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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headines: The Daily Telegraph says it was “America’s deadliest day in a decade” after at least 90 people, including 13 US troops, died in the attack claimed by a wing of the Islamic State group. The explosions threw the final hours of international airlifts from Kabul airport into chaos, adds the paper

Metro - 27/08/21
The twin bomb attacks at Kabul airport, which targeted people trying to flee the country after the Taliban takeover, features across the front pages. Metro carries a photograph that also appears in many other papers showing two distraught women, with their faces bloodied, after their arrival at a hospital.

Ace News Services published. Reports that U.K. prepares to vacate troops Ben Wallace said today that UK enters final stages of evacuation on Thursday evening, the MoD said 13,146 people had been evacuated by the UK from Kabul under Operation Pitting, which began on 13 August according to BBC News

Aug.28, 2021: @acenewsservices

BBC News: Staff:

The Financial Times says the attacks were a “severe setback” to US President Joe Biden as he withdraws troops from Afghanistan. It reports the blasts came hours after warnings of security threats had already complicated the evacuation efforts.

The Guardian reports the explosions took place among frantic crowds trying to leave Afghanistan. It says one of the bombs was near a hotel where the British embassy is based and many of those in the area at the time were hoping to arrange their passage to the UK.

The Sun carries the headline “Hell on Earth”. Its story mentions the crowds of people who had been outside the airport in the hours before the attack – including a family who have been granted British passports and were hoping to join relatives in the UK.

Refugees and US Marines were murdered side by side, says the i. The paper adds that the UK and US will continue with the airlifts but the final British flight from Kabul could depart on Friday.

The Daily Mirror says evacuation forces are now in a race against time to get people out of Kabul before further attacks.

The Daily Mail says the attacks triggered fresh condemnation of Joe Biden’s decision to remove US troops from Afghanistan. Its headline suggests the events were the “tragic price of surrender” – noting that the US president justified the withdrawal to spare the lives of American troops.

The US president is facing his “darkest hour”, says the Daily Express. Eleven Marines and a navy medic have been confirmed among the dead.

The Times reports the deaths alongside a photo showing victims being carried from the scene. It says the blasts were also a “severe setback” for the Taliban who pledged to keep the country clear of terror attacks. In another story, the Times reports claims the contact details of Afghans who worked for the UK were left in the abandoned British embassy compound.

The Daily Star does report the Kabul bombing on its front page. However, its main story focuses on Britain’s lorry drivers – and a row over a shortage of toilet facilities.

The attacks at Kabul airport are the main story for Friday’s papers – with a picture of two distraught women injured in one of the explosions featuring as the main image on most front pages. 

“Bloodbath at Kabul airport”, is the Metro’s headline.For the “i”, it’s “Refugees and US Marines murdered side by side”. 

The Daily Express says the terror warning given by foreign governmentshours earlier turned into deadly reality. 

In the Guardian’s words, the tenacious wait outside the airport gates for evacuation turned into a scene of terror and deaths.

The Daily Mail’s headline declares that the bombings were “the tragic price of surrender”. The paper says President Biden justified the US retreat in Afghanistan to spare American soldiers’ lives – though not one had been lost in 18 months. Yesterday – it adds – at least 12 were killed. 

For the Times, the bombings will raise further pressure on Mr Biden. It was his self-imposed deadline of next Tuesday to complete the US withdrawal that drew crowds to the airport, the paper says.

Meanwhile, the Times’ correspondent in Kabul reports that, in the haste of their evacuation, staff at the British Embassy left documents with the contact details of Afghan workers, as well as local people applying for jobs, scattered on the ground of the compound. 

Anthony Loyd writes that he found the papers identifying seven Afghans as Taliban fighters patrolled the embassy. Such was the British surprise at the speed of the capture of Kabul – he says – that the embassy’s evacuation protocols, necessitating the shredding and destruction of all data that could compromise local Afghan staff, appears to have broken down. 

The Foreign Office tells the paper every effort was made to destroy sensitive material.

Should we be vaccinating 12-year-olds?” is a question posed by the Daily Telegraph, as NHS trusts prepare for the possible rollout of Covid jabs for 12 to 15-year-olds. The paper thinks we should. It says that although their own chances of suffering badly from the virus are negligible, vaccinating the young would undoubtedly serve the greater good of society. Getty ImagesThe

The Times has been told that Boris Johnson and other cabinet ministers want to start vaccinating as soon as possible, but there is mounting frustration over the time it is taking for their scientific advisers, the JCVI, to decide. It says ministers are concerned that Britain is at risk of becoming an “outlier” as other nations push ahead with vaccinating children.Finally, some may disagree, but – according to the Met Office – this summer is on track to be one of the UK’s hottest on record. Getty ImagesGanavan Sands in July: Scotland has seen above average temperatures this summerThe

The Daily Telegraph says that while London and the South East had a much wetter and duller summer than usual, high temperatures in Northern Ireland and Scotland caused the mean temperature to rise about a degree higher than average. A Met Office spokesman says the idea that 2021 has been a summer of drab weather has been skewed by a southern-centric viewpoint. “If you ask people in the north and Scotland, they will have a different perception”, he tells the paper.

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