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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: We start with some good news that ONS reports here that 95% of people now have antibodies but we should be aware that vaccinated or NOT people be found to be testing POSTIVE can still SPREAD the virus …so sense should prevail and be a ‘Good Samaritan’ wear a mask to protect other people until one day everyone is safe and protected God Bless Amen 🙏’s for those still suffering and their loved ones as these are the latest number of cases today below:

Daily Mail front page
Some of Friday’s front pages focus on the future of Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, following claims he should have personally intervened to help evacuate Afghan interpreters, rather than let a junior minister make the phone call. “Bad call, minister” is the headline in the Daily Mail. It claims that the crucial phone call delegated to a junior minister “never took place” and suggested Mr Raab’s job was “hanging by a thread”.

Aug.21, 2021: @acenewsservices

Those who have NO Sin cast the first stone … opposition parties climb on that oh so easy bandwagon of being RIGHT and simply call for the foreign secretary Dominic Rabb to resign”, according to the Guardian, which says he is facing accusations that he “in effect disappeared” while on holiday for more than a week during Afghanistan’s collapse another pathetic Labour call ….

BBC News: Staff:

The Times reports that three of Britain’s most senior civil servants, whose departments are overseeing the evacuation from Afghanistan, are on holiday. The paper says the permanent secretaries at the Foreign Office, the Home Office and the Ministry of Defence are all on leave. Meanwhile, it also suggests that the last British evacuation flight could leave Kabul in five days under an accelerated timetable.

The Daily Telegraph leads on US President Joe Biden hitting back at what it calls a “torrent of criticism” from UK MPs over his country’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. Mr Biden said the UK and other Nato allies “had a choice” to stay in Afghanistan but it had been a joint decision to leave.

A photograph of a mother handing her child to an American soldier at Kabul airport is splashed across the Metro. It says the woman was “begging” the soldier to save her daughter as the Taliban tightened their grip on Afghanistan. It describes how other women threw their babies over razor wire in the hope they would be put on a military flight out of the capital.

The i looks at the results of a UK poll on the situation in Afghanistan, saying the results show that most voters believe the UK’s 20-year mission in the country has been a waste of time and lives. It also says the poll shows people are divided on Mr Biden’s decision to withdraw US troops.

The UK’s vaccine programme has saved nearly 100,000 lives, according to the Daily Express. It quotes Health Secretary Sajid Javid as saying the jabs have made a “life-changing difference to tens of millions of people”. It adds that he has confirmed boosters will start next month for those most at risk.

Scotland and Manchester United legend Denis Law is pictured on the front of the Daily Star, saying “I’ll tackle terrifying dementia head on” after his diagnosis was revealed. The paper says “we are all United behind you, Denis”.

“I will fight on for Stuart” is the headline in the Daily Mirror, which carries quotes from the dad of Stuart Lubbock, who was found dead in TV entertainer Michael Barrymore’s pool in 2001. Terry Lubbock has vowed to continue his “fight for justice” after a man suspected of murdering his son was released by police without charge.

And the Financial Times reports that carmaker Toyota will slash production by 40% next month, citing a sudden surge in coronavirus cases in Vietnam and Malaysia for exacerbating a shortage of car parts.

Many front pages pile the pressure on Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab. 

The Daily Mail says his job is “hanging by a thread” after its revelation that the phone call to the Afghan government, which was delegated to a junior minister during his holiday, was never made at all. It says the news is “explosive”. 

The Daily Mirror says that if Mr Raab had an ounce of honour, he would resign, saying he is unfit for a great office of state.

Dominic Raab is also under fire in the Guardian, which quotes a Whitehall source as saying the foreign secretary “refused to be contacted on basically anything” for more than a week. 

The paper says he is becoming a focal point for wider political anger over the humiliating retreat from the Taliban. 

Its front page also reports on the story of 100 security guards at the British embassy, who it says have been refused protection because they were hired by a contractor. 

The Daily Telegraph instead focuses on President Joe Biden’s television interview – and his assertion that the UK and its allies “had a choice” to stay on in Afghanistan after the US withdrawal. 

It says he was “hitting back” at a torrent of criticism from ministers and MPs. 

The Times reports that an accelerated timetable for evacuations could mean the final British flight from Kabul is in just five days’ time. It says special forces have carried out rescue missions in the city to help stranded British citizens and others to reach the airport.

The Daily Express leads on what it calls the “phenomenal success” of Covid jabs. It says 100,000 lives have been saved, adding that boosters will start next month. Sources close to the committee which advises on vaccination policy say there is limited evidence to support a universal approach.

The Times says experts in Silicon Valley claim to have solved one of the trickiest problems facing the technology world – replicating our sense of smell. ………It says a “man-made nose” – a purple disc the size of a steering wheel – contains living nerve cells which can react to certain odour molecules. The paper says the technology could detect bombs in airports, whether drivers have used drugs and, brace yourselves for this one, will be able to check your health first thing in the morning based on the scent of your bodily fluids.

And the Daily Telegraph says deckchairs have been banned by councillors in Bournemouth and Poole because of fears they could be used as weapons. A spokesman cites overcrowding on the beaches after lockdown and the “subsequent problems that arose”, while the paper says there have been mass brawls on some British beaches, including Southend.

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