst – Clive Black – tells the paper that some families will have to settle for a nut roast instead of turkey, while beer and fizzy soft drinks may be hard to come by if carbon dioxide supplies aren’t restored to normal levels. He adds that “presents under the tree may not meet expectations” because of delays to imports of toys, bikes and electrical items.

And the Guardian reports that scientists at Google have come up with new technology they claim can accurately predict whether it’ll rain in the next two hours. Their tool is based on a process called “precipitation nowcasting” – which looks at current weather patterns and makes predictions about how they’ll change in the following minutes. More than 50 experts at the Met Office tested the system alongside two existing ones, and found it was the most useful in almost 90% of cases. The Guardian notes it’s a far cry from some of the earliest known weather forecasts in 650 BC, when the Babylonians used astrology to work out if the heavens were about to open.

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