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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: The Daily Telegraph raises questions about how NHS England classifies people who are in hospital with #coronavirus and U.K. government add a vaccine passport to the NHS app to allow people to not self-isolate but to be able to travel, but will those ‘saying they are protecting private data’ try to prevent it being used’ ? We shall see NEXT !

July.31, 2021: @acenewsservices

Metro front page
Some of the papers feature stories on Covid passports and compulsory vaccination in the wake of tech firms such as Google requiring staff to be fully jabbed before returning to the office. “Get the vacc or face the sack” is Metro’s headline, reporting that ministers are “looking carefully” at whether new employment laws are needed.

No jab, no job” is the Daily’s Mail’s take on the story, which says Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has backed the ultimatum by businesses in the US as a “smart policy”. The paper says ministers have also been accused of introducing vaccine passports “by stealth” after the NHS app was “quietly tweaked” to include certification which can be used to prove vaccination status at venues.

BBC News: Staff:

The i newspaper focuses on the coronavirus traffic light system for travel abroad, saying that ministers are considering a new “amber watchlist” category of countries which are at risk of being switched at short notice to the red list, requiring 10 days’ quarantine. The paper says it would mean replacing the so-called “amber-plus” category, which was used this month to place tougher restrictions on France.

“Travel rules descend into French farce” says the Times, as it reports on the impact of France’s amber-plus designation – which means even fully vaccinated travellers to the UK must quarantine. The paper says France has called the rule discriminatory and scientifically unfounded, while Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said it had been imposed because of cases of the more vaccine-resistant Beta variant in Reunion – a French territory 6,000 miles away.

The Daily Express says revenge for Brexit is the reason why fully vaccinated travellers from the UK to EU may still have to quarantine on arrival. The paper quotes “insiders” saying the restrictions are due to “frustration” with the UK’s “tough stance” in ongoing talks about post-Brexit trade.

Britain is “winning the Covid fight”, the Daily Mirror concludes, after Deputy Chief Medical Office Jonathan Van-Tam claimed vaccines had saved 60,000 lives and prevented 22 million infections. The paper also says some scientists believe the UK is “close to a form of herd immunity”, referring to the point where infections continue to fall without any restrictive measures.

The Daily Telegraph’s lead story says that Covid-19 hospital admission figures may be misleading, after official data revealed that one in four patients were actually admitted for another reason and their infection was picked up by routine testing in hospital. The paper says decisions to restrict freedoms – such as the delay over the 21 June reopening – may have been made on these inflated statistics.

A quarter of donations to the Conservative Party have come from individuals and companies in the property sector, the Financial Times reports, a figure which has more than doubled under Boris Johnson as he aims to shake up the planning system. The paper says the £18m of donations came from property developers, financiers and investors as well as hoteliers and residential care home owners.

The Guardian’s lead story focuses on a report by MPs which criticises police failure to stamp out racial injustice in the ranks – 22 years after the Macpherson report identified “institutional racism” in the Metropolitan Police. The paper says MPs accused police and successive governments of “systemic” failings, leading to injustices such as stop and search being used against black people to an unfair degree.

And the Daily Star reports on a scientific study – carried out in mice – which showed that harmless nano-particles could be injected, steered to the testicles using magnets and heated to 40C to prevent sperm being produced, as a form of contraception. Or, as the paper puts it: “Zapping your nuts stops pregnancies”.

Senior Tory backbenchers, such as Sir Iain Duncan Smith, tell the paper they’re worried misleading data has led to “flawed decision-making”. 

The Department of Health says the latest, more nuanced, data on hospitalisations was actually requested by the new Health Secretary Sajid Javid, and the total number of patients with Covid remains a crucial indicator of pressure on the NHS.

The i newspaper reports there could soon be a new “amber watchlist” for travel, which would allow ministers to switch destinations like Spain to the red list at short notice.

This would replace the “amber plus” list – currently affecting France – which requires quarantine even for fully vaccinated arrivals. 

The Daily Express says the EU is poised to start what it calls a vengeful “travel war”, because of frustrations with the UK’s tough stance on post-Brexit trade.

The “travel rules have descended into a French farce”, according to the Times, seizing on comments by Foreign Secretary Dominic Rabb to the BBC on Thursday. 

He said the restrictions were a result of the prevalence of the Beta variant in “the Reunion bit of France” – even though that’s a territory thousands of miles away. 

This is like “hammering British holidaymakers because of an outbreak on the Falkland Islands”, a Brittany Ferries spokesman is reported to have said, wondering “if those in the centre of power have access to an atlas or a geography GCSE between them”. 

The Times says a senior government source now says Mr Raab was “mistaken”, and the decision on France related to cases on the mainland.

“Get the vacc or risk the sack” is Metro’s headline, after the foreign secretary also said he was sympathetic to vaccine passports at work. 

But vegans could be exempted from any such rules, according to the Daily Telegraph, after ethical veganism was deemed a “protected characteristic” at a tribunal last year. 

A law firm tells the paper some vegans may disagree with jabs, on the basis they will inevitably have been tested on animals. 

The Daily Mail reports ministers have been accused of introducing vaccine passports “by stealth”, after tweaking the NHS app to include “domestic” certification.

It adds ministers have signed a 12-month Covid passport contract with a technology company called Entrust, raising concerns about how long we will be forced to have the pass on our phones.

“Sorry Geronimo, you’ve got to go”, is a headline in the Daily Mail, which says the High Court has ordered an alpaca with tuberculosis to be put down. According to the paper, Gloucestershire farmer Helen Macdonald spent £20,000 in legal fees to save the alpaca, who had won prizes in his native New Zealand for his jet-black wool. Helen Macdonald. She claims two positive skin tests he received in 2017 were unreliable and the “bovine equivalent of a lateral flow test”. The judge rejects this, with mere suspicion of the disease being the legal standard.But Geronimo’s execution warrant has been delayed until Thursday, the paper says, to give Miss Macdonald more time with him – and a chance for the alpaca to enjoy his last meal of grass pellets, which he “adores”

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