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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Britain’s isolation comes to a point that alerts people who have been in close proximity to someone positive and ‘pings’ amid record isolation alerts leaving businesses short of staff and its not often the Guardian and the Daily Express take the same line but they both use the phrase “Covid Chaos” to describe the jump in the number of people being pinged by the NHS Covid app and told to self-isolate

July,16, 2021: @acenewsservices

The Metro 16 July
“Pinging it”‘ is how the Metro sums up the news that “thousands” of people have ditched the NHS Covid app after more than half a million isolation alerts were sent to people in England and Wales in a single week. The paper says that as “Freedom Day” approaches on 19 July – when almost all legal restrictions on social contact will be removed – ministers are “begging” the public not to delete the app as “less data would affect the government’s ability to check the effect” of the lifting of rules.

BBC News: Staff:

The Daily Telegraph leads on the “chaos” being caused by the NHS Covid app with its revelation that neighbours are having to self-isolate because the app can send alerts to people through walls. Insiders told the paper that the Bluetooth signal used by the app can be strong enough to go through walls – leading some people to have to isolate, despite never having come into face-to-face contact with a positive case. A No 10 spokesman reportedly said the numbers of cases were so small that they did not see it as “an issue”.

The Daily Mail says Britain is collapsing into “pingdemic paralysis” thanks to the NHS Covid app, leaving factories on the brink of shutting and hospitals forced to cancel operations because so many staff are self-isolating. The paper accuses the authorities of “heavy-handed” enforcement of Covid rules after police in a riot van attended the home of a 12-year-old girl to check she was isolating after a positive test – leading the Mail to ask “what kind of state are we in?”

In a similar vein to the Mail, the Daily Mirror warns “Britain is grinding to a halt” as record alerts being sent out by the NHS Covid app have sparked a staffing “crisis” in workplaces.

The i’s front page reports that coronavirus testing labs are “buckling” under the strain of the UK’s third wave, as almost 50,000 new infections were recorded on Thursday – the highest number since January.

The “chaos” caused by the NHS Covid app alerts have put ministers “under pressure” to bring forward plans for fully vaccinated Britons to be exempt from self-isolation rules, according to the front page of the Daily Express.

Plans for a new tax to fund reforms of the social care system are being backed by the prime minister and could be agreed “within weeks”, according to the Times. The paper says Boris Johnson reportedly told aides that a deal on the plans could be imminent – with Downing Street said to be keen to make an announcement to chime with the second anniversary of the PM’s arrival in No 10. But the paper points out that “key elements of the policy have yet to be finalised”, but says it will “likely” include a cap on the amount people have to pay towards their own care and extra funding to ensure more people get help and staff are better paid.

A photograph of people in Liege, Belgium, struggling through chest-high water is the focus of the Guardian’s front page – which leads on the “catastrophic” flooding across western Europe. The deluges – caused by record rainfall – have left at least 58 people dead, “wrecked” buildings, and left dozens missing or stranded on rooftops, the paper says.

“Raid of shame” is how the Sun describes searches of two homes over the leaking of CCTV footage of ex-Health Secretary Matt Hancock kissing an aide in his office. The paper – which first revealed the images last month – brands the seizure of computers and other devices by the the UK’s data watchdog, the Information Commissioner’s Office, as an “attack on whistle-blowing”.

The Financial Times’ lead story reports that Revolut, the London-based digital banking start-up, has become the UK’s most valuable private tech company ever. The six-year-old firm reached a $33bn (£24bn) valuation in its latest funding round, making it more valuable than NatWest, one of the UK’s biggest retail banks.

“Cheerful” Nasa scientists are warning that a “wobble” in the moon’s orbit could “lead to a decade of disasters”, according to the Daily Star, with the paper suggesting that the world may want to “give it some space”.

The Express says it is “astonishing” that more than half a million people received alerts in a week – and reports ministers are under pressure to accelerate plans to exempt fully vaccinated workers from having to stay at home.

According to the Daily Telegraph, neighbours are being forced to self-isolate, because the Bluetooth signal used by the NHS Covid app is strong enough to penetrate walls. It says hundreds of people have complained about being “pinged” despite not having left their houses. The chief executive of Rolls-Royce tells the paper his firm is on the “edge of a critical situation” because of staff shortages – while unions tell the Daily Mirror that Britain is “grinding to a halt”. Getty ImagesThe

The Daily Mail is angry that the app is a “preposterous” example of government control of people’s lives. “What kind of state are we in?” it asks on its front page – as it describes how police in a riot van visited the home of a 12-year-old girl in Manchester to check she was obeying an order to quarantine. It says the prime minister has privately told senior figures a deal is “imminent” after years of delay – and that it is likely to to include a cap on the amount people must pay towards their care. But the paper reports that key elements of the policy are yet to be finalised, and there is “still a lot to be sorted out” Reuters:

The front page of the Guardian shows people in the Belgian city of Liege up to their chests in flood water. It says many areas of western Europe have been inundated in “catastrophic” flooding.

The Daily Telegraph says France could be put on the red list for British travellers, because of concerns about the spread of the beta variant of coronavirus.It says the change was discussed during this week’s review of destinations – which saw the Balearic islands moved to the amber list. Sources tell the paper they do not expect any imminent announcements, but say the data on France is being examined closely.

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