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June.22, 2021: @acenewsservices

#AceDailyNews says here are the Headlines: #COVID19 chaos at Euros, and blow to foreign holidays and now hugging football players have possibly infected and spread the virus as vaccine programme has ramped up to vaccinate everybody contacted ASAP

The Sun Tuesday
The news that Scotland footballer Billy Gilmour has tested positive for Covid and will miss the team’s match against Croatia tonight makes the front of a few papers, including the Sun. It also means “Covid chaos” for England’s camp, the Sun says, as players Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell – who are Gilmour’s teammates at Chelsea – were seen hugging him on the pitch after England v Scotland last Friday.

BBC News says …….

The Metro says Gilmour’s positive test has “rocked” Euro 2020, with Chilwell and Mount now in doubt for England’s match tonight. The paper says the ruling that Gilmour must quarantine for 10 days, but the rest of the Scotland team do not have to self-isolate, has left many people confused. It quotes one parent asking why a whole school class has to isolate if a pupil tests positive, but the Scottish team can still play.

The Daily Mirror calls it a “Covid crisis”, warning that Mount and Chilwell might have to miss the game against the Czech Republic later. The paper says that as well as hugs, Mount and Chilwell had a 25-minute chat with “virus Scot” Gilmour in the tunnel.

A photo of Gilmour and Mount embracing on Friday after England and Scotland’s clash makes the front of the Telegraph. But the paper’s top story is on its interview with the Lord Chief Justice – the head of the judiciary in England and Wales – who has warned of the “deeply damaging” delays in the justice system because of the pandemic. He has suggested juries be made smaller to help clear the backlog, questioning whether some low-grade cases need 12 jurors.

The i newspaper focuses on Boris Johnson’s remarks about the prospect of foreign travel, which it describes as a “blow” to summer holidays. Alongside a photo of what looks like a sunny European beach scene, the paper says the PM warned that British holidaymakers cannot expect restriction-free foreign travel until next year. “I want to stress this is going to be a difficult year for travel”, the PM said.

But the Times’s top story is more positive about foreign holidays. It says ministers are set to announce an overhaul of travel restrictions on Thursday, and plans could be revealed to allow fully vaccinated travellers to be exempt from the 10-day quarantine for amber list countries. However government sources have downplayed hopes that many countries will be added to the green list and say it will be only a “handful”, the paper adds.

A new report from MPs on the education committee makes the front of the Guardian. The report has found white working-class pupils have been let down by decades of neglect in the education system in England, and also said that terminology like “white privilege” is divisive. But the paper calls the report “controversial” and quotes critics – including one member of the committee behind the report – as suggesting that it is being used to try and create a culture war.

The Daily Mail leads with criticism of Mr Johnson, after his meeting with the chancellor and the health secretary about social care was reportedly cancelled. The paper says he has “again put off his promise to fix the broken care system” and No 10 has axed the meeting, which was supposed to happen later today. Charities and campaigners have accused him of cowardice and warned every week of “dithering” means thousands more pensioners not getting help, the paper adds.

The Daily Express leads with a leaked memo that reportedly suggests the EU wants to cut the amount of British TV and film being shown in Europe. The EU wants lots more TV made in the bloc, the Express says. It calls it an “act of revenge for Brexit” and such a move would be a “hammer blow” to the UK entertainment industry that is boosted by selling international rights to shows.

The Daily Star leads with comments by former Weakest Link presenter Anne Robinson, who is the new host of Countdown. The paper says she has “declared war on wokes” and has expressed opinions on several issues, including opposition to statues being removed.

Tuesday’s Financial Times has an interview with Armin Laschet, the frontrunner in the race to succeed Angela Merkel as Germany’s chancellor. Mr Laschet spoke to the FT about China, saying it needs to be considered a partner of Western countries as much as a rival. There are three months to go until the federal elections when Ms Merkel is set to stand down.

The front pages have contrasting headlines on the prospects for holidays abroad. 

For the i newspaper, it is: “Summer holiday blow for foreign travel”. It highlights Boris Johnson’s warning that “this is going to be a difficult year for travel”. 

But the Times raises hopes with its headline: “Quarantine rules will be dropped for fully jabbed”. 

It says that, from August, people who have had both Covid vaccine doses will not have to isolate at home for 10 days after returning from amber list countries, under government plans to rescue summer breaks. 

The Sun says Germans have greater freedom to travel and have been hitting the beaches in Spain while frustrated Britons are stuck at home in the cold and rain. “Give us a break, PM”, the paper’s headline pleads.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reports that ministers are looking at whether vaccine passports could be used to keep pubs, restaurants and theatres open if Covid cases rise dramatically this winter. 

It says ministers expect “Covid certification” to become commonplace at mass events where people would otherwise have to take a Covid test to gain entry. 

A Whitehall source tells the paper that the scheme could also be used to keep open a much wider range of smaller venues if ministers have to consider lockdown restrictions.

ReutersBritish travellers to Benidorm will, like most of Europe, need to self-isolate on their return

There is deep frustration at Boris Johnson’s decision to cancel a meeting with the chancellor and the health secretary planned for today to discuss how to reform social care in England.

The Daily Mail says campaigners have criticised the prime minister, with its headline: “That’s not care – it’s cowardice.”

The paper says Mr Johnson is believed to support a £50,000 lifetime cap on the costs of care to shield pensioners from catastrophic bills. But, it adds, the chancellor is concerned about having to find £10bn a year to pay for this. 

And the Mail reminds its readers that it’s nearly two years since the prime minister stood on the steps of Downing Street and declared he had a “clear plan” to fix the broken care system. 

“So where is it?” the paper asks. “Once again, we are promised decisive action; once again, we get only dither and delay – and the betrayal of the elderly goes on,” the paper says.

The Guardian says ministers face increasing pressure to not just come up with a plan for the sector, but to devote sufficient spending to ensure it is not routine for people’s savings to be eaten up by social care costs in old age…………So what is your social care plan, Boris?” the Sun asks. “If not now, when?” is the question from the Times.

The Times says Mr Johnson is blocking rises for income tax, VAT and national insurance to pay for social care, making it “extremely difficult” for the chancellor to find the £10bn pounds needed: It says Rishi Sunak has told the prime minister he will fund far-reaching reforms to social care only if Johnson agrees at the same time to raise taxes to pay for it.

Daily Telegraph leads on an interview with the Lord Chief Justice, in which he suggests that juries should be made smaller to help clear the number of outstanding Crown Court trials. The paper says the backlog of cases has gone up by 50% since March 2020 to more than 57,000 – blamed by Lord Burnett on a decade of budget cuts and exacerbated by the pandemic. “Do some of the low-grade cases that go to the Crown Court really need as many as 12 jurors?” he asks: Euros latestA number of papers report that the government and UEFA – European football’s governing body – is close to a compromise that would lift the threat of moving the Euro 2020 final from Wembley to another European city.

The Times says ministers had been unwilling to allow quarantine exemptions for 2,500 VIPs from amber list countries. The requirement is now likely to be dropped, though they may have to remain in a bubble. Under the deal, the paper adds, about 65,000 fans would be admitted for the semi-finals and final – a significant increase on the 45,000 previously allowed.

The Daily Mirror and the Sun lead on the news that the England players Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell are self-isolating after being in close contact with the Scotland player, Billy Gilmour. The Mirror says pictures were taken of the three players on the pitch after last week’s Euro 2020 game between the two sides. But, it adds, the potential Covid rule breach came when the three of them had a 25-minute chat in the tunnel: The Sun says the England camp has been hit by “Covid chaos”………….PA Media: Scotland’s Billy Gilmour – here with England’s Mason Mount – has tested positive for Covid:

For its main story, the Daily Express says the EU is planning to drastically cut the amount of British TV and film content shown in Europe, in an “act of revenge” for Brexit. According to the paper, Brussels believes the dominance of British shows such as Doctor Who, Downton Abbey and The Crown is a threat to Europe’s “cultural diversity” The Guardian says the reduction is a blow to the UK entertainment industry and the country’s “soft power” abroad.

The Mail says TV and film could join a list of other disputes between Britain and the EU, such as fishing waters and sausages.

Finally, the Telegraph has been studying the government’s new guidance for weddings in England of more than 30 people.It require the organisers to complete a risk assessment form beforehand, with the threat of £10,000 fines if guests break social distancing rules. The paper says it puts the onus on the hosts – who “may be the couple” – to ensure Covid-compliance. Imagine the happy day, the paper wonders. The bride is half-way down the aisle when she stops to remonstrate with a guest who’s not wearing a face mask, before checking that the hand sanitiser is prominently displayed. Only then does she continue her journey to matrimonial bliss.

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