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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: The prime minister has paved the way for new #coronavirus restrictions this winter, according to the Daily Mail, which says compulsory masks, vaccine passports and working from home could all be imposed if the jab programme fails to work. The paper says Mr Johnson hoped the “smaller changes” in a new “Plan B” should mean there will be no need to return to a lockdown but it adds that “he refused to rule one out” as case numbers rise see below for latest …

Daily Mirror front page
The prime minister’s plans for tackling Covid during autumn and winter dominate the front pages. “Plan for the worst” is the headline in the Daily Mirror, which says the nation “is bracing for another grim winter” after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a “Plan B” to be implemented if Covid deaths soar.

Sept.16, 2021: @acenewsservices

BBC News: Staff:

“A Covid winter warner” is the headline in the Metro, which says the PM revealed a “light-touch Plan A” and a “tougher Plan B” to tackle the virus. It says Mr Johnson and Health Secretary Sajid Javid hoped to avoid a combination of the pandemic and a winter flu crisis.

The Daily Express leads on quotes from Mr Johnson urging the nation to be “sensible and responsible” to stop a Covid resurgence, adding that he stressed he “reserves the right” to tighten the rules again.

The prime minister has put “the public on alert” that a new wave of restrictions – which could include a lockdown – may be introduced this autumn, reports the Telegraph. The paper says Mr Johnson, in a “downbeat press conference”, warned that the situation was in some respects “more challenging” than last year. However, it adds that the government’s central plan still focuses on vaccines protecting the country from “the economic and social turmoil of another lockdown”.

The i claims the PM’s plan B to prevent a new lockdown includes the possible return of classroom bubbles to keep schools open. The paper outlines a plan C, saying that could include a potential fourth national lockdown if there is a “vaccine-dodging” Covid variant.

The prime minister has been warned by his chief scientific adviser that he should “go hard and go early” with coronavirus restrictions this winter if there is a surge in cases, reports the Times. The paper quotes Sir Patrick Vallance as saying that Britain was at a “pivot” point, adding that if cases rise “you can’t wait until it’s (too) late because (then) you’ve got to do more”.

The Guardian focuses on a warning from government scientific advisers that between 2,000 and 7,000 people a day could be hospitalised with Covid in England next month unless a “basket of measures” are urgently implemented. The paper says the figures come in newly published modelling from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) – but it adds that the advisers also say “even light touch measures” could be sufficient to keep infections flat.

Rapper Nicki Minaj features on the front of the Daily Star alongside Prof Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer, who was asked about the star sharing a story about an alleged side-effect of the Covid vaccine. The paper says Minaj’s tweet “made virus guru Chris Whitty furious”.

The Financial Times reports the prime minister has been forced to delay imposing checks on EU goods entering the UK until mid-2022 as the government “attempts to stop Brexit from exacerbating supply chain problems”. It says the move means British exports to the EU are subject to full checks, but imports into the UK are “mostly free of paperwork and border controls”.

And the Sun splashes a picture of Prince William and David Beckham on its front page after the pair joined a host of stars to honour NHS heroes at the paper’s Who Cares Wins awards. The paper says the prince gave an award to paramedics Deena Evans and Mick Hipgrave who almost died after being stabbed.

The Daily Express is warmest – hailing the prime minister as “Mr Sensible” for including restrictions as part of his “Plan B”. But the Metrosays Mr Johnson set out a “Covid winter warner”. 

“Plan for the Worst”, says the Daily Mirror. The Daily Telegraph is concerned that the “spectre of winter lockdown returns”. It says Tory MPs have expressed “astonishment” and disappointment at what they see as a “slippery slope” towards inevitable curbs on freedoms. 

The Guardian focuses on the warning from government advisers that the UK is at a “pivot point” – and highlights Sage modelling that suggests hospital admissions in England could peak at 7,000 people a day next month. “Go hard, go early, Johnson told”, says the Times.

“Surprise! It’s back to panic stations”, is the verdict from the Daily Mail.“So much for the glorious promise that Britain’s road to normality would be irreversible”. 

It calls on the prime minister to “keep his side of the Covid bargain”, insisting the public kept theirs by enduring lockdown without complaint. 

The Sun argues Mr Johnson’s Plan A “looks reasonable” but warns he must “at all costs” avoid Plan B. It urges the him to “hold his nerve” and “turn a deaf ear” to those clamouring for restrictions at the first hint of trouble.

The Daily Star focuses on a row over the safety of vaccines between England’s chief medical officer, Prof Chris Whitty, and the American rapper, Nicki Minaj – calling it the “unexpected celebrity beef of the decade”. 

It says the “straight-laced British boffin” “slapped down” the “misguided” star for spreading anti-vax nonsense and it agrees with his view that she should be “ashamed”. 

But the Mail says Nicki Minaj “hit back” in a series of tweets, including a “bizarre” audio clip mocking the prime minister in a fake British accent after he too criticised her claims.

Tuesday’s announcement of a further delay to post-Brexit checks on some EU goods entering the UK is highlighted by the Financial Times. ………It says Brexit Minister Lord Frost described the new timetable as “pragmatic” following supply chain problems the government has blamed on the pandemic. “It’s ironic”, an EU diplomat tells the paper. “They talked about taking back control but are letting products in without any controls at all.”

The Times says Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove has been “given the job of saving Christmas” – after Mr Johnson asked him to fix the supply chain issues in time for the festive season:

And images of the Democratic congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, posing in a striking outfit at the Met Gala in New York on Monday night are featured by several papers: The Financial Times reports that she “stunned” onlookers by wearing a white gown daubed with “tax the rich”. This led to accusations of hypocrisy, the Telegraph says, for making the statement at an “exclusive” event costing £22,000 a ticket. The Guardian acknowledges the move “was sure to ruffle some feathers”– but says AOC, as she is widely known, was “happy to set the record straight”, writing on Instagram “the medium is the message”

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