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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Remember the bible quotes the split between USA and U.K. called simply Manassseh (BIG Brothers) & Ephraim (Little Brother) both from the tribe of Abraham (Israel) well in Parliament it begun as the MPs condemn US president, and Johnson ‘humiliated’ for following his lead ….it does not matter that every party in Parliament voted to leave Afghanistan now the turncoats become dissenters …but nothing can stop what’s going to happen it’s written and so it will be Amen

Aug.20, 2021: @acenewsservices

The Times front page
Most of the front pages lead on reaction from UK politicians to the crisis in Afghanistan. Cabinet ministers, MPs and the head of the armed forces united in their criticism of the Biden administration, according to the Times. The paper says politicians from across the political spectrum described the US withdrawal as “shameful” during an emergency House of Commons debate on the situation.

The Parliamentary debate on Afghanistan is the main story for most of the papers – with many focusing on the criticism aimed at Boris Johnson and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab.

BBC News: Staff:

“Parliament holds the president in contempt” is the headline in the Daily Telegraph, which says MPs and peers united to deliver an “unprecedented rebuke” to a US president. The paper says Joe Biden was accused of “throwing us and everybody else to the fire” by pulling US troops out of Afghanistan, while he was also labelled “dishonourable” for his criticism of the troops he left behind to face the Taliban.

The Guardian focuses on the criticism handed out to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who it says faced a “wall of fury from all wings of the Conservative party” over the UK’s conduct in Afghanistan. It adds that 11 former cabinet ministers were among the dozens of MPs and peers expressing anger and frustration at Britain’s failures in intelligence and preparation, during what it calls “a torrid session in the Commons”.

“What did they do to deserve this?” asks the Daily Star on its front page, alongside a photo of an Afghan child looking anguished. “Take a long, hard look at the face of this little boy, Mr Johnson… shame on you – and that Joe Biden,” the paper says.

“Johnson humiliated” is the take in the Daily Mirror, which says Tory MPs joined Labour to condemn the prime minister’s “dire leadership” over Afghanistan.

The Financial Times also leads on the prime minister coming under fire from MPs, which it describes as “stinging criticism”. It says “powerful speeches” were delivered in Parliament by former soldiers, such as Tory Tom Tugendhat, who are now serving as MPs.

“Asleep at the wheel” is the headline in the Metro, which says the PM and the foreign secretary have been “shamed” for not grasping the speed of the Taliban’s surge – and for being on holiday instead of driving the UK’s actions. The paper quotes Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer as saying “you cannot co-ordinate an international response from the beach”.

Mr Johnson defending his handling of the Afghanistan crisis is the lead in the Daily Express, which says the PM insisted to MPs that the UK and its allies could not continue to support the Afghan army’s fight against the Taliban once US troops had withdrawn.

The Daily Mail claims Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab failed to make a “crucial phone call” while he was on holiday to get help airlifting translators out of Afghanistan. It suggests he was advised by senior officials that he, rather than a junior minister, should make the call to Afghan Foreign Minister Hanif Atmar requesting urgent assistance. The paper, however, says Mr Raab – who was on a family holiday in Crete – did not make the call. A Foreign Office response said he was “engaged on a range of other calls”.

And the i newspaper describes the situation in Afghanistan as “hell on Earth”. It says mothers, who were getting beaten by the Taliban outside Kabul airport, were throwing their babies over barbed wire to British service personnel. It quotes an Army officer as saying it was “awful”, adding: “By the end of the night there wasn’t one man among us who was not crying.”

“Asleep at the wheel”, is the headline in the Metro. For the Guardian, it’s “Johnson humiliated”. 

The Guardian says the prime minister faced a wall of fury from all wings of the Conservative Party, with 11 former cabinet ministers among the dozens of MPs and peers expressing anger and frustration at the UK’s failures in intelligence and preparation.

A number of papers also highlight anger at Joe Biden – with the Daily Telegraph headline: “Parliament holds the president in contempt”. It describes the criticism as an unprecedented rebuke to a US president. 

An unnamed cabinet minister tells the Times the US failure to realise that Afghanistan was on the brink of collapse shows that America is “looking inward and is unwilling to do even a modest amount to maintain global order”. 

The minister adds: “The US remains by far and away our most important ally, but we are not Washington’s most important ally by some stretch.”

UK Parliament/Roger HarrisSome senior Tory backbenchers were among those offering strong opinions in Wednesday’s debate

The Daily Mail urges Dominic Raab to “seriously consider his position” after reporting that that he failed to make a phone call while he was on holiday to seek urgent help airlifting interpreters out of Afghanistan. 

According to the paper’s main story, senior officials in the Foreign Office advised last Friday that he should make immediate contact with the Afghan foreign minister – and not pass on the task to a junior minister. 

The Foreign Office tells the paper that Mr Raab was engaged on a range of other calls and this one was delegated to another minister.

It says they hit out at the statement she issued earlier this year following their interview with Oprah Winfrey, that “recollections may vary”. They had alleged that when Meghan was pregnant with their son, Archie, “concerns” had been raised by a member of the family about the colour of his skin. According to the paper – and widely reported elsewhere – the couple believe “full ownership was not taken”.Geograph/Evelyn Simak A complaint was made that a Lamarti’s ice cream van, like the one pictured, had played its chimes for too longFinally,

Finally the Telegraph reports there has been a “meltdown” in Lowestoft, after an ice cream van was banned from a residential street – for breaking the rules on chimes. The paper says ice cream vans are allowed to play tunes only for up to 12 seconds – but these chimes twinkled for 20 seconds. A meeting of East Suffolk Council’s licensing sub-committee heard claims from a resident of Ashfield Crescent that the van’s chimes rang “excessively” during April and June. The owner of the van tells the paper that whoever complained about the chimes was “the Scrooge of summer” – and it wouldn’t stop him from bringing a bit of summer to people in the rest of the town.

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