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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: As the Labour Party leader Kier Starmer pledges to make Britain better with fairness for ALL at the coast of borrowing massive (eye watering) amounts MEANWHILE people who can’t get what they WANT rage over fuel, food and anything that they disagree with blaming who ever is in charge with out proof, rhyme or reason other than in a NANNY STATE its great when ALL is running smoothly but when they cant get their own way WATCH OUT …more soon ….

Metro front page 29 September 2021
“We’ve had our fill” declares the Metro as it reports violence at forecourts amid the fuel crisis. The paper says supply problems appear to be ending, according to industry experts. Elsewhere, the paper pictures a shimmering Duchess of Cambridge attending the Royal world premiere of Bond film No Time to Die in London.

Petrol rage takes hold” is how the i puts it. The paper says queues could last days – as service station managers report attacks by customers as tempers flare at the pumps. It says senior Conservatives have accused Prime Minister Boris Johnson of doing “too little, too late” to ease the crisis.

Sept.30, 2021: @acenewsservices

BBC News: Staff:

“They think it’s brawl over” says the Daily Star, which reports “punch-ups and knife attacks” on forecourts even as “government insists the fuel crisis is easing”.

Reality TV star Katie Price overturned her car in a crash in West Sussex, the Sun says. The paper reports claims the star crashed “after an all-night drink and coke bender”. Sussex Police confirmed a woman was arrested above the legal limit for drugs after a crash at around 06:00 BST on Tuesday. The star’s family have appealed for support.

Mr Johnson is in a battle to save Christmas, according to the Daily Mail. The paper says the PM is working on “necessary preparations” to get the UK through the festive period and beyond – amid widespread driver shortages and supply issues.

“We’ll save Christmas!” says the Daily Express – as it reports urgent plans are being drawn up by Mr Johnson to avert a festive crisis. The paper describes the pledge as a “guarantee”.

EPAThe Daily Mirror carries a Labour Party exclusive quoting leader Sir Keir Starmer as promising a “school revolution”. Thousands of new teachers will be recruited, according to the plans.

Sir Keir says the government is “lost in the woods” and is set to repudiate the legacy of his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn in his conference speech later, says the Guardian. The paper pictures James Bond’s Daniel Craig alongside co-stars Lashana Lynch and Lea Seydoux at the latest film’s glitzy Royal premiere at the Royal Albert Hall.

The United States risks running out of money as early as 18 October, the Financial Times reports. It says the warning from Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to Congress comes amid an impasse over raising the country’s debt ceiling. The government will shutdown if agreement cannot be reached by 00:01 EST on Friday, the paper says.

Wednesday’s papers liken scenes at forecourts to the Wild West amid signs the fuel crisis is easing.

Despite Boris Johnson’s attempts to reassure drivers that the situation at petrol stations is “stabilising”, the i paper insists that the queues will last for days

Industry sources tell the Times the disruption could go on for up to a month. While the Daily Mail says the prime minister faces a “battle to save Xmas”, having tacitly admitted that the problems with tanker drivers and other supply chains are likely to linger for months. 

The Daily Express stresses that infrastructure weaknesses “cannot be ignored any longer”. Meanwhile the Financial Times notes that the pound dropped yesterday to its lowest level this year – because of fears the crisis could slow economic growth.

‘Crunch speech’

The Daily Mirror describes Sir Keir Starmer’s address to the Labour party conference as a “crunch speech”, offering him the chance to tell voters his story. Labour insiders raise concerns that he may struggle to make an “emotional connection” with the public, with one MP pointing out that as a lawyer he was “better at convincing the judge than the jury”. 

The Daily Mail suggests he has to address his “absence of passion”.

The Sun predicts that Sir Keir will try “to consign… Jeremy Corbyn to the dustbin of history”. The Guardian concurs saying he will reject his predecessor’s legacy, while also accusing the government of being “lost in the woods”. 

The Daily Telegraph expects him to embrace “a more pro-business stance”. And a party source tells the Times that his speech will show that Labour “will never again go into an election with a manifesto that isn’t a serious plan for government”.

Elsewhere, the Telegraph warns on its front page of a “fresh Brexit fishing war” after ministers rejected three-quarters of recent applications by small French boats to fish in British coastal waters. The Times suggests France wants the EU to threaten trade sanctions. 

The Times reports that scientists believe people could live to 130 this century. Researchers have analysed the odds of dying past the age of 110, an age at which you’re dubbed a “supercentenarian”. 

They found the mortality risk plateaus from this age with each year the probability of dying fixed at 50%. Those behind the study contend that makes older ages more plausible. But one expert suggests that “healthspan” is more valuable than “lifespan”.

The FT looks at a knee-high robot that’s designed to patrol your home. Amazon has launched the device, which its tech chief suggests will be in every property within 10 years. Analysts are less sure saying consumers may not like the privacy risks.

And an annual bonfire at Dulwich in south east London is to be replaced by a screening of a blaze on a large television, according to the Sun. “What the Fawkes is going on?” asks the paper. It emerges that the change has been made on environmental grounds. One mother suggests it’s pretty joyless and that she may as well stay at home and watch her own TV.

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