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Daily Telegraph
The situation in Afghanistan continues to dominate the front pages. The Daily Telegraph quotes US President Joe Biden saying that “we might not get everyone out”. The paper says the president has warned there is “risk of loss” in the evacuation amid fears that 100,000 Afghans could be left to face Taliban reprisals.

Aug.22, 2021: @acenewsservices

The Times says thousands of UK allies entitled to come to Britain face being left behind unless the 31 August deadline for their evacuation is extended. It says the UK is pushing the US to delay its date for leaving Afghanistan with concerns 6,000 British and Afghan citizens have yet to get out. It carries a picture of a young child being handed to a US marine over the wall of Kabul airport.

BBC News: Staff:

Most of the front pages have fresh pictures of what the Daily Mail calls the “scenes of agony and anguish” in Afghanistan, as crowds of people at Kabul Airport try to escape from the Taliban.

“We should all hang our heads in shame” says the Guardian. It also carries a picture of a baby being handed to a soldier over a barbed wire fence. In a second story the paper reports that ministers hope teachers can help counteract the dangers of misogyny with school lessons on respect for women and healthy relationships.

“Our boys’ last stand in Kabul” is the Daily Mail’s take as it carries a picture of British paratroopers managing crowds at Kabul airport. The paper describes scenes of “anarchy and anguish” as it says there are fears the rescue mission could collapse.

The Daily Mirror’s headline says there is a “clear and present danger to UK” in a warning from the former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, Colonel Richard Kemp. The paper says security experts are warning of a resurgent Al-Qaeda – the group which carried out the 9/11 attacks.

The Sun has a different way into the Afghanistan story as it reports the story of ex-soldier Ian Cameron who says he escaped a Kabul jail and made his way to a plane to get out of the country as militants seized control. “I broke out of jail and fled Taliban in my flip-flops” is the headline.

The i weekend edition’s headline says the UK is considering rescue squads to go into Afghanistan. It also says a Taliban spokesman has asked the UK and US for financial aid during an interview with the paper.

The Financial Times leads with a vow from US President Joe Biden to get Americans out of Afghanistan, saying the US in working with the Taliban to ensure safe passage for those fleeing the country. Away from Afghanistan the paper reports that the competition watchdog has raised “serious concerns” about US computer chipmaker Nvidia’s deal to buy British firm Arm.

The Daily Express is one of the few to lead on a different story. It says a new “weapon” has been approved for use in the fight against Covid. Health Secretary Sajid Javid says an antibody cocktail called Ronapreve will be rolled out as soon as possible.

The Daily Star says that “Xmas gets stuffed” as it says a worker shortage which has hit food outlets KFC and Nandos means turkey could be off the menu this festive season.

Under the headline: “Our boys’ last stand in Kabul”, the Mail explains how UK troops “desperately tried to hold the line”, as the panic and chaos boiled over. 

In one photo, a militant carrying a gun appears to be beating people trapped next to the security barrier, as soldiers on the other side look on, unable to help because of the fence.

The Guardian describes the violence suffered by many of those trying to flee

“Every day people are shot, beaten and choked with tear gas,” it says, “as they gather outside the concrete barricades – that shutter off the last tiny sliver of western-held territory in Afghanistan”. 

The headline is a quote from a human rights worker, criticising what she sees as the West’s failed strategy: “We should all hang our heads in shame”.

Victor Mancilla – US Marine Corps/DPA/PA ImagesMany of the papers describe the scene at the airport in Kabul

According to the I, Britain may deploy what the paper calls “rescue squads” at the airport. 

Under the plan, officials and soldiers would leave their base inside the complex, to help “visa applicants who have arrived in the area, but are unable to access the UK mission”. 

The paper explains that the units would only go as far as the airport perimeter, to avoid the possibility of clashes with the Taliban.

The Financial Times suggests Qatar is working as an intermediary, to try to assist in the evacuation

A source briefed about the operation has told the paper that the Gulf state has been coordinating between the Taliban and the UK, Nato and the United Nations – so that Afghans who worked for them can be moved through checkpoints controlled by Islamist fighters.

In its lead, the Sun focuses on a former British soldier who has flown home from Afghanistan after escaping from a prison in Kabul. It says that, as the Taliban advanced through the city, Ian Cameron was able to make a “desperate dash in his flip-flops” – “before somehow finding a plane out”.

The Daily Express reports that a new Covid-19 treatment – which uses laboratory-made antibodies to attack the virus – has been approved for use in the UK. The paper’s leader describes Ronapreve as a “marvel of science”, that will strike “a new blow” against the infection.The Daily Telegraph reports that the Cotswolds and Chilterns could be designated as National Parks.

It suggests that both areas want to be upgraded from Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The paper points out that they would be the first new National Parks in the UK since the South Downs in 2009.PA MediaActor George Clooney co-created Casamigos Tequila in 2013, starting a trend of celebrity endorsed spiritsFinally, the Times has details of a row about celebrities going into the tequila business.

It explains that – since George Clooney created his own brand of the Mexican spirit – other high-profile figures have followed suit. But the paper says the large-scale cultivation of the blue agave plant, from which the drink is made, is causing nearly 16,000 hectares of deforestation per year. The headline is: “Tequila celebs slammed for creating an eco-headache”

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