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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Main news centres on the senseless massacre after the gunman was returned his ‘Gun Licence’ after attending an Anger Management’ course as opposition parties climb on bandwagon to get government to answer questions of WHY?

The Times is among several papers to report that the gunman who killed five people, including a three-year-old girl and his own mother, had his gun licence returned by police last month after it was revoked over an assault allegation. The paper reports that Devon and Cornwall Police are being investigated after Jake Davison’s shotgun certificate and shotgun were returned to him.

Kindness & Love❤️ says its not the gun that kills but the person who pulls the trigger and not those that follow the commandment ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’ Amen 🙏’s for family left behind to grieve….

Aug.15: 2021: @acenewsservices

BBC News: Staff:

The Daily Telegraph says police face “mounting questions” over why he was free to own such a weapon despite concerns over his mental health. Davison, who killed five people during a 12-minute “rampage” in a residential part of Plymouth, had posted videos espousing extreme misogynism, the paper says.

The Daily Mail says there had been “mounting concerns” about Davison’s mental health prior to the attack. Over recent months he had ranted online about mass shootings and expressed growing frustrations at still being a virgin, the paper reports.

The Guardian says detectives also face questions over why they are treating the shooting as a domestic incident rather than a terror attack. The paper says Davison shared hate-filled views on Reddit forums.

Like several of the other papers, the Daily Express features an image of two of Davison’s victims – Sophie Martyn and her father, Lee. The paper says they were shot at random as they walked home.

“Senseless” is the front-page headline on the Daily Mirror, which features another image of Sophie Martyn.

In other news, working from home is unlikely to become a new legal right, the i reports. The paper says a change in the law to improve the work-life balance is edging closer, but ministers fear the permanent right to work from home could create unintended consequences.

Elsewhere, the Financial Times says the Taliban stepped up its offensive in Afghanistan on Friday, encircling Kabul and capturing the country’s second-largest city Kandahar. The Islamist group now controls at least 14 of the country’s provincial capitals, the paper says.

And finally, the Daily Star reports that new research suggests being overweight – before the age of 60 – cannot be blamed on ageing. “It’s not your metabolism,” is the paper’s headline.

The shootings in Plymouth are the main story for most of the papers.  

“Gunned down walking in the street,” is the headline for the Daily Express

The Daily Mirror describes the attack as a “massacre of innocents”. 

Across the front pages are pictures of the victims of gunman Jake Davison, among them, his mother, Maxine Davison, who the Times says had become increasingly concerned about his behaviour. 

Others focus on three-year-old Sophie Martyn, who’s shown being carried in a sling by her father, Lee, who also died.

“Killed as he tried to save his little girl,” is the Sun’s headline. The Guardian says police will face an investigation over their dealings with Davison after it emerged that he held a firearm licence. 

Other papers also focus on that permit being revoked last December – and then returned to him last month. 

The Daily Mail says the police watchdog has launched an urgent inquiry into why the weapon was given back despite mounting concerns about Davison’s mental health. 

It says it’s understood police were satisfied he was fit to possess a shotgun again after he agreed to attend an anger management course.

According to the Express, Davison’s family had pleaded for an NHS assessment as his condition deteriorated and his hatred of women grew. 

UnknownSophie Martyn, three, and her father Lee were among Davison’s victims

The Daily Telegraph adds that neighbours claimed his family had contacted the police about his behaviour. 

The Times says there are questions about why his attack is not being treated as terrorism when he had a clear interest in the “incel” movement, clearly referenced their narrative and was deeply misogynistic. There’s widespread alarm at the Taliban’s offensive in Afghanistan following the withdrawal of US forces. 

“Abandoned to savagery,” is one headline in the Mail’s coverage. 

Patrick Cockburn, writing in the i, says the fact that everything the US and Britain fought for in Afghanistan over two decades is collapsing at such a pace underlines the extent of the Western defeat. 

He adds that the defeat is more complete than that suffered by the Soviet Union in the 1980s because after the Soviet withdrawal, the Communist government in Kabul survived for several years, in contrast to the present situation. Finally, a number of papers report concerns about empty shelves in the shops at Christmas. 

The i says the festive season is “at risk” from the nationwide shortage of lorry drivers, who transport goods to retail depots, stores and customers’ homes. 

It says shoppers could face shortages of goods from toys and clothes to electronics. 

According to the Telegraph, retailers and shipping chiefs are scrambling to avoid a “Christmas goods crisis” after a Covid outbreak closed the world’s third-biggest cargo port in China.  

The chief executive of one online retailer that buys goods from China is quoted as saying: “This is not a good sign for a happy Christmas or even Black Friday.”

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