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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines you may have missed we are opening up according to many papers today as a meeting of senior ministers to discuss allowing fully vaccinated travellers from the EU and the US to enter England without quarantining makes the lead for several of the papers but Biden and Von-der Leyen are not opening fully yet though cases in the U.K. as of Monday from PHE stood still at 20,000 plus case of #COVID19 per day here’s todays from 28th July 2021 ….

July.29, 2021: @acenewsservices

The Times front page
Several of the papers report that ministers plan to allow fully vaccinated travellers from the EU and US to avoid quarantine. The Times says the rule change is planned for England after Prime Minister Boris Johnson became concerned the EU is ahead of Britain in reopening to international travel.

Covering the same story, the Guardian says it would mean people vaccinated in the US and EU would be able to travel from amber list countries to the UK without quarantining, as UK citizens can. The paper is also one of several to feature an image of US gymnast Simone Biles after she pulled out of an Olympic final due to mental health pressures, alongside the quote: “We are people at the end of the day”.

BBC News: Staff:

“Freedom for the double jabbed as UK reopens to the world” is the Daily Telegraph’s take on the relaxation of quarantine rules. The paper also says that from 16 August fully vaccinated Britons will not need to take a test if they come into contact with someone with Covid, unless they develop symptoms themselves. Previously it was said the test would be required to avoid self-isolation.

“Covid is all over bar the shouting” is the confident assessment of one senior minister, according to the Daily Mail’s front page headline. The paper says despite Mr Johnson’s warnings that it was “premature” to assume Covid was beaten following seven days of falling cases, the senior minister says “Covid is on the point of becoming something you live with”.

The Daily Express features a more sober – but still hopeful – prognosis from key government pandemic adviser Prof Neil Ferguson, who suggests the “bulk of the pandemic” will be behind us by October. The paper renames the man formerly known as Professor Lockdown as “Professor Upbeat” in the light of his new assessment.

“Too late to get the jab” is how Metro headlines the story of a vaccine sceptic from Bradford who initially refused a jab and then told doctors he wished he could “turn back time” after being admitted to hospital with Covid-19. He died on Monday after two weeks in a coma, as doctors warn of a wave of young, unvaccinated patients.

The front page of the Financial Times focuses on the impact of the unequal access to vaccines worldwide, with the International Monetary Fund warning of a “faultline” in the global recovery, separating countries with highly vaccinated populations and those who face resurgent infections and rising death tolls because of scarce access to jabs.

“Betrayed” is the stark headline on the front of the Daily Mirror, as the paper focuses on the report of an inquiry into a “cover-up culture” over the abuse of children in what it calls one of Britain’s worst care home scandals. More than 1,800 children were victims as council staff in south London put vulnerable young people “in the path of paedophiles”, the paper says.

And the Daily Star issues its own gold medal – to “elite egg and spoon athlete Piers Morgan”. The paper offers the TV presenter a medal for “biggest numpty” and calls him a “top-class loser” after he criticised silver and bronze medals at the Olympics, saying “no real champion” would feel comfortable with a trophy for second or third place.

The Daily Telegraph says it’s understood that the chancellor and other ministers believe stopping inward tourism and business trips is harming the economy when most of Europe has reopened

According to the Times, Boris Johnson is said to have become concerned that the EU is ahead of Britain in enabling international travel, and that the UK risks “squandering its vaccine bonus”. 

The Guardian reports that conversations will also be taking place between Whitehall and the devolved administrations about whether the change would apply to all four UK nations.

For its main news, the Daily Mail reports that a senior minister has said Covid’s grip on the UK is “all over bar the shouting”.

It quotes the unnamed minister as saying: “Of course we have to guard against the emergence of some terrible new variant. But otherwise Covid is on the point of becoming something you live with”. 

The paper says Boris Johnson’s warning that it’s “premature” to assume Covid is beaten comes as many of his colleagues privately think the nation is firmly on the road to recovery.

The Daily Express also strikes a positive note on its front page, reporting a prediction by the scientist Prof Neil Ferguson that the “bulk” of the pandemic in Britain will be behind us by October. 

These were words we longed to hear, the paper’s leader writer says. 

The i newspaper says the nurses’ union, the Royal College of Nursing, is to hold a “summer of action” over the government’s 3% pay offer

A series of demonstrations will be staged through the summer in England and Wales, with the public invited to show their support. 

Alongside the protests, the RCN plans to hold a consultative ballot on industrial action, which could be followed by a formal vote, the paper adds.

The Daily Telegraph reports that police have bought up small boats in an effort to curb the Channel migrant crossings. The paper says it understands the move is aimed at denying smuggling gangs access to them, and pushing up prices in order to break their commercial model: It says boats are in such demand that the National Crime Agency has uncovered networks of organised gangs buying them in the UK, then sending them to traffickers in France.

Finally visitors to London’s newest attraction are being offered refunds – a day after it opened. The Guardian says the Marble Arch Mound was supposed to boast glorious views of the capital from a lush, human-made hill. But, the Sun says, the muddy pile was nothing like the original vision. In the Daily Telegraph’s words, visitors were left with something they felt resembled a molehill more than a mountain. According to the Daily Express, complaints flooded in of the area smelling like bins, unsightly scaffolding left up and the light display not working. The Times says Westminster Council – which commissioned the project – apologised and blamed “teething problems”. The Daily Mail’s headline reads: “Sorry if you think our mound’s a heap of rubbish”

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