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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Kabul again today as people flee the #Taliban and what they believe life will be like living there, time for various politicians to climb of the proverbial bandwagon and we start with ex-PM Tony Blair blaming with The Sunday Telegraph says former Labour premier Blair, who took Britain into Afghanistan, launched a “furious attack” on US President Joe Biden. It also quotes Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab saying that the UK needs to talk to countries like Russia and China as they can be a “moderating” influence on the Taliban as Boris Johnson prepares to chair G7 conference ……..

Sunday Times
Once again the ongoing chaos in Afghanistan leads most of the morning’s papers, with the Sunday Times focusing on comments from former UK prime minister Tony Blair who it says has attacked the “imbecilic” retreat of US, UK and Nato troops. The Times says there are fears of people being crushed to death at Kabul’s airport. The paper also carries a story on a call for prisoners to be recruited to help end food shortages amid a labour crisis.

Aug.23,2021: @acenewsservices

Many of the front page headlines focus on Tony Blair’s criticism of President Biden’s handling of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

BBC News: Staff:

The Sunday Mirror also focuses on the use of the word imbecile by Tony Blair, but also quotes him saying that jihadists worldwide will be cheering.

Its sister paper the Sunday People finds a different angle as it says a record number of Brits have offered rooms to Afghans. The headline is “refugees welcome in our homes”.

The Observer carries a warning form the UN that Afghans face an “absolute catastrophe” without urgent aid. The paper says Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer is leading calls for Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to resign over his handling of the crisis.

“Run for the border” is the headline on the mail on Sunday which carries an article from Defence Secretary Ben Wallace. In it he says time is running out and warns Afghans will have to make their own way to the borders if the US does not delay its exit from the country.

The Sunday Express quotes Armed Forces minister James Heappey telling veterans who served in Afghanistan they should be proud of what they accomplished despite the ongoing chaos.

Meanwhile, the Daily Star Sunday once again ploughs its own furrow as it reports on ghost hunters being terrorised by a ghost of the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe.

The Sunday Times quotes unnamed “cabinet insiders” supporting Mr Blair’s assessment, calling the president “gaga” and “doolally”

The negative assessment of President Biden is shared by most of the papers’ editorials. The leader in the Sunday Express calls his handling of the crisis “a monumental blunder” and “manna from heaven for our adversaries and competitors.” 

PA MediaTony Blair has criticised President Joe Biden over the US withdrawal form Afghanistan

Writing in the Sun on Sunday, Tony Parsons delivers a scathing two page assessment of the president, accusing him of committing a crime against humanity.

Powerful images of distressing scenes outside Kabul Airport feature yet again on most of the front pages. 

The Sunday Telegraph shows a British soldier carrying a young Afghan girl to safety after she was caught in a stampede, while the Sunday Mirror uses images of marines rescuing children from the chaotic scenes. 

The Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, writing in the Mail on Sunday, claims “no nation will be able to get everyone out” of Afghanistan. 

The paper goes with the headline ‘Run For The Border’, with the minister promising to continue attempts to offer refuge to those that don’t make it onto flights if they can get out of the country by other means.

The Times reports that food and freight companies are attempting to recruit prisoners on day release to alleviate supply chain problems in supermarkets and restaurants. 

Trade groups are urging the prison service to prioritise food suppliers when allocating workers through its Temporary Licence Programme, to ensure that huge shortfalls in staffing caused by the pandemic and Brexit can be resolved. 

A cartoon by Bernie in the Mail also touches upon the subject, showing a couple standing in front of empty supermarket shelves with one pondering “What came first? The chicken shortage, or the egg shortage?”

Scientists in Greece are discussing proposals to name heatwaves to help raise awareness of their increasingly devastating consequences, according to the Observer. The plan mirrors the system introduced in the UK in recent years to give greater exposure to storms, with experts hoping it will offer greater protection to people in areas at risk of wildfires. Areas of Greece have been devastated by huge blazes this summer, with temperatures regularly exceeding 40C (104F).

PA MediaThe spike in demand for puppies is causing a surge in interest in pygmy goats, according to the Sunday Telegraph: The spike in demand for puppies during lockdown appears to have had an unforeseen effect on the popularity of a more unconventional pet. The Telegraph says there’s been a surge in interest for pygmy goats from people who can no longer afford to buy a canine companion. It reports that there’s been a fivefold increase in demand for the animals during the pandemic. The paper’s leader notes that readers could buy a whole mini-farm for the type of sums being asked for a puppy, but sounds a note of caution – warning that the associated bills with doing so could cause a mini breakdown.

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