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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays U.K. Newspaper Headlines: Three lions of ‘football’ as they are called now becoming headline news as some Friday’s papers report that the #NHS #COVID19 and changing the app in England & Wales could spare thousands from being ‘isolated’ as government edge closer to ‘Freedom’ for some day but at what cost with a prediction of cases that could rise to 100,000 per day to save the economy

July.09, 2021: @acenewsservices

The Sun 9 July 2021
“Three lie-ins” roars the Sun, as it reports thousands of England fans will get “extra time to recover” after Sunday’s final against Italy. It reports that many companies are allowing staff to sleep off boozy celebrations by altering opening times and office hours. Elsewhere, it pictures a contestant of this year’s Love Island after an alleged break-in at the programme’s compound in Mallorca.

BBC News: Staff:

The Daily Mail says the NHS Covid-19 app will be changed to “cut the numbers being asked to isolate unnecessarily”. The paper describes the self-isolation system as controversial and cites fears it will cripple the economy in its current form. At the moment, those registered as close contacts are asked to spend up to 10 days in isolation by the app.

Airlines have reported a five-fold rise in bookings for foreign holidays after the government announced a new policy scrapping quarantine for double-jabbed UK residents returning to England from around 100 countries, according to the Times. In other news, the paper says Boris Johnson is considering a bank holiday on Monday 19 July to coincide with the lifting of most restrictions in England and to celebrate a potential England win over Italy this weekend.

The Mirror’s main image shows jubilant England fans on top of a double-decker bus in London below its headline: “Fever pitch”. The paper says calls are growing for a bank holiday on Monday if the Three Lions win.

“Sunak tells workers to get back to the office” says the Daily Telegraph as it reports an interview with Chancellor Rishi Sunak, who says the lack of face-to-face interaction has harmed younger staff during the pandemic. The paper concedes that Mr Sunak said it was not for government to order companies to change policies on working arrangements. Its main picture is of the last Union flag in Afghanistan, which was taken down during a ceremony on 24 June, as the last UK troops left the country.

Summer travel to 100 countries will be opened up as quarantine requirements for the double jabbed are eased in England, the Guardian reports. The paper says ministers “opened the door” for travellers to enjoy summer holidays – but overseas residents who have not received a jab via the NHS will still be ordered to isolate on their return to the UK. A beaming Gareth Southgate is the paper’s main image ahead of England’s Euro 2020 final on Sunday.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has been warned over plans to guarantee a bumper pensions payout, the Express says, after he hinted an 8% rise may not be “fair” to taxpayers.

“What have the Romans ever done for us?” asks an irreverent Daily Star as it notes aqueducts, sanitation, roads and nice wine are among the Italian achievements ahead of England’s final against Italy on Sunday.

“Its the final countdown” says the Metro, which describes the England team as “one game from glory”. Two fans dressed as lions were the “mane of the match”, the paper says.

Olympic organisers in Japan have banned spectators amid a surge in Covid infections and a state of emergency in Tokyo, the Financial Times reports. Elsewhere, the paper says the European Central Bank has set a new inflation target of 2% and said it could tolerate emergency moves beyond it.

The Daily Mail leads with suggestions that the app is to be watered down to stop it “crippling the economy and public services this summer”. It says thousands will be spared what it calls “isolation madness,” by reducing the app’s sensitivity to cut the numbers being asked to quarantine unnecessarily. 

The Daily Mirror notes that the head of the UK Health Security Agency has said the app can be re-jigged to work better with an increasingly vaccinated population. But the Sun wants to go a step further on isolation. “Why not scrap it for the double jabbed on July the 19th?” it suggests.

The Guardian says the easing of quarantine rules has opened up summer travel to 100 countries. The i paper describes yesterday’s decision as a “travel boost” for families

But the Times warns that while the change is welcome, further action is needed before most Britons can enjoy a stress-free summer break. The paper notes that most people in their 20s and 30s won’t qualify, many people might miss their holiday if they have to self-isolate and there’s a risk that amber countries could still be moved to the red list at short notice, with case numbers surging across Europe.

‘Pensions shock’

The Daily Express warns of a “pensions shock for millions” as Chancellor Rishi Sunak has hinted that the government’s “triple-lock” pledge could be broken to avoid bumper payouts. 

Under the promise, pensions could rise by 8% this year, prompting Mr Sunak to wonder whether that would be fair to working taxpayers. The paper accepts that maintaining the triple lock is problematic. 

It says that every government should think hard before breaking an election promise, but acknowledges that an 8% rise is something which the Treasury coffers and hard-pressed taxpayers may struggle to meet after a crisis which has cost the country dear. 

The Daily Mail agrees that a debate on this thorny issue is overdue, but it believes “it would be unforgivable for ministers to tear up their promise to pensioners – and then backslide on cuts to monstrously bloated foreign aid”.

Many of the papers are still considering England’s Euro 2020 semi-final win. “It’s The Final Countdown” is the headline for the Metro, as it looks ahead to Sunday’s showdown against Italy. According to the Times, Boris Johnson is considering making 19 July a bank holiday if England win the tournament. Under the headline “Fever Pitch,” the Mirror suggests that Gareth Southgate and the team could be in line for knighthoods if they go all the way. Southgate himself is pictured in many of the papers during a training session yesterday. “I couldn’t be prouder to be an Englishman,” the Guardian quotes him as saying. “Patriotism has had a rough ride in the West over recent decades,” he writes, adding that in the UK “we have seen almost everything about our identity… derided or actually dismissed.” By contrast, he notes that “for the first time in years, the cross of St George is flying widely and proudly in the land.”

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