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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Brits die in Kabul and Afghan hostage crisis fears ……The Daily Express takes a similar tone as it says the two Brits were killed “waiting for freedom”. The paper says Boris Johnson has praised UK troops for their heroism in the race to evacuate people from Afghanistan.

Daily Mirror
The ongoing crisis in Afghanistan continues to lead many of the papers. The Daily Mirror focuses on news that two Britons and the child of another British person were killed in the bombing at Kabul airport on Thursday. The paper says elite Taliban fighters are reported to have entered the airport amid fears of a follow-up wave of attacks.

Aug.29, 2021: @acenewsservices

BBC News: Staff:

The Daily Mail says there are fears that Britain risks “the biggest hostage crisis in its history” after leaving 1,000 Afghan allies “at the mercy of the Taliban and Isis-K”. The paper says Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted he felt a “great sense of regret” about the many hundreds that UK forces had been unable to evacuate.

Meanwhile the Times says the US is preparing to “strike back” in response to the attack at Kabul airport, in which as many as 200 people died including 13 US marines. The paper went to print before it was confirmed that the US carried out a drone strike overnight which killed an IS militant.

“Thousands abandoned to the Taliban” is the I’s take for its weekend edition. The paper says at least 1,100 Afghans eligible for evacuation have been left behind as the civilian airlift ended. It says UK and US troops now face a dangerous exit from Kabul.

The Guardian has a similar line, it says there is “fear and fury” as thousands are abandoned to the Taliban. Some people have described the rescue effort as “hugely mismanaged”, it says.

The Daily Telegraph says Boris Johnson has promised to “shift heaven and earth” to try to rescue those who served the UK in Afghanistan. But the prime minister said the attack at the airport “underlines the urgency” of Britain’s military withdrawal, the paper says. Away from Afghanistan the paper says the NHS is getting ready to vaccinate children aged 12 to 15 in schools from next month.

The Financial Times carries a picture from the aftermath of the bombing at Kabul airport on Thursday, but the paper leads on a call from the business secretary for firms to hire UK-based workers to fill a shortage of lorry drivers. Kwasi Kwarteng has written to businesses to encourage them to help those who “now face an uncertain future and need to find new employment opportunities” as furlough ends.

The Daily Star goes in different direction as it leads on the news that Cristiano Ronaldo, widely considered one of the best footballers ever, is set to return to Manchester United. “The Second Coming of Cristiano” is the headline.

The ongoing crisis in Afghanistan and the fallout from a bomb attack at the airport in Kabul continues to dominate the front pages of the morning papers.

The Daily Mirror highlights the British victims, saying they were “slaughtered” fleeing what it calls “hell city”, while the Guardian says the attack was a “bloodcurdling” warning of what the militants may be capable of.

The main story for the Times is on plans by the Pentagon for retaliatory strikes against those responsible. It says the attack has raised the prospect that, far from ending America’s longest war, President Joe Biden is opening up a new phase of the conflict.

PA MediaThe bombing at Kabul airport is described as a “bloodcurdling” attack

As the UK ends its evacuation operation at Kabul, there’s concern for the Afghan civilians who’ve worked for the British military but have been left behind. 

The Daily Mail says Britain could experience “the biggest hostage crisis in its history,” after leaving about a thousand of its Afghan allies at the mercy of the Taliban and IS. 

It highlights the cases of three translators stranded in Afghanistan. One tells the paper they’ve been “abandoned” by Britain.

The Mirror says the responsibility for what it calls this “calamity” rests primarily with President Biden

It says he was under “no obligation” to stick to former President Donald Trump’s hasty withdrawal dates. 

The Financial Times agrees and predicts the consequences of America’s decision will play out over many years

The Mail has harsh words for the UK government too, saying Boris Johnson should have done more to persuade Mr Biden to delay or stagger the pull-out.

The Daily Telegraph is one of several papers to report that the health secretary has told the NHS to prepare to give Covid jabs to children from the age of 12. Sajid Javid is putting plans in place so that the scheme can be rolled out quickly if it is given the go-ahead by scientific advisers.

The I paper says ministers want to “hit the ground running” once a decision is made. The Mail says the Department of Health has stressed parental consent will be sought – although it is unclear if children would be able to overrule their parents.

PA Media: Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United features on all the back pages as well as many of the frontsCristiano Ronaldo features on all the back pages and several of the front ones too. The I describes his move back to Manchester United as the “most sensational transfer in recent British football history”.

The Sun says Ronaldo had been in talks for months to rejoin the club – despite rumours he would sign for rivals Man City. The Express – among others – says it was a call to the player from former manager Sir Alex Ferguson that finally swung the deal.

Most of the papers estimate the Portuguese player will earn around £500,000 a week for the next two seasons. And the Telegraph carries a report that suggests old age might be calling if your mobile phone still has a ringtone. It says ringtones are now the preserve of the old and middle aged with younger people preferring instant messaging to phone calls.

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