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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: ‘Climate code red’ according to latest IPCC report we have published here and in U.K. ‘top A-level grades soar’ now its wether they’re will be sufficient university places for certain courses and #COVID19 numbers as always are below…..

Metro 10 August 2021
A dramatic photograph showing desperate attempts to fight wildfires on the Greek island of Evia leads the Metro under the heading “code red for humanity”. The paper describes a UN climate analysis as a “Doomsday report” – noting its publication came as fires raged in Greece, Turkey and the southern US.

Aug.11, 2021: @acenewsservices

A similarly stark image leads the i paper – with bright red flames contrasted against its headline. The i says that the UN has found global warming is set to breach the 1.5C limit 10 years earlier than predicted – even in a “best-case scenario where the world acts now”. The paper describes the report as the “most authoritative ever”.

BBC News: Staff:

“Code Red” is the phrase splashed across most front pages as they reflect on what the Daily Mail describes as a “Doomsday” United Nations (UN) report on climate change.

The heartbreaking image of an elderly woman confronted by the devastating fires on Evia is on many front pages – including the Daily Mail’s. The paper asks whether the UK can “lead world back from brink?” The Mail juxtaposes this with a report on the cost of coronavirus testing for foreign travel, which it says now amounts to five times the cost of cheap European flights.

The climate crisis is “inevitable, unprecedented and irreversible” in the words of the Guardian. “The verdict is clear,” its leader column says. “There is no more room for manoeuvre, delay or procrastination in dealing with a crisis that is this generation’s responsibility to address.”

The Financial Times looks at potential solutions to the dire climate predictions. The paper says going beyond net zero to begin to remove carbon from the atmosphere could reduce global warming. But it notes that carbon removal technologies are deemed not to be ready yet to work at the scale required.

The Daily Mirror’s main image is split into four – showing the polar ice caps melting, wildfires, drought and floods. “We’re killing Earth,” it says. Elsewhere, its main story picks up on the BBC Panorama investigation into David Cameron’s financial rewards from Greensill Capital before it went bust.

The world should “wake up to red alert on climate crisis” according to Boris Johnson – who is quoted in the Daily Mirror.

The Times says 49% of A-level results will be A* or A on Tuesday morning. The paper says it has learnt almost half of all results will be the two highest grades – higher than last year amid what it describes as “rampant grade inflation”. Elsewhere, the paper pictures a smiling Queen at Balmoral Castle for her summer stay, which was cancelled last year due to Covid.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has declared that A-level students “deserve” top grades, according to the Daily Telegraph. The paper describes his words as an “attempt to see off criticism about grade inflation”. He writes in the paper that school leavers should be congratulated for their “resilience and determination” amid a year of disruption.

“Pedal of honour” is the Sun’s headline as it reports that Olympic couple Jason and Laura Kenny will become a knight and a dame

The Daily Star has an irreverent take on the news that staff of the online grocer Ocado will be able to work abroad for up to one month a year. Picturing a man lying prone on a sun lounger with a cocktail in hand – its headline asks: “Another tough day at the office dear?”

The Daily Express calls it a “bombshell” wake-up call for the world. Several papers carry the same striking photograph of an elderly woman pictured in despair as wildfires raging on the Greek island of Evia threaten to engulf her home. 

The Guardian calls the science the UN bases its findings on, as “unequivocal” insisting it is this generation’s responsibility to deal with the climate catastrophe – without delay.

Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph reports the government is examining “carrot and stick” proposals to encourage homeowners to switch from gas to green boilers. 

The paper suggests new carbon taxes are being considered on the one hand, alongside the possibility of increasing the £4,000 government “clean heat grant” due to launch next April. 

It says almost half of the A-level results to be awarded later will be As or A-stars, fuelling concerns about grade inflation because of teacher-assessed grading during the pandemic. 

The Telegraph also reports the number of top grades will be higher than last year’s 38%. But Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has written an article for the paper defending the results

Mr Williamson says students deserve the marks they’ve received for their “resilience and determination” in such extraordinary conditions during the pandemic. 

The Daily Mirror claims there is “fury” over “Cameron’s greed” following a report by BBC Panorama that found former Prime Minister David Cameron was paid £7m by the disgraced finance firm, Greensill Capital, before it went bust. 

Mr Cameron had lobbied minister’s on the company’s behalf. A spokesman tells the paper the former PM acted in good faith and there was no wrongdoing.

‘Rip off’ tests

“Covid Tests five times cost of flights” is the Daily Mail’s main headline – based on a study from MPs which brands the process of PCR testing for travel a “rip off”. 

The paper says MP’s looked at the cost of popular trips to European destinations later this month and found return flights to Barcelona and Alicante for just £18 while the typical government-approved PCR test was £93. 

The Mail suggests ministers face increasing pressure to cap the cost of PCR tests to stop would-be holidaymakers being priced out of foreign breaks.

Several papers carry pictures of the GB Olympics squad returning to a heroes’ welcome at Heathrow airport with a haul of medals which included 22 golds. 

“Welcome home… let the party begin” is the caption in the Daily Express as it celebrates the fourth place Britain managed to achieve in the medals table at the Toyko Olympics. 

“Pedal of honour” is the Sun’s front page headline. It quotes “government insiders” suggesting that cycling’s golden couple Jason and Laura Kenny are to be made a Knight and a Dame for their unprecedented success.

Jason’s seven Olympic golds are jostling for space on the mantelpiece with Laura’s five.

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