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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Fuel firms cash in’ and Army called up amid crisis and placed on standby to help deliver fuel to forecourts, as queues at the pump continued for a fourth day, the i paper reports. It says HGV drivers from abroad “are not expected to arrive until at least the end of October” and pump prices have leapt to an eight-year high – and look set to keep rising amid reports of stockpiling next ….?

Daily Express 28 September 2021
There is outrage at some petrol stations that appear to have inflated pump prices amid continued high demand for fuel, reports the Daily Express. It quotes former roads minister Sir Mike Penning as saying “motorists are being ripped off” and that “some firms are cashing in on a crisis”. The paper says one site reportedly charged 208.5p a litre – above the 136.59p unleaded average.

Sept.29, 2021: @acenewsservices

By BBC News: Staff:

“Britain gets back on board” says the Metro as it reports a surge in passenger numbers on public transport amid the fuel crisis. “So who needs a car?” it asks. The paper adds travellers on buses, trains and the Tube will have avoided snaking queues outside forecourts.

The Guardian reports comments by a German politician poised to replace Angela Merkel as chancellor – claiming Brexit is to blame for the UK’s fuel crisis. Olaf Scholz said free movement of labour was part of the European Union and “we worked very hard to convince the British not to leave”. But the paper notes that EU states including Germany have longstanding HGV driver shortages.

Key workers will have priority at the pumps, says the Daily Telegraph. The paper reports that the plan would ensure essential staff have “priority access” to forecourts – capping the amount all drivers can spend on fuel. It says Surrey County Council is preparing to enforce the measure “unilaterally” by declaring a “major incident”. Meanwhile, the paper says a consultation over “Plan B” proposals to introduce vaccine passports at venues in England has been launched by the government.

“Let all key workers fill up first” demands the Daily Mirror, which says nurses, paramedics and carers would benefit amid “fears for patient safety”.

The Times says the PM is being urged to “let Britain’s key workers fill up first”. According to the paper, the British Medical Association says there is a “real risk” that NHS staff will be unable to do their jobs if queues continue to mount. Elsewhere, the paper reports a new hotline for reporting bank fraud will launch on Thursday – aimed at helping stop thousands fall victim to scams.

The FT also reports warnings that health workers could be prevented from travelling to work if the fuel crisis continues. The paper says the scale of the crisis has prompted ministers to put the Army on standby and that a reassuring statement from fuel companies saying queues will begin to ease was “coordinated by the government”.

The Daily Mail has a different motoring story on its front page – as it reveals the PM has ordered a “proper inquiry” into smart motorways. The Mail says smart motorways are “plagued with shocking failures” and that there are “critical problems” in technology used to help replace the hard shoulder on stretches of busy roads.

The Daily Star reports a scientific study that predicts people are at risk of diabetes if they cannot fit into the same size jeans they wore aged 21. Its headline? “Bad genes”.

Tuesday’s papers lead with news that the Army is now on standby to assist with fuel deliveries.

The Daily Mirror and the Times both focus on growing calls for key workers to be given priority to fill up with petrol, as queues continue at service stations. 

They report the warning, by the British Medical Association, that there’s a “real risk” NHS staff could be left unable to do their jobs. The Daily Telegraph suggests that reserving some forecourts for essential staff is an option the government is holding in reserve, but adds that Surrey County Council is considering adopting the measure unilaterally.

‘Head in sand’

The Sun accuses the government of being in “chaos” and leaving drivers in “confusion” after what it calls a “day of … U-turns”. It mocks up a road sign on its front page. Routes off a roundabout are marked: “Call in Army”; “Don’t call in Army”; “Panic”; “Don’t Panic”; and “Bury Head in Sand”.

The i newspaper reports that prices at the pump have risen to an eight-year high. According to the Daily Express, the Conservative former roads minister, Sir Mike Penning, has claimed that fuel companies are “cashing in on a crisis”.

While fuel bosses and the government predict the situation will soon improve, an industry insider tells the Financial Times that the risk of panic buying will remain until the driver shortage is resolved. 

The i suggests drivers won’t arrive from abroad until at least the end of October. Meanwhile, the Guardian reports that the frontrunner to become Germany’s next Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, has blamed Brexit for the crisis.

The chairman of Rocco Forte hotels, the chief executive of Corbin and King restaurants and the co-founder of Pret a Manger are among nearly 70 signatories to a letter in the FT appealing for help with staffing shortages in the hospitality industry. They appeal to the government to allow highly trained hospitality workers to enter the UK from abroad, saying the higher end of the market is struggling.

‘Electable force’

A senior Labour official tells the Guardian that the resignation of the shadow employment secretary, Andy McDonald, was an “attempt at sabotaging” the party’s conference – suggestions he’s denied. 

The Daily Mail says it threatens to derail Sir Keir Starmer’s efforts to present Labour as a “united, electable force”. 

While many workers have welcomed skipping the commute to work during the pandemic, the Times reveals that they may have been missing out. Researchers at University College London have found that the journey helps separate home and work life in a way that is said to be good for people’s wellbeing, cognitive performance and productivity.

The Daily Star warns on its front page that “if you can’t squeeze into the same pair of trousers you wore aged 21 then you’re a diabetes time bomb”. 

Many papers examine the findings of a professor from Newcastle who suggests this is a more accurate measure of dangerous levels of fat than the Body Mass Index. But the Star is alarmed, saying “to be honest, it’s totally unrealistic… you’ll all have us Googling girdles.”

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