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Jan.13, 2022: @acenewsservices

#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Tonight the knives are out and mutterings of how long before Boris Johnson RESIGNS OR REMOVED as alleged RUMOURS propagated by OPPOSITION who smell blood and chance to regain seats:

Guardian front page
The papers are dominated by the fall-out from revelations that a garden drinks party was held in Downing Street during the first national lockdown. The Guardian says Boris Johnson is facing intense pressure from senior Conservatives to publicly confirm whether or not he attended the gathering on 20 May 2020. The paper says a string of Conservative MPs have openly expressed anger and humiliation about the “bring your own booze” gathering for up to 40 people.

Grieving families have accused Mr Johnson of showing “contempt” for their lost loved ones by refusing to say if he joined the “lockdown-busting” party in the garden of No 10, reports the Metro. The paper says the prime minister was criticised for “smirking” when asked about the event.

BBC News: Staff;

The Times reports that Mr Johnson has been urged by ministers and Tory MPs to apologise for the party at which he is said to have “glad-handed” guests. The paper says it has been told that one member of government at the party joked about being caught breaking the rules, asking how it would appear if a drone photographed the event.

Conservatives have said Mr Johnson should resign if he broke lockdown rules as support ebbed away from him, reports the Daily Telegraph. The paper says prominent Conservatives have said it was “appalling” and “utterly indefensible” that the event took place.

The Sun says Mr Johnson went into “hiding” on Tuesday following the revelations. The paper says senior Conservatives and party donors have questioned his future as leader after he did not deny attending the gathering, organised by his top civil servant.

The Daily Mail describes it as the worst crisis of Mr Johnson’s premiership. The paper says he is expected to make a statement at the beginning of Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday in a bid to quell mounting anger from the public and his own party.

Is the party over for PM and ‘contempt for victims’ Many of the papers focus on Mr Johnson’s future as prime minister. The Financial Times says he faces an intensifying mutiny within his party. Some Conservative MPs have claimed the row is potentially terminal for Mr Johnson’s premiership, the FT adds.

The Daily Mirror says grieving families, medics, Conservative MPs and everyone with a “shred of decency” have sent a message to the prime minister: “The party’s over, Boris.”

But the Daily Express offers some words of encouragement to the prime minister. It acknowledges that Mr Johnson is under intense pressure amid revelations about the Downing Street gathering. But it says support for the prime minister remains strong, owing to him “delivering Brexit, and winning the war against Covid”.

And finally, the Daily Star uses its front page to ask a simple question: “Were you at the party.. Yes or no , prime minister?”

Most of the front pages highlight how Boris Johnson’s support among Conservative MPs has been damaged by the row over the drinks party in the Downing Street garden during the first Covid lockdown.

The Daily Mail’s headline asks: “Is the party over for PM?” It believes that Mr Johnson has become “engulfed in the gravest crisis of his premiership”. In its leader, the paper argues that the worst aspect of the “fiasco” is that it is distracting the government’s attention from more important issues. 

It believes the only way the prime minister can draw a line under the saga is by “admitting and apologising for his failings with humility and genuine contrition”.

But the Daily Mirror thinks it may be too late for that. Its opinion column argues that Mr Johnson “faces a perfect storm which could finally topple him”. 

This, it believes, consists of “the heart-breaking memories of the bereaved, anger from medics who risked their lives to save others, and mounting fury from Conservative MPs”.

The Sun reports that Mr Johnson “went into hiding yesterday” as the crisis worsened. There’s a picture of him, used by several papers, being driven away in the back of a car after his morning jog. The Sun’s headline is: “It’s my party and I’ll lie low if I want to.”

According to the Guardian, the prime minister is “facing intense pressure” from senior Tories to confess publicly that he attended the drinks event. It reports that MPs have called on him to “come clean and apologise today, in the hope of stemming rising fury”.

That theme is picked up by the Times’ headline: “Say sorry or doom us all”. It quotes an unnamed cabinet minister as saying that: “It’s not terminal yet – there’s still room for humility and a heartfelt apology.” 

The paper says Mr Johnson’s refusal to say whether he attended the event “will be put under further strain today as he attends Prime Minister’s Questions”.

The papers highlight how Boris Johnson’s support among Conservative MPs has been damaged by the row over the drinks party in the Downing Street garden during the first lockdown

The Daily Telegraph reports that many Conservative MPs think the prime minister should resign if he broke coronavirus rules. 

But its leader urges him to “clear up the mess” by either confirming he wasn’t at the event in May 2020, or admitting he was and giving an explanation.

Some Conservative MPs have told the Financial Times that the row is “potentially terminal” for Mr Johnson’s leadership. The paper argues that it’s particularly toxic because it implicates the prime minister directly, and because “this is a scandal whose inequity voters understand and feel keenly”.

The online-only Independent alleges that Downing Street staff were told to remove data from their phones which could suggest parties were held there during lockdown. 

It says two unnamed sources have made that suggestion. But a No 10 spokesperson insists they don’t recognise the claim, saying: “Staff were given clear guidance to retain any relevant information.”

The Daily Express tries to introduce a note of positivity with its headline: “Winning war on Covid, fixed Brexit… don’t blow it now, PM”. 

It acknowledges that Mr Johnson’s leadership is “bogged down in the controversy”. 

But it insists that “he still has the opportunity to lance the boil” if he responds to the allegations with “clarity and sincerity”.

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