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Dec.18, 2021: @acenewsservices

#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Old Tories OR Conservatism takes over and votes against anything that will prevent them making money and now Tories turn on scientist Chris Whitty’ for telling people to ‘stop mixing unnecessarily’ to prevent spreading the virus …Kindness & Love❤️ says be safe wear a mask and social distance this Christmas Amen 🙏’s


As its beginning to look a LOCK like Christmas” is the pun-heavy headline of the Sun’s front page, which warns that pubs and restaurants are shutting “after punters were asked to choose between partying or keeping loved ones safe from Omicron”.

England’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty has come under fire from top Tory MPs after he advised people to stop unnecessary mixing before Christmas, according to the Daily Mail’s splash. One MP accuses Prof Whitty of effectively changing Covid policy “at a stroke” by going further than the Plan B measures, which the paper says has caused pubs and restaurants to suffer a wave of booking cancellations at their busiest time of year.

By BBC News: Staff:

But the Times says Chancellor Rishi Sunak has cut short a trip to California to hold talks with business bosses about a new support package after the public were urged to scale back their festive plans. One government source tells the Times the Treasury could commit “several hundred million more” to help firms, with the paper noting that ministers and the hospitality sector are “highly reluctant” to return to furlough measures.

“UK shuts down in bid to save Christmas” is the top headline of the i, which says many offices, shops, pubs and restaurants have been “deserted” as millions of people stay at home. The hospitality sector has seen trade drop by a third after the cancellation of West End shows, the paper adds.

News that the Queen has cancelled her traditional Christmas lunch with Royal Family members makes the Metro’s front page. The paper says the 95-year-old monarch had been due to have 50 guests to the gathering at Windsor Castle but was said to have cancelled it “with regret” after deciding it “put too many people’s Christmas arrangements at risk”.

By cancelling her pre-Christmas family lunch, the Queen has sent “a message of solidarity to Omicron-hit Britain”, the Daily Express says.

In the latest instalment of its investigation into Christmas parties held during last year’s Covid restrictions, the Daily Mirror reports the Metropolitan Police will question two people about a “raucous” event thrown by Conservative aides during lockdown. The paper says officers are also in touch with the Cabinet Office about other parties.

“Mother of Plod” is how the Daily Star headlines its imagining of how Line Duty’s Supt Ted Hastings would respond to reports of Tory Christmas parties during lockdown.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has told of his “disappointment” over Tory gathering during lockdown and appealed for leaders to “put their hands up” and “acknowledge when things have gone wrong”, the Daily Telegraph’s lead reports. The paper says the Archbishop’s interview with the BBC’s Newscast programme will “add pressure” to the prime minister over reports of Downing Street parties that allegedly breached Covid rules.

The Bank of England “bows to inflation and wage pressure” by raising interest rates from 0.1% to 0.25% for the first time in more than three years, the Financial Times’ lead reports.

Thursday’s newspaper front pages were published well before the result of the North Shropshire by-election, which was announced shortly after 04:15 GMT on Friday.

But there is some instant online reaction to the result, with the headline of the Daily Telegraph’s website describing it as the “nightmare before Christmas” and a humiliating result for the Conservatives. 

The Times says it a stinging rebuke for the prime minister, while Mail Online says Boris Johnson has been given a political bloody nose by voters in an “astonishing victory” for the Liberal Democrats. It adds the outcome will send shockwaves through the Conservative Party. 

The Guardian says Mr Johnson’s aides will be alarmed by reports from North Shropshire of not just annoyance with the government but what it calls “some fairly significant and personal distaste for the prime minister”. 

As for the physical front pages, the Sun’s headline is: “It’s beginning to look a LOCK like Christmas” – as it reports that Mr Johnson has been accused of creating “lockdown by stealth”. 

The paper says millions have decided to stay at home after being asked to “choose between partying or keeping loved ones safe from Omicron” following comments by England’s chief medical officer, Prof Chris Whitty. 

The Daily Mail leads on the political fall-out from his remarks.

“Tories turn on Whitty” is its headline – with Mr Johnson facing calls to “rein in alarmist government scientists”. One MP, the paper says, has warned Britain is being turned into a “public health socialist state”. 

There’s plenty of speculation about the Queen’s festive plans, after she decided to cancel a Christmas lunch for her extended family due to concerns about the Omicron variant. 

“One’s foiled again”, declares the Metro, as it points out the monarch also had to scrap her usual Sandringham Christmas last year. A source in the Daily Express has said this year’s trip to Norfolk remains “under review”. 

The Times reports that the chancellor will hold talks with hospitality bosses about a fresh bailout package, with many pubs, bars and restaurants suffering a collapse in festive bookings.

The paper says Rishi Sunak’s “immediate priority” is to ensure £250m still with councils from previous schemes gets distributed as quickly as possible. One government source has said the Treasury could commit “several hundred million more” to help businesses – with top ups to grants being examined as one option. 

A joint investigation by the Guardian and the Independent says Mr Johnson joined 15 to 20 civil servants and advisers for a Downing Street party during the first Covid lockdown. Beer, wine, pizza and coke mixed with spirits was served at the gathering on 15 May. 

At the time, people from different households were restricted to one-on-one meetings outdoors with mixing indoors strictly forbidden. 

A No 10 spokesperson said the prime minister had a series of meetings throughout the afternoon of 15 May, including briefly with the health secretary and his team in the Downing Street garden. 

And finally… the Sun reports that a cricket club is to install blue grass to deter thieves. Upchurch CC in Kent had £5,000 of green artificial turf stolen in September last year. 

The club hopes its new nets and blue turf will prove less appealing to burglars. The Sun calls their choice, a bowled – that’s B-O-W-L-E-D – colour.

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