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July.17, 2021: @acenewsservices

#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: French holiday last minute changes to quarantine advice for travellers arriving from across the Channel features on several of Saturday’s front pages and as ‘Day OF Freedom’ approaches for opening up, so does the #COVID19 case numbers with todays at over 50,000 …..

And Delta variants at …..

So will opening up mean restrictions or will it mean only for some not others and will opening soon become closing down parts of England from Europe and preventing international travel …

The Daily Mail front page 17 July 2021
The Daily Mail joins several papers to lead with the “French holiday chaos” after a last-minute change to the quarantine advice for those crossing the Channel. From Monday, fully vaccinated people returning from amber countries – except France – will not have to isolate for 10 days. France is on the amber list, but ministers said the easing would not apply due to concerns over the Beta variant, first identified in South Africa. The Mail says thousands of Britons’ holiday plans have been “ruined” following the “shock” rule change.

BBC News: Staff:

The Daily Telegraph says there is “no way for Britons in France to escape the change in policy” due to quarantine restrictions that are still in place until Monday. The paper comments that the latest change could undermine British efforts to persuade foreign countries to drop quarantine requirements for double-jabbed arrivals from the UK before next month.

According to the Guardian, ministers were divided over official advice presented to them by the Joint Biosecurity Centre on Wednesday, which suggested France should be added to the rest list. If done, only British citizens and nationals would be allowed to enter England and then pay to quarantine in a hotel. The paper adds that ministers decided against the move “because of the significant diplomatic and political repercussions”.

France has effectively been placed in a new category between the amber and red list, the Times says. An estimated 500,000 Britons who were due to travel in or through the country this weekend will be affected by the rule change, the paper adds. Quarantine exemptions for hauliers and other essential workers will continue. The new restrictions on French travel comes as more than 50,000 daily coronavirus cases were reported in the UK for the first time since mid-January on Friday.

Amid the rise in cases, Boris Johnson’s lifting of most restrictions in England next week have been condemned by health experts globally, who have called it “a threat to the world”, according to the FT Weekend. The paper notes that the UK has the highest number of cases of any country – below only Indonesia and Brazil. Some experts are worried the UK could become a breeding ground for variants, the FT adds. Although Health Secretary Sajid Javid originally indicated there is “no going back”, Lucy Frazer, the solicitor general, has said the government will consider introducing further restrictions if the situation escalates.

The i Weekend also says the world is watching Mr Johnson’s “gamble” ahead of lockdown restrictions lifting in England on Monday, with infection rates expected to overtake the highest ever recorded by the government “within days”. The paper adds that doctors fear Britain could experience a “Covid explosion” after rules are relaxed in England. Meanwhile, police, firefighters, supermarket staff and meat packers could become exempt from staying home if contacted by Test and Trace, according to paper.

That’s amid a so-called “pingdemic” as people are contacted by the NHS Test and Trace app. “Oh burger!” is the Sun’s headline as the paper reports that thousands of meat factory employees have been alerted, forcing them off work and potentially placing barbecues in jeopardy.

And the Daily Star leads with the hot temperatures due to hit parts of the UK on Monday, saying “here comes Bermuda blast”. Temperatures are due to reach 32C, the paper says – just in time for “Freedom Day”.

The rising temperature has led to a health alert being issued in Britain, the Daily Express reports, as the country braces for a “sizzling start” to the school holidays.

“French holiday chaos” is the lead in the Times. It says hundreds of thousands of UK holidaymakers will be hit by the decision to maintain quarantine rules on those arriving from France. 

The Daily Telegraph points out that there is no way for people already in the country to escape the impact of the rules – which come in on Monday – because France is on the amber list, and there is already a requirement to isolate.

The Daily Mail calls it a “sudden change” – which will be a “huge blow” for fully-vaccinated Britons who have booked trips.

The Guardian’s lead is “Covid surge sparks calls to halt dangerous opening up”. It says the move is going ahead in England – even though an unnamed No 10 source is quoted saying the case numbers and projections are “worrying”.

The paper’s editorial calls the policy “an experiment”.

The lead in the Sun laments about the meat processing industry’s warning – that production might be affected by the large number of workers being told to isolate themselves by the NHS Covid app.

The paper warns that, as Britain “sizzles” in the current hot weather, there could be shortages of barbecue meat. The headline is: “Oh burger!”.

On its front page, the FT Weekend has a picture of the black American sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos raising their fists in support of civil rights, at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico.

Finally, the i weekend focuses on Leonid Stanislavskyi, who holds the Guinness World Record for being the world’s oldest tennis player. It reports that the 97-year-old Ukrainian frequently beats younger opponents. Mr Stanislavskyi, who has lobbied successfully for there to be a “ninety and older” category at the Super Seniors World Championship in Mallorca, describes tennis as “an elegant kind of sport”.

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