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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Our story from BBC News on Wednesday about ‘Spy sold secrets’ and our other on Tuesday with ‘no way back for Prince Andrew’ as Daily Mail has learned that Prince Charles and Prince William have doubts about how the Duke of York and his legal team have handledVirginia Giuffre’s sexual abuse lawsuit …..

Daily Mail 12 August 2021
The arrest of a British embassy worker in Germany accused of passing on classified documents to a Russian spy has echoes of the Cold War for the Daily Mail. The paper says it is alleged the man “received a bundle of cash” as a reward for providing state secrets to a Kremlin agent. The information included protocols in the event of an attack on the embassy in Berlin, the Mail says.

Aug.13, 2021: @acenewsservices

BBC News:Staff:

The arrest of the embassy guard has prompted “calls for an urgent review” of private contractors, says the Daily Telegraph. The paper says the incident – alongside the leak of CCTV showing former Health Secretary Matt Hancock embracing an aide – raises questions over access. Elsewhere, its main image is of the conservationist Damian Aspinall and the PM’s wife Carrie Johnson. The Telegraph says Mr Aspinall “embarked upon a secret lobbying campaign” which failed. Mrs Johnson now works for Mr Aspinall’s foundation.

The Daily Mirror says German prosecutors believe the security worker passed on documents “on at least one occasion”. It says an “MI5-led” operation resulted in the man being detained. The paper’s main image is of Jamie Markham and his wife and daughter. Mr Markham died after being attacked outside his home in Chingford Mount on Monday.

Prince Charles sees “no way back to public life for” his brother Prince Andrew, the Times says. The paper reports a source close to the future king as saying that, while Charles loves his brother, Andrew’s latest legal problems “will be unwelcome reputational damage to the institution” of the Royal Family. The paper notes that Andrew – who denies the allegations made in a New York civil case – continues to hold nine significant honorary positions in the armed forces.

Ministers are backing a pilot where air purifiers are installed in classrooms as part of efforts to keep schools open this autumn, says the i paper. It reports that researchers are targeting the “massive prize” as part of efforts to control Covid in the UK.

“Return to the dark ages” is the Metro’s headline as it reports the terror of displaced Afghans who are facing the threat of an emboldened Taliban. It says Taliban fighters have celebrated the seizure of swathes of territory following the departure of US, Nato and UK troops by enlisting young girls as sex slaves. The paper quotes MP Simon Clarke as warning of the “horrific consequences” of the withdrawal.

A “pandemic boom” in child poverty and abuse leads the Guardian. It says there is a “looming crisis” of child neglect amid a sharp rise in social services referrals since Covid struck. Elsewhere it reports that the highest temperature in Europe since records began – 48.9C (120F) – appears to have been endured in Italy as the country experiences a heatwave.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has been warned that angry voters will punish the government over rumours the “triple lock” on pensions will be broken, the Daily Express says. The paper claims scrapping the vow – which ensures pensions rise by the highest of the rise in prices, average wages or 2.5% will represent the “final straw” and a “betrayal”.

Emoji revelations lead the Daily Star – which says some people believe the generic smiling face icon is “patronising and passive aggressive”. Its thought for the day? “No snowflakes were hurt in the making of this newspaper.”

The Financial Times leads on a call from the White House for oil production to be increased to try to deflate rising petrol prices. It says the Biden administration believes high prices at pumps “risk harming the ongoing global recovery” from the coronavirus.

The Daily Mirror is one of a number of papers to report on the British embassy worker in Berlin, who’s been accused of spying for Russia. 

The paper says the case of the man being referred to as David S could be straight out of a John Le Carre novel. 

Whitehall sources tell the Daily Telegraph he does not hold diplomatic immunity and was hired locally by a private company which provides security for the site. 

But according to the intelligence expert, Dr Anthony Glees – in the Sun – claims the man was a “low-level local hire” are still worrying “because nothing is low level in our Berlin premises”. 

“Return to the dark ages,” is the Metro’s headline, as it leads on the Taliban’s advance in Afghanistan. The paper says the country is slipping back into “medieval rule”, with the Taliban going from door-to-door in cities they’ve captured to take girls as young as 12 as sex slaves. 

The Financial Times reports that the group is also closing in on the capital, Kabul, and will attempt to encircle the city and force President Ghani to resign. 

Allegations against the Duke of York continue to dominate newspaper headlines

Representatives for Prince Andrew have so far declined to comment on Ms Giuffre’s legal action; he has consistently denied her claims.

But a source close to the royals has told the Mail that while this tactic may work in a “restricted, legal sense” in the court of public opinion “his reputation is being shredded”. 

According to the Times, Prince Charles is said to believe the whole issue is now “unsolvable” and Andrew will never return to public life because of the “unwelcome reputational damage” caused to the Royal Family.

The i paper leads on what it calls “the plan to keep schools safe from Covid-19”, with air purifiers set to be tested in thirty primary schools in Bradford. The technology works by removing particles from the atmosphere such as dust, allergens and contaminants. 

This can be achieved by filtration or by using ultra violet light to clean the air. Experts hope the technology could be rolled out nationwide next year, it reports.

Triple lock fears

The government has been warned it will be punished at the ballot box unless it honours the pensions triple lock, according to the Daily Express. The over-60s pressure group, Silver Voices, says 96 per cent of its members want the organisation to campaign for a boycott of the Conservatives unless the manifesto pledge is honoured. 

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has said any increase in the pension will be “fair” – with ministers concerned the triple lock could be excessively expensive because of a leap in earnings caused by the pandemic. 

The plight of Geronimo the alpaca is continuing to create column inches, with his picture on the front of the Guardian. He is due to be killed after testing positive for Bovine TB — but his owner wants him re-examined. 

She has also said the government won’t be able to “sneak in” and take him now that a webcam, dubbed GMTV, has gone live to the world

But despite winning the backing of former Olympian and alpaca owner, Dame Kelly Holmes, in the Sun, Geronimo’s days appear numbered, with the government insisting it must to do everything to stop the spread of Bovine TB.

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