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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: ‘Double-jabbed’ to appease the travel industry will be allowed freedom to travel and it comes as dozens of countries, including Turkey, are to be removed from the red list banning international travel in time for next month’s half-term holiday, the Times reports but with removal of PCR jabs that detect variants and with the rise of cases like the number below I ask are peoople heading down the wrong path of the ‘Love of Money’ and abandoning the ‘Love of God’ Amen 🙏’s

Daily Mail front page
“Hated” travel testing rules are to be torn up for the fully vaccinated in time for the half-term holidays, the Daily Mail reports. According to the paper, the double-jabbed will no longer have to take PCR tests when they return from abroad.

Sept.18, 2021: @acenewsservices

However, the paper leads on Prime Minister Boris Johnson being challenged over fears that a new defence pact could lead to Britain being dragged into war with China

BBC News: Staff:

Former PM Theresa May asked Mr Johnson about the “implications” of the UK’s nuclear submarine agreement with the US and Australia in the event of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

The Guardian says the UK and US are battling to contain an “international backlash” over their pact, amid concerns the alliance could provoke China and prompt conflict in the Pacific. It comes after Beijing accused the countries of adopting a Cold War mentality and warned they would harm their own interests unless it was dropped. Mr Johnson told MPs the Aukus defence agreement was not “intended to be adversarial”.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is planning to use next month’s Budget to introduce new rules to rein in government borrowing, according to the Financial Times. The paper says it comes amid Treasury fears that any rise in interest rates could blow a hole in the heavily-indebted public finances. Mr Sunak’s new rules will commit him to stop borrowing to fund day-to-day spending within three years.

The government is set to approve genetic engineering in UK farming, according to the i, in what the paper calls Britain’s biggest divergence from European laws since leaving the EU. Trials are to begin in Hertfordshire, the i says, with wheat that makes healthier toast without carcinogens.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has told police to take “decisive action” against climate change activists, the Daily Telegraph reports, as footage emerged showing officers “facilitating” the motorway protests that caused major traffic disruption this week. Insulate Britain, a splinter group of Extinction Rebellion, blocked motorway junctions at rush hour twice this week. The paper says footage shows a Met Police officer apparently assisting protesters to walk in front of cars at Junction 25 on the M25.

BBC Sport presenter Gavin Ramjaun has spoken of his “disgust” after Twitter said a user who posted a racist comment directed against him had not violated its rules. The paper says the BBC host reported the comment but was told by Twitter that it did not find a violation of its rules.

The Daily Star says presenter Piers Morgan has revealed he wanted to headbutt weather presenter Alex Beresford following a row over Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey. The paper says it “perhaps mis-spoke” when it said Morgan would make a good prime minister.

It’s “holiday joy,” the Daily Mail declares, saying that by half-term fully vaccinated passengers returning from abroad will require only lateral flow tests. 

But, according to the Daily Telegraph, those who’ve not had jabs may have to self isolate regardless of where they’ve been. The Guardian thinks they may also face PCR tests. 

The Sun raises objections to reports that vaccinated holidaymakers will have to pay £30 for lateral flow tests, as the free NHS kits apparently won’t be accepted. 

The Times suggests the red list of 62 countries, from where returning passengers must quarantine in hotels, could be halved. It predicts that Turkey, Pakistan and Kenya could all be removed. 

The Independent reports on claims by Chinese military experts that Australia could become the target of a nuclear strike because of its pact with the UK and US. 

They claim the submarines could be equipped with ballistic missiles carrying nuclear warheads. The Independent says a pre-emptive strike by China seems unlikely.

The Financial Times points out that the partnership has been welcomed by both Taiwan and Japan. It also notes that China has applied to join a trans-Pacific trade pact, originally designed by Washington to limit Beijing’s growing influence in the region, but which former US President Donald Trump abandoned. 

Getty Images

The Guardian questions how far US President Joe Biden can go with what it calls this “dual-track strategy”, acting competitively on the one hand but signalling to Beijing a wish to collaborate on other issues.

Several papers welcome the pact, including the Mail, which it says offers a “mega-billion boost” to the UK’s defence sector” and “epitomises the post-Brexit version of Global Britain.” 

Meanwhile the Times suggests that the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, will invite UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to join a pact with the European Union on defence and security. EU sources believe Mr Johnson may be more receptive following the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Many papers examine what the Daily Express calls the “EU red tape bonfire,” which it says could enable shops to sell fruit and vegetables in pounds and ounces again. 

The government is reviewing EU laws that were automatically transferred into British legislation after Brexit. According to the Guardian, the general public is being invited to suggest ways regulation could be improved or repealed. 

The Sun says it’ll “raise a glass” to the plan that will see the Crown stamp return to pint glasses. 

As part of the same review, the i says the government will approve genetic engineering in UK farming. The paper stresses that gene editing is very different from genetic modification and could soon be accepted by the European Union.

The Times says the repeals and modifications could result in a return to imperial weights and measures, in what it calls a “win for metric martyrs”. 

Online, the FT says that the British Chambers of Commerce suggested any changes be checked for their cost benefits. 

The Sun suggests that ministers will be required to save businesses £2 for every £1 of red tape introduced.

Sign up for a morning briefing direct to your inboxThere’s an appeal by Labour’s former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, in the Daily Mirror, for the UK and other western countries to speed up the delivery of Covid vaccines to developing countries. He says of the 870 million doses promised to Africa and low income countries, only 100 million have arrived. Mr Brown urges governments to “save countless lives” and end what he describes as “the immoral divide between the vaccine rich and the vaccine poor”.’

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