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#AceDailyNews here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Several front pages highlight the crisis caused by soaring gas prices, including the Financial Times, which says the UK’s largest energy suppliers are pressing the government to create a “Northern Rock-style bad bank” to look after potentially unprofitable customers from rival companies which collapse.

FT front page
The UK’s largest energy suppliers are requesting a multibillion-pound emergency support package from the government to help them survive the crisis sparked by high gas prices, the Financial Times reports. The paper says the proposals would include a “bad bank” to absorb potentially unprofitable customers from failing rivals.

Sept.21, 2021: @acenewsservices

The Times says the government is in talks with the gas industry over how to deal with the predicted collapse of dozens of small suppliers as wholesale gas and electricity prices soar. One idea being considered, the paper reports, is that consumers could subsidise the supply of energy to millions of people whose providers are likely to go bust in the coming months.

BBC News: Staff:

The i reports that leading energy firms are pushing for the price cap on bills to be scrapped or increased if they are forced to take on households that have been stranded without a supplier. The paper adds that Britons could be left without turkey on Christmas Day because of the knock-on effect the gas crisis is having on the availability of CO2, which is used in food production.

But a cabinet minister has insisted there’s no need to panic about the situation, the Metro notes. Alok Sharma insisted there was no immediate concern over gas supplies in the UK and the government did not see any risks going into winter.

In other news, Prime Minister Boris Johnson will push US President Joe Biden to change travel rules and let Britons fly to the US when they meet in the White House on Monday for the first time, according to the Daily Telegraph. Mr Johnson will make an “impassioned case” for why the US president should lift his travel ban and allow fully-vaccinated people in the UK to travel to America, the paper says.

The Daily Mail uses its front page to call for an increase in face-to-face appointments with GPs. The paper says a string of deaths has heightened fears that cancers and other illnesses are being missed because of the increase in phone and video consultations as a result of the pandemic.

The Daily Mirror pays tribute to former England footballer Jimmy Greaves, who has died aged 81. The paper describes him as one of England’s greatest strikers who “cruelly” missed out on playing in the World Cup final in 1966, which England famously won.

The Daily Express reports that campaigners have launched a “last-ditch plea” to save the pension triple lock. Under the formula, pensions increase by inflation, the increase in earnings between May and July or 2.5%, whichever is the greater. But in September the government confirmed it had suspended the triple lock for a year, fuelling speculation about whether it will be scrapped.

The boss of one small firm, Green, has told the Guardian there could be a “tsunami” of suppliers going bust. 

According to the Times, industry sources have predicted that taxpayers could face a bill of “several billion pounds” to help energy companies weather the storm.

The Daily Telegraph’s leader column claims the country’s future is being “gambled” on the success of renewables, and suggests people should question whether our political leaders fully appreciate the scale of the looming energy crisis. 

The Daily Mail agrees, arguing the idea of no turkeys at Christmas due to rising gas prices is “a shocking indictment of Britain’s energy policy”. 

Wind and solar are “nowhere near capable yet” of providing for our needs, it says, meaning “we must have” sufficient back-up energy sources until the goal of becoming carbon neutral is achievable. 

Boris Johnson’s first visit to the White House since Joe Biden took office is the main news for the Telegraph

A government source is quoted saying the prime minister will make an “impassioned” case to the US president tomorrow, urging him to lift the Covid travel ban which currently prevents most people in the UK from flying to America. 

The Telegraph says Mr Biden is not expected to announce a change in the rules this week, “but Downing Street will still press its case behind closed doors”. 

The paper also reports Mr Johnson will meet the boss of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, to challenge him on his company’s low tax payments in the UK. 

The Mail has launched a campaign to increase the number of face-to-face appointments carried out by GPs, following fears that cancers and other serious illnesses are being missed because of the rise of phone and video consultations. 

It says just 57% of GP appointments in England were in-person in July, compared with 80% before the pandemic. 

The paper’s editorial claims it’s “simply inexcusable” that doctors’ surgeries are still not functioning properly following the end of lockdown. 

With annual salaries of around £100,000, it says, “it shouldn’t be too much to ask GPs to stop hiding behind their telephones and get back to seeing patients in the flesh”. 

PHOTOGRAPHS of Jimmy Greaves feature on most front pages, after the former footballer and broadcaster died yesterday aged 81. “Goodbye Greavsie”, says the Daily Mirror, which remembers him as “one of England’s greatest strikers”. The Sun highlights how he remains the leading scorer in English top-flight history, while the i describes him as “the Messi of his day”………………For the Times, Jimmy Greaves’s life “is a powerful story of triumph over disappointment”. It acknowledges he’ll be remembered most of all for the match he did not play, after Geoff Hurst took his place for the 1966 World Cup final, but argues the lows of that time, including a period of alcoholism, “were surely surpassed by the highs of his recovery”, after he sobered up to become a much-loved pundit….

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