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July.30, 2021: @acenewsservices

#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: One step too far or travel ‘hope’ and health risk over quarantine end as the words “Britain’s back in business,” declares the Daily Mail, as it welcomes the scrapping of quarantine for vaccinated travellers from the US and much of Europe but will it be a hollow victory for those taking the chance to travel again ? Only time will tell with over 20,000 cases of #COVID19 per day still as it shows here 28/07/21 ….

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Daily Mail front page
With many papers covering the relaxation of travel rules, the Daily Mail’s headline strikes a triumphant note: “Britain’s back in business!” It says cruises are sailing again, travel from the EU and US is opening up and the West End is set to reopen. The celebratory mood is completed with an image of Olympic dressage rider Charlotte Dujardin celebrating her record sixth medal, wrapped in the Union flag.

The Daily Express offers a similar take: “Welcome back! Britain opens up for business”. The paper says the “ailing tourism industry” was given a £31bn boost by the relaxation of travel rules for fully vaccinated visitors from the EU and US.

BBC News: Staff:

The decision to open up further to travellers from the EU and US raises hopes that holiday destinations such as Italy and France will soon be accessible to British holidaymakers, the i newspaper reports.

“Doubly jabbly” is the Metro’s headline as the paper considers two benefits of being fully vaccinated. As well as travellers from the EU and US being able to avoid quarantine in Britain, the paper says workers who have had both jabs will soon be exempt from isolation or testing requirements if they come into contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Transport Secretary Grant Shapps “expects” that the US will drop its travel ban on UK visitors, following Britain’s relaxation of travel rules. It says diplomatic pressure is intensifying, but hopes that Washington and Brussels would open their borders at the same time “looked to have failed” on Tuesday night.

A note of caution is sounded in the Times, which says ministers received official warnings that plans to reopen the borders to travellers carried a “clear public health risk”. It says the change for vaccinated travellers is expected to be opened to other nations, but officials are concerned that it raises the prospect of “lower quality vaccines undermining Britain’s immunity”.

The Guardian also highlights concerns from Labour about another new coronavirus variant being imported. Its lead story says that lawyers for the Queen lobbied Scottish ministers to exempt her from a draft law, making her the only landowner not required to help facilitate the construction of pipelines to heat buildings using renewable energy.

An image of the “unlikely” face of a £4.2m jewel raid, in which diamonds were swapped for worthless pebbles, gives the Daily Mirror its lead. The unassuming grey-haired, spectacle-wearing woman prompts the paper to declare it a “gran larceny”.

“Cowell wields axe” is the Sun’s headline, as it reports the showbiz mogul is bringing X-Factor to an end after 17 years. The paper quotes an insider saying the singing contest had become “slightly stale”.

And the Daily Star reports on a study by scientists which suggests northern accents are dying out and could disappear altogether within decades. “Northern fowk are right vexed at ‘t egg ‘eds who say ‘appen we’ll be spekkin’ southern in a bit,” the paper says.

The Daily Express calculates that the decision will give the tourism industry a £31bn boost. 

The i newspaper says it raises hopes that UK holidaymakers will soon be able to travel to France and Italy, while sources tell the Daily Telegraph about lobbying efforts to persuade the US to reciprocate and lift its banon British travellers. 

The Times focuses on reports that officials were told the move posed a “clear public health risk”. The Guardian says that ministers were warned it could help import new Covid variants

The relaxation of the rules receives less coverage in the American papers. The Washington Post mentions the change in a single line in an article about Europe opening up, adding that the US government has advised travellers to avoid the UK. 

The New York Times notes that there are few clues as to when the British will be allowed into the States, despite calls from within the US travel industry and from some public health experts.

The Financial Times pictures city workers jumping over puddles in Wednesday’s downpours – extreme weather that COP26 Coalition, a group formed ahead of the climate conference, says shows the vulnerability of the UK’s infrastructure.

The Times says the head of the Royal Meteorological Society suggests even if the world meets UN global warming targets, Britain will continue to experience such rainfall and regular 40C heatwaves

The Daily Telegraph says the housing secretary is to be given more powers to block “inappropriate development” on land threatened by flooding. 

Online, the Independent reports on what it calls a “growing cabinet split” over China’s role in the UK electric car industry. Senior Conservatives have raised concerns that some areas are too sensitive to allow for investment.

The papers celebrate some of the British Olympic successes, with many picturing a smiling Charlotte Dujardin on their front pages. 

“Charli rides into history,” says the Daily Mirror, noting the “equestrian star’s record medal haul”.

The Guardian focuses on what it says is the near parity between the number of female and male competitors in the games. But it suggests much more needs to be done, saying the withdrawal of the gymnast, Simone Biles, from two events highlights the pressure and double standards female athletes face.

The Sun’s front page reports that after 17 years, Simon Cowell is axing the X-Factor. Sources suggest he plans to focus on a big-money gameshow. The paper lists some of the acts the ITV show has launched, from One Direction, to Olly Murs and Little Mix.And several papers pick up on a study suggesting that northern accents may start dying out within the next 45 years.

The Daily Star registers its alarm, with the headline: “Chuffing ‘eck!” Or, as the Daily Telegraph puts it: “Why northern children of the future will talk like reet southern softies”

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