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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Metro uses the same striking image, this time with the headline: “Golden bawls”. The paper says “hero” Daley’s medal was his first Olympic gold, coming on the day swimmer Adam Peaty and mountain biker Tom Pidcock also struck gold for Team GB Pure gold’ at Olympics and Boris Johnson leaves isolation with and tags for burglars plan using tech data …..

July.28, 2021: @acenewsservices

The Guardian front page
Many of the papers lead with images of Britain’s victorious Olympians, with the Guardian choosing a photo of diving gold medallist Tom Daley with tears in his eyes. Next to his picture is a headline drawn from Daley’s emotional words: “I’m proud to say I am a gay man, and also an Olympic champion”.

Team GB’s gold medallists are on all the front pages, with pride of place going to Tom Daley, who has finally tasted Olympic glory, as the Daily Telegraph puts it.

BBC News: Staff:

“Pool’s gold” is the Daily Mirror’s headline, highlighting the aquatic triumphs of champion divers Tom Daley and Matty Lee, as well as 100m breaststroke winner Adam Peaty. Along with the mountain biking title, the paper says Team GB’s “gold rush” has begun.

The Daily Telegraph calls it “magic Monday” in its headline, alongside an image of Tom Daley joyfully embracing his diving partner. But the paper’s main story is about the government’s plans to tackle crime, which include forcing burglars who have served a year or more in prison to be fitted with a GPS tag on release.

“PM gets tough on burglars” is the Times’s take on the same story, which says Boris Johnson is trying to shift the focus of his premiership from the pandemic. As well as wearing tags, offenders will be made to do unpaid work such as cleaning streets and limitations on stop and search will be relaxed permanently.

The Daily Mail’s front page quotes from a comment article written for it by Home Secretary Priti Patel, in which she says the public want to see “yobs pay back to the communities they’ve blighted”. “Priti: I’ll make yobs clean the streets,” is the headline.

The Daily Express leads with a story about assaults faced by police, with the paper saying there were 20,000 such incidents during the pandemic. “Police are nation’s ‘punch bag'” is the headline, based on a quote by West Yorkshire Police Chief Constable John Robins.

Next to an image of Daley and Lee appearing suspended in midair during their winning dive, the FT’s lead story focuses on a less successful attempt at synchronisation. An attempt to create the world’s biggest insurance broker worth $30bn by merging Aon and Willis Towers Watson has ended after the US government sued to block the deal.

And the Daily Star pleads for someone to give Harrison Ford a call, in his guise as Indiana Jones, amid a claim that the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail are both buried under a “crumbling country estate in, er, Burton-on-Trent”.

For the i newspaper, Daley is the “baby of Beijing” who has finally come of age – a reference to his first appearance at an Olympics in 2008. 

The Times describes the medals as a gold rush on Magic Monday, with Britain regaining its Olympic fever. The Daily Mail says our Team GB heroes gave the nation something to smile about amid the Covid misery.

PA Media: Boris Johnson’s strategy for fighting crime in England and Wales makes the lead for several papers.

The Times and the Daily Telegraph focus on his plans to put electronic tags on more burglars, robbers and thieves after their jail sentences, to track their movements and cut re-offending

The Daily Mail gives prominence to another measure: a pledge by the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, to make criminals clean up streets and green spaces to ensure that, in her words, justice is seen to be done.

The Daily Express highlights remarks by West Yorkshire Chief Constable John Robins, that frontline police are treated like Britain’s “punchbag”. 

Writing in the paper, he says officers “are punched, kicked, pushed and spat at every day”. 

He appeals for cross-government support for what he calls a “meaningful” police covenant, under which officers and staff are looked after by the state. 

Mr Robins also expresses disappointment that police working on the frontline of the pandemic “have not been deemed worthy of a pay rise”.

For its main story, the Guardian says Downing Street remains cautious about declaring a turning point in the pandemic, despite a significant drop in Covid cases for the sixth day in a row. 

It says the fall cannot be fully explained by scientists yet. 

The sharply declining numbers intrigue many papers. “Has the third wave peaked already?” the Sun asks

“So why are infections plunging… and will they go up again?” the Daily Mail wonders.

According to the Daily Telegraph, civil servants in Scotland are to be encouraged to add pronouns to their email sign-offs under plans for a transgender inclusivity drive. It says the Scottish government is backing proposals that would ask its 8,000 workers to take a “pronoun pledge” under which they would add terms reflecting their gender identity, such as she/her or he/him. However, the paper adds that an internal survey found that almost 60% of staff were opposed to the idea, with comments such as “stupid” and “authoritarian”.

Finally, the Times reports that horseflies are enjoying a population explosion this summer, fuelled by the combination of hot sun and rain. It warns that the bite of females can cause allergic reactions and skin infections, requiring hospital treatment.The British Pest Control Association tells the paper the creatures are drawn to cool water, and householders should drain paddling pools and remove standing water to deter them.

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