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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: The Mail on Sunday reports that a Road Haulage Association boss has been accused by ministers of triggering panic-buying of petrol by selectively leaking remarks made at a private government meeting. Rod McKenzie, a former BBC journalist who is now managing director of policy for the trade association, has denied the claim as Government minister calls for paying drivers a ‘fair wage for a fair days pay’ in line with E.U. drivers ……

Sept.27, 2021: @acenewsservices

BBC News: Staff:

Meanwhile, the Observer reports warnings from haulage chiefs that the government’s emergency visa programme to attract more European drivers to the UK is unlikely to succeed. Marco Digioia, head of the European Road Haulers Association, said there was a driver shortage across Europe. “I am not sure how many would want to go to the UK.” Meanwhile, the paper’s lead story centres on the problems facing Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer over the “chaos” that has engulfed the party’s conference. Sir Keir was forced to backtrack on plans to limit the role of party members in selecting future Labour leaders.

Sticking with Labour coverage, the Sunday Mirror leads with an interview with the party’s leader who has told the paper that he plans to scrap the charitable status of private schools. Sir Keir wants to end the VAT and business rate exemptions they currently benefit from. Such reforms would raise £1.7bn, Labour says.

Elsewhere, the Sunday Times says Mr Johnson will back a new generation of nuclear reactors as Britain faces an energy crisis. The paper reports that Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng is ready to approve funding for Rolls-Royce to create a fleet of mini reactors. The Treasury has also concluded that more nuclear power is needed, according to the paper.

Meanwhile, the Sunday People leads with a plea from England footballer and campaigner on child food poverty Marcus Rashford, who has asked the government to U-turn on its decision to cut £20 per week from universal credit. The additional cash was introduced as a top up to help people during the pandemic, but it is being stopped from next week.

And the Daily Star Sunday reports that television presenter Eamonn Holmes has claimed that “snowflakes” are trying to get him sacked.

The UK’s lorry driver shortage – and the measures the government are proposing – feature on Sunday’s front pages.

The Sunday Telegraph says Boris Johnson wants firms to increase drivers’ wages.

Some 10,500 temporary visas will be available for lorry and poultry workers to work in the UK as the government seeks to limit disruption in the run up to Christmas.

“Christmas back on track,” the Sunday Express says at it highlights the government’s plans to boost driver numbers. 

But European drivers are unlikely to be attracted by the offer, according to the Observer.

Haulage bosses tell the paper that more is needed than a temporary relaxation of immigration rules to entice drivers to the UK.

Meanwhile, the Mail on Sunday reports that a senior boss at the Road Haulage Association has been accused of triggering the petrol pump crisis by leaking remarks made by a BP executive at a government meeting.

Meanwhile. the Observer describes the “bruising defeat” Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer faced after unions united to oppose his plans to change the rules around selecting future party leaders.

“Chaos” has engulfed the Labour conference, the paper reports, as Sir Keir sought – but failed – to limit the role of party members and increase the power of MPs in the leader selection process.

The Sunday Mirror carries an interview with the Labour leader who has pledged to tax private schools by scrapping their charitable status.

Some £1.7bn would be raised under such reforms, Sir Keir says.

England footballer and campaigner on child food poverty Marcus Rashford is the lead story on the front of the Sunday People…………He is asking the government to reverse its decision to cut £20 per week from universal credit. The additional cash was introduced as a top up to help people during the pandemic, but it is being stopped from next month.

And the Sunday Times reports that the government is turning to nuclear power as Britain finds itself in an energy crisis.Rolls-Royce is expected to be given funding to create a fleet of mini reactors, the paper adds.

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