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June.24, 2021: @acenewsservices

#AceDailyNews says here’s the Newspaper Headlines: Drama aboard HMS Defender, and manslaughter PC as the BBC’s Jonathan Beale was not the only reporter onboard the Royal Naval destroyer HMS Defender yesterday when the Daily Mail says it was “menaced” by Russian jets and ships off the Crimean coast.

Daily Mail Thursday
Several newspapers picture the British warship HMS Defender, which was shadowed by Russian aircraft and ships as it sailed near Crimea. One of the Daily Mail’s journalists was on board at the time and has written an account of how” bursts of cannon fire rang out” as Russian jets “menaced the UK destroyer”. Sailors frantically pulled on flame retardant suits and body armour, the paper adds. It describes it as the “most alarming escalation” of UK-Russian tensions since the Salisbury poisonings.

The Daily Express’s top story is on the annual accounts published by the Royal Family, which show the Prince of Wales carried on supporting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex with money in the months after they stepped back as senior royal and it says it comes after Prince Harry said his family cut him off financially

BBC News:

The Times says Britain has responded defiantly following the military confrontation: Defence Secretary Ben Wallace tells the paper that the Navy “will always uphold the international law of the sea and will not be impeded on innocent passage”. The paper also quotes a defence source as saying: “We chose that route and are free to choose it again.”

The Financial Times reports that Germany and France have called for the EU to engage more closely with Russia, perhaps by inviting President Vladimir Putin to an EU summit: Mr Putin has not attended a summit since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014. “We must keep the channels of communication open,” said German Chancellor Angela Merkel:

The Guardian leads with the verdict in the trial of police officer Benjamin Monk, who was found guilty of the manslaughter of ex-footballer Dalian Atkinson: Mr Atkinson died in 2016 after a stand-off with West Mercia police officers outside his father’s home. The Guardian says it is the first time in 35 years that a British police officer has been convicted of manslaughter while on duty: Mr Atkinson’s family called the verdict a “watershed moment” in the campaign against the use of excessive force by police, the Metro says. The former Aston Villa striker’s family added that they were “hugely relieved the whole country now knows the truth”.

The Daily Telegraph reports that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has “threatened to scupper hopes” of summer holidays in Europe, by urging EU countries to introduce quarantine for Britons: Her comments come as the UK prepares to give an update on its own travel rules, the paper says, and that the Balearic Islands, Malta and some Caribbean islands could be added to the green list:

The i newspaper says that Health Secretary Matt Hancock has a “daunting battle” on the way over the planned Health and Social Care Bill: The paper says part of the bill would return control of NHS England to the health secretary, but it suggests he might face opposition from his own colleagues. It quotes one Conservative MP as saying: “Do I want the secretary of state to have even more power? What do you think?”

The Daily Mirror’s front page is dedicated to some of the positive stories that have come out of the pandemic. It reports on 1,000 small acts of kindness carried out by ordinary Britons. “They’re proof of the warmth and generosity that remains the spirit of our nation,” it says.

There’s more optimism on the front page of the Daily Star. The paper says it has consulted its psychic seagull who has predicted that England will beat Germany in a penalty shootout in next Tuesday’s match. “We’re so confident of his skills we are printing nest weeks P1 today,” the Star adds.

The paper’s defence editor, Mark Nicol, describes cannon shots ringing out as he crouched by the ship’s bridge in what the paper dubs the “minute by drama-drenched minute.”

The Mail says Tom Tugendhat from the foreign affairs committee has accused Moscow of “pathetic grandstanding”.

In its leader column, the Mail dismisses Moscow’s response to the Royal Navy warship off the Crimean coast as a “reckless and provocative act” and urges Nato to stand up to President Putin, whom the paper likens to a “swaggering bully”.

It’s a description echoed by the Daily Express, which calls his “posturing” both “sad… and dangerous.”

The Times focuses on the insistence of the Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, that the Navy will continue sailing in the area. Its analysis suggests that Russia’s actions have “scuttled any hope of resetting its relationship with the West”.

And in its leader, the Times reasons that it “must be right” that the West is ready to assert solidarity with Ukraine and international maritime law, but must do so “with eyes wide open”.

On its front page, the Financial Times reports that Germany and France have proposed resetting EU relations with Moscow. 

Diplomats have suggested that their leaders Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron want to invite Vladimir Putin to a summit, inspired by the Russian president’s meeting with Joe Biden. 

The FT says early discussions have taken place with Kremlin officials.

ReutersHMS Defender was in Istanbul earlier this month

The Daily Mirror says that British troops parachuted into Jordan yesterday in what it calls the “biggest British airdrop in the Middle East since the Suez crisis”. 

About 200 paras took part in the operation, which the Mirror describes as a “land, sea and air show of force against Islamic State and Russia”.

Covid travel

“Herr we go again!” the Sun declares on its front page. 

The paper claims Germany is trying to ban the British from their holiday sun beds, saying their Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged other EU nations to make UK visitors quarantine to stop the spread of the Delta variant.

The Daily Telegraph blames what it calls the UK’s “cautious” approach to travelling abroad for persuading EU leaders that it would be better to keep British tourists out.

The paper says the “holiday hopes of millions” would be wrecked if other EU countries follow Mrs Merkel’s demands. Although the Telegraph concedes that Spain and Greece are unlikely to accept her calls. 

PA MediaThe UK’s rules on foreign travel are set to be reviewed later

And “Herr we go again” is also the headline used by the Daily Express And Daily Star after it was confirmed that England’s football team would face Germany in the Euros: The Express suggests that the final details are still being worked out for what measures will be in place for VIPs arriving in the UK without having to quarantine for the competition’s final.

But the Financial Times suggests the easing of the Covid rules has “sparked outrage among politicians and travel industry figures”.

The Telegraph’s Matt cartoon shows a bride at a dress fitting, saying: “We’re having thirty guests at the reception, plus 2,500 Uefa VIPs.”

On its front page, the Daily Express announces that the Prince of Wales “did support” his son, Prince Harry, after what it calls “Megxit” – when he and his family moved to the United States. The Express is one of several papers to report that Clarence House accounts show the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were given a “substantial sum” last financial year.

The Sun says Prince Charles shared nearly £4.5m between his sons. Its editorial recalls Prince Harry telling Oprah Winfrey that his family literally cut him off. The paper muses whether “that’s what being ‘cut off’ means” to what it calls the “entitled young ex-Royals”.

In a separate royal story, the Daily Telegraph claims that Prince Harry and Meghan turned down the title Earl of Dumbarton for their son, Archie, because it contained the word “dumb”.Sources have told the paper that the couple rejected the Scottish title because of fears their son might be bullied. The Sussexes’ spokeswoman declined to comment: The annual release of the royal accounts comes several months after the duke and duchess made allegations of racism

According to the Guardian, the latest complaint about post-Brexit EU restrictions comes from pigeon fanciers. The paper describes them being “in a flap” because the new rules require cross-Channel pigeons to stay in the EU for 21 days before a race.

And the Telegraph suggests that if aliens exist they could already have been listening to us here on Earth. Astronomers from Cornell University suggest that 29 planets that are potentially habitable are close enough to have received human radio waves. The study’s author asks in the Times whether humanity should make the decision “to send a message”.

The Daily Star looks at the potential time line, saying aliens may have been watching us for 5,000 years, or as it says in its headline: “

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