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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: UK out of Afghanistan and blame game erupts on whose at fault as opposition parties find the band-wagon is ideal now to pick on anyone without in many cases even have facts this is the political blame game and parties play at it daily while (Rome Burns SORRY U.K. Burns) anyway people matter NOT politics and NOT scoring points with arrows of discontent more next time …..

Once again the UK’s departure from Afghanistan, and the future of those left behind, dominates the Sunday papers. The Observer says that the Foreign Office ignored “frantic pleas to help Afghans”. The paper reports that thousands of emails to the ministry from MPs and charities have gone unread.

Aug.30, 2021: @acenewsservices

BBC News:

The Sunday Times says the “Afghan blame game erupts” as the last British troops fly out of the country. It reports that ministers and officials have accused the Foreign Office of negligence in preparing escape routes and that up to 9,000 people who could have been eligible to be evacuated will be left behind.

“Britain out of Afghanistan” is the Sunday Telegraph’s headline. The paper says Boris Johnson has promised to honour the sacrifices of those who fell and “preserve the gains”. Writing for the paper, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab says Britain will impose sanctions if the Taliban fails to grant remaining Afghans “safe passage” to flee the country.

The Sunday Express quotes the prime minister saying “We’ll be forever grateful” and says he heaped praise on the armed forces. It also reports on a “miracle baby girl” born on one of the mercy flights to the UK.

“Bravest of the Brave” is the headline on the Sunday People as it says 40 soldiers of the elite SAS have stayed behind to fight on in Afghanistan as the last troops leave.

The Sunday Mirror leads on a message from a translator hiding from the Taliban who says his blood will be on Boris Johnson’s hands if he is killed. The Afghan, who worked with UK troops for five years, suffered a beating at Kabul airport and fled for his life with his family.

Away from Afghanistan, the Mail on Sunday reports on a “cash for access” scheme involving Prince Charles. It says his foundation has launched an ethics investigation, said to be at the prince’s request, after an an email showing how wealthy donors could pay £100,000 to secure a lavish dinner with the heir to the throne was seen by the paper. A spokesman for the Prince of Wales says he was unaware of a cut being taken by middlemen and his foundation has severed links with the two men involved in the scheme.

The Daily Star Sunday leads on news that if you have a ringtone on your mobile phone you are an “old fart”, as young people prefer to go silent and communicate via messaging apps.

The Sunday papers are dominated by reflections on the end of the UK’s 20-year involvement in Afghanistan.

The Sunday Express focuses on the praise, that it says, the prime minister has “heaped” on the armed forces for their role in the evacuation mission. It quotes the letter Boris Johnson has sent to troops, saying the nation will be “forever grateful” for their actions.

There’s little praise to be found in the Sunday Mirror, though, which reports on the story of one former British army interpreter who was not airlifted out of the country – and is now in hiding. 

“Please do not leave us at the mercy of the Taliban”, he begs – adding his “blood will be on Boris Johnson’s hands” if he is killed.

PA MediaThe end of the UK’s 20-year military involvement in Afghanistan features on nearly all the front pages

The Observer asks how many British nationals and eligible Afghans are in a similar predicament. 

The official figure is up to 1,250 but the paper says it has evidence that thousands of emails to the Foreign Office detailing urgent cases have not even been read

A whistleblower says it calls into question the figures given out by ministers who – the person says – could actually “have no clear idea of the real numbers left behind”.

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Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab addresses the fate of those stuck in Afghanistan in the Sunday Telegraph. He explains the UK plans to organise their transfer from neighbouring states – a strategy that depends on the Taliban granting them safe passage. Mr Raab warns that the UK is ready to draw up sanctions at the UN or under its own auspices if the Taliban fails to do so.

Whatever message the government is presenting in public – the Sunday Times reports – behind the scenes a “vitriolic blame game has erupted in Whitehall”. Some ministers and officials accuse the Foreign Office of “negligence” over the preparation of “escape routes”. It “failed to roll the pitch with these countries for months”, an unnamed minister says. There is also criticism of Mr Raab, with a senior Pakistani official claiming he did not make a single phone call to the Afghan or Pakistani foreign ministers in the six months before the crisis. “He just didn’t care,” the official says.

In other news, the Sunday Times reports Britain’s top universities are chartering flights to get Chinese students to the UK next month.

PA Media: Bristol University is among those reported to be chartering flights for Chinese studentsIt says they are fearful global travel restrictions could cost them hundreds of millions of pounds in lost overseas fees………….The paper says some experts warn universities risk overlooking the needs of British youngsters as they “fret” over the money their foreign counterparts generate.

Finally, the Observer reports there has been an unusual beneficiary of the pandemic-fuelled staycation boom: churches. Record numbers have stayed in the 14 churches in England which make themselves available for overnight stays – or “champing”, as its known. One woman who spent a night in a 13th Century church sings its praises: “I hate being disturbed by other people’s noise,” she says, adding: “you don’t get that sleeping among the dead.”

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