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July.21, 2021: @acenewsservices

#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: ‘Gunboat Diplomacy’ over illegal immigrants being sent from many areas of France NOW Belgium and Europe with huge payments made to ‘Organised Crime Networks’ to take their money and put them in danger …..

The Times front page 21/07/21
Many of the front pages focus on the number of migrants crossing the English Channel, after at least 430 made the crossing on Monday – a record for a single day. The Times says almost 1,000 have made the 21-mile journey in the past three days, as smugglers took advantage of the good weather.

The Daily Mail focuses on efforts to stop the migrants making the journey, highlighting that Home Secretary Priti Patel has agreed to give France another £54m to prevent crossings being attempted. The paper says the “controversial” agreement will see policing numbers along the French coast more than double to 200.

BBC News: Staff:

“Patel pays French £54m to do their job”, is the Daily Express’s take on the same payment to the French authorities.

“Gunboat diplomacy” is the headline for the Metro. The paper says France provoked “fury” when one of its warships escorted an overcrowded dinghy into British waters – on the same day it signed a new pact with the UK to work together to solve the crisis.

Covid of course remains the focus for many other front pages. The i reports that the prime minister has been warned he should be prepared to act in the first week of August if easing restrictions in England backfires. Experts on the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies have urged ministers to bring back rules including compulsory face masks if hospital admissions rise quickly, according to the paper.

Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph says some cabinet ministers are calling for more workers to be exempt from isolating if they come into close contact with someone who tests positive for Covid. The prime minister has announced that “critical” workers will be able to continue to travel to their job if they test negative. But the paper says some ministers want the exemption to be open to more employees – including supermarket staff and hospitality workers.

The Daily Mirror focuses on the impact of self-isolation rules on school children, reporting that more than one million pupils missed school last week. The paper says the figure is expected to rise this week and also hit the autumn term unless action is taken.

The Financial Times says the UK is set to put itself on “a collision course” with the EU by unveiling new demands which the paper says would “radically overhaul” post-Brexit trading arrangements between Britain and Northern Ireland. Cabinet Office Minister Lord Frost will outline a strategy that seeks to eliminate most checks on the Irish Sea trade border that came into force in January, the FT reports.

The Guardian leads with more revelations from its investigation into Pegasus – a spying tool developed by the company NSO. The paper says a leaked database – which it believes to be indicative of individuals identified as persons of interest by government clients of NSO – includes the mobile numbers of French president Emmanuel Macron and 13 other heads of state or government. The appearance of a number on the list does not mean it was subject to an attempted or successful hack and NSO insists it has “no relevance” to the company. It says Mr Macron was not a “target” of any of its customers.

Finally, the Daily Star jokes that it has got a “sneaky peek” at the Duke of Sussex’s memoir, which is due to be published next year. For several months now the paper has been making satirical gags about Prince Harry, whom it regularly dubs the “world’s shyest man” because of his complaints about media intrusion by the tabloids. Today is no different. as the Star’s exclusive is that the book’s content will read “Me! Me! Me!”

The Timesthe Mail and the Express lead with the news that the UK is to pay the French government another £54m to increase patrols of beaches in northern France aimed at preventing migrants from crossing the English Channel to get to Britain. 

The Mail says the deal came as chaotic scenes emerged of a French navy vessel apparently ushering an overcrowded dinghy into British waters early on Tuesday.

The papers also report that the number of migrants making the crossing has reached nearly 8,500 – surpassing, they say, the figure for the whole of 2020.

PA MediaAt least 430 migrants crossed the English Channel to the UK on Monday

The government’s plans to change the post-Brexit trading arrangements between Britain and Northern Ireland, makes the lead for the Financial Times

It says the UK is putting itself on a “collision course” with the EU by unveiling new demands that would seek to eliminate most checks on the Irish Sea trade border.

According to the paper, the proposals are expected to include an “honesty box” approach, where companies that say their goods are destined only for sale and use in Northern Ireland should be exempt from checks on the Irish Sea border.

For its main story, the Telegraph says Boris Johnson is being warned by cabinet ministers to exempt more workers from self-isolation or face a wave of supermarket, Post Office and restaurant closures. It says there are concerns the prime minister has not gone far enough with exemptions, given that scores of major industries are unlikely to benefit from the scheme. One cabinet minister tells the paper that binmen and other public service workers should be included.

The Mirror leads with official figures revealing that more than a million pupils missed class last week as the “pingdemic” gripping England sparked chaos in schools. It says the record number is expected to be even higher this week as the “pinging mayhem” hammers schools.Getty ImagesSupermarkets are among the businesses being affected by large number of staff being told to self-isolate…

The i says scientists advising ministers in England have urged the government to bring back measures – such as compulsory face masks and advice to work from home – in the first week of August if Covid hospital admissions rise quickly. The paper says they argue that early intervention would prevent the NHS becoming swamped in a late summer crisis and leave the UK in a better place for the autumn.Several papers report that Boris Johnson has delayed plans to overhaul social care until the autumn.

According to the Sun, leaked plans to put up National Insurance to pay for the changes were widely criticised. It says Tory MPs were livid that manifesto commitments not to increase tax were being ripped up.

Finally, the first Morecambe and Wise Show to air on BBC One – feared lost for ever – has been unearthed after 50 years.

The Mirror reports that Eric Morecambe’s son, Gary, found a film of the episode in the attic. Despite getting 14 million viewers, the half-hour show – broadcast in October 1970 – has never been repeated. ITV will show the footage as part of its Lost Tapes series.

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