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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: With sadness we report today just as two explosions took place on Thursday evening at Kabul airport and at least 13-killed and 30 injured including children after a suicide bomber carried out the attack Ace News Serivices reported this here after it just happened and earlier on the imminent attack that security threat was a severe and this is our report here so prayers for all those people Amen 🙏’s

i front page - 26/08/21
The i covers the latest developments as UK troops evacuate people from Afghanistan – reporting Defence Secretary Ben Wallace’s briefing to MPs in which he said it may now be “safer” for some Afghans to try to escape from the country over land. The paper says 10,000 people are gathered at Kabul airport, as crowds try to get in.

Aug.27, 2021: @acenewsservices

BBC News: Staff:

The Guardian says the defence secretary signalled that there were few places left on the RAF planes out of Afghanistan. But the paper adds there is no suggestion that people already booked on the evacuation flights should alter their plans and “head for the border”.

The Times sees the defence secretary’s comments as the first time the UK has conceded it will not evacuate all the Afghans who helped the country. It says those likely to miss the flights to the UK will include some interpreters who helped the military but most will be from civil society, including politicians and humanitarian workers.

The Daily Telegraph says the NHS in England has drawn up plans to give 12 to 15 year-olds Covid vaccinations. Health trusts are being told to prepare for a possible rollout from the week schools return next month, it reports. But the paper adds that government advisers have not so far recommended jabs for such an age group.

There is a “race” to get Covid booster jabs to people as deaths and infections rise, says the Daily Mirror. There are fears from medics that vaccine protection among the elderly could drop by 50%, it adds.

The Daily Express says there is growing pressure to speed up plans for the rollout of booster jabs amid studies showing that vaccine protection can decline within six months. Meanwhile, the Express joins several other papers in featuring a photo of Dame Sarah Storey after the cyclist claimed her 15th Paralympic gold medal on the first day of Tokyo 2020.

Metro’s main story focuses on the foreign secretary defending his decision to holiday in Crete as Taliban fighters closed in on their takeover of Afghanistan. The paper says Dominic Raab faced ridicule when he took issue with people who said he had been on a beach holiday – because the sea front had been closed.

The Daily Star also focuses on Dominic Raab’s comments about his holiday. Its front page features a mocked-up picture of the foreign secretary in swimming trunks on a paddleboard – an activity he was reported to have enjoyed but says did not take place.

The Daily Mail carries claims that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex considered naming a royal they alleged made a racist remark before their son Archie was born. It reports an updated version of a biography saying the couple weighed up sharing the detail in an interview with US TV host Oprah Winfrey, but decided against it, believing it would be “very damaging”.

The Financial Times leads on a warning from UK regulators over cryptocurrency trading. The Financial Conduct Authority says it is unable to oversee one platform. The admission, says the FT, underscores the challenge authorities face in tackling potential risks to consumers who buy frequently unregulated products through such exchanges.

The paper reports that the suggestion by the defence secretary came as the UK made last-ditch efforts to airlift hundreds of remaining interpreters as well as others who have supported the UK. 

Remarks by Ben Wallace also form the lead in the Times. Not everyone trying to flee is going to get out, he admits. 

The Independent covers an open letter signed by more than 150 Afghan and international citizens calling for western powers to “rescue now” and “process” people later. It says the insistence on documentation is like asking people on the Titanic to show papers before they board lifeboats.

The front page picture in the Times is a reminder of the threat posed by the Taliban. It has been released by the group and shows fighters wearing black face masks and combat fatigues training in a military camp. 

The Taliban claims they are graduates – destined to become members of an elite unit. 

“Race to get booster jabs,” is the Daily Mirror’s front page headline. It reports some doctors want elderly people to receive top-up Covid vaccines because of fears their immunity could fall by half. 

And the Daily Telegraph thinks it would help to avoid “further lockdown measures”. 

Ministers are resisting calls by supermarkets for immigration rules to be relaxed, according to the Times. 

Retailers are worried about a lack of lorry drivers leading to product shortages. But the paper quotes a Whitehall source who says the supermarkets need to offer drivers higher wages and invest in training domestic workers. 

The Guardian argues the pandemic may have disrupted supplies, but it is Brexit that has cleared the shelves by creating friction at the border and draining the labour pool from which many industries recruited. 

The Sun concedes a lack of EU drivers is one of the factors – and it launches a campaign to recruit tens of thousands of truckers.

The Daily Mail leads on a claim that the Duke and Duchess of Sussexconsidered naming the royal who they alleged made a racist remark before the birth of their son, Archie. 

The story comes from an updated edition of a biography of the couple, Finding Freedom. It says Meghan ultimately decided that revealing the individual’s identity would be very damaging to them. 

PA Media: A source tells the paper they want to celebrate his amazing musical legacy on stage and they intend to “do Charlie proud”.

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