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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: With sadness today we mourn those at least 27-illegal migrants that died in a channel crossing that were using traffickers to get into the country Kindness & Love❤️ says sending ❤️

i paper 25 November 2021
A young girl and five women were among the dozens killed in what the i paper reports was the deadliest incident in the English Channel migration crisis. The paper says French police have been criticised for appearing to watch migrants launch small boats without intervention.

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Emergency services at Calais harbour

(LONDON) LATEST: At least 27 people have died trying to cross the English Channel in a small boat on Wednesday #AceNewsDesk report

Ace Worldwide News Group 2 hours ago

#AceNewsReport – Nov.25: A fishing boat sounded the alarm on Wednesday afternoon after spotting several people in the sea, off the northern coast of France…..

#AceDailyNews says according to media news and the illegal migrants who drowned were 17 men, seven women – one of whom was pregnant – and three children, France’s Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said: A joint search and rescue operation by British and French authorities was launched, and eventually called off late on Wednesday.

Emergency services at Calais harbour

Two people were rescued and are in a critical condition with severe hypothermia in a French hospital. One of them is from Iraq, the other is Somali, Mr Darmanin told RTL radio.

👮 British and French officials traded blame on Wednesday after 27 migrants died when their dinghy deflated as they made a perilous crossing of the English Channel.

The accident was the worst disaster on record involving migrants in the narrow seaway separating the two countries— FRANCE 24 English (@France24_en) November 25, 2021

The task of performing autopsies and identifying the victims will take place over the next few days in Lille, in northern France, the city’s public prosecutor Carole Etienne confirmed.

Channel deaths fuel UK-France tensions over migrant boats— Mike Walker (@New_Narrative) November 25, 2021

French media is reporting that the dead are believed to be Iraqi or Iranian Kurds.

What happened to the boat?

The cause of the accident remains unknown, but when the long, inflatable boat the migrants were using was found by rescuers, it was mostly deflated.

Mr Darmanin described the boat as a dinghy that was “extremely fragile”.

He said “it was like a pool you blow up in your garden”.

It is the kind of boat often used by people smuggling networks to get migrants across the channel, and has now been sent to Lille to be examined.

French police say the boat set out from the Dunkirk area, east of Calais.

Fishermen in the area said calm weather had prompted more migrants than usual to attempt to make the crossing on Wednesday.

There are reports that about 25 boats had attempted the crossing during the day.

Five alleged traffickers linked to the incident have been arrested in France.

Two people have already appeared in court and an investigation into aggravated manslaughter has been opened by prosecutors, Mr Darmanin said.

Mr Darmanin said the boat used to cross the Channel, called a zodiac, was purchased in Germany. 

Channel migrants: Children and pregnant woman among 27 victims – BBC News— Aidavd (@AidaVd) November 25, 2021

Nov.26, 2021: @acenewsservices

BBC News: Staff:

France must “step up” and stop migrant crossings, the Daily Telegraph quotes Boris Johnson as saying. The paper pictures two of the 255 people reported to have succeeded in the journey to England on Wednesday. It says chaotic scenes in the Channel saw dozens of boats cross in a bid to beat impending bad weather.

“Why didn’t France stop them?” asks the Metro. The paper describes “despair” at the tragedy, and adds that the alarm was raised at 14:00 local time by a fisherman.

It is a “human tragedy” according to the Daily Mirror. The paper pictures children sitting in a dinghy it says was launched “under the noses” of French police.

“Shameful” says the Sun. It reports how the “horror in rough seas of Calais” has led to fresh fury over the failure to “end the misery” of migrant crossings. It notes Boris Johnson as saying France has let human traffickers “get away with murder”.

Mr Johnson’s condemnation leads the Daily Mail – which shows a French police car appearing to stand idle behind a group of people placing a dinghy into the sea.

According to the Guardian, French interior minister Gerald Darmanin said the boat that sank had been “very frail” – comparing it to “a pool you blow up in your garden”.

Just two people were saved from the water after the incident, notes the Daily Express.

The Times quotes French regional newspaper La Voix du Nord as saying the boat involved in the tragedy “appeared to have been hit by a large vessel, probably a container ship”.

The Daily Star leads with the a report on the Nasa mission to test the feasibility of using a spacerocket to crash into an asteroid and alter its course.

Thursday’s front pages are dominated by coverage of the deaths of dozens of migrants in the Channel. 

“Shameful” is the Sun’s headline, while the i goes with “Horror In The Channel”, saying that those who lost their lives died “in search of a better life”. 

The Daily Mirror goes with the headline “A Human Tragedy”. The Guardian’s political editor, Heather Stewart, pens an analysis of the politicisation of the issue. She concludes that “while the shock of yesterday’s terrible tragedy may soften the hearts of the public, it appears unlikely to lead to a fundamental shift in the government’s approach”.

The Daily Express is one of many to illustrate the story with a picture of another group of migrants approaching the sea on the French coast carrying a dinghy, with a French police vehicle parked nearby. 

In the paper, the Conservative MP for Dover, Natalie Elphicke, calls for an extension of the joint border force to cover the policing of French beaches, calling yesterday’s events “a wake-up call”. 

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The Metro uses the same image alongside the headline “Why Didn’t France Stop Them?” while a Whitehall source tells the Daily Mail that “Paris should be truly ashamed”. 

The paper’s columnist, Sarah Vine, accuses French President Emmanuel Macron of allowing his ill feelings about Brexit to cloud his judgement on the issue. 

The Daily Telegraph’s associate editor, Gordon Rayner, writes that a row between the UK and France about who is responsible now seems inevitable, adding that “as long as Anglo-French mistrust continues, so too will these tragedies”.

The front page of The Times claims there are growing tensions between Downing Street and the Treasury, saying that Rishi Sunak is growing increasingly frustrated with what a government source calls “the maelstrom of chaos at No 10”. 

The report claims the chancellor has voiced annoyance at a perceived lack of professionalism, with the same source saying Mr Sunak is finding the situation “difficult to stomach”. An unnamed minister tells the Guardian that members of the Cabinet are becoming irritated by the counter-briefings emanating from within No 10 and No 11 Downing Street.

The Financial Times reports that the boss of JP Morgan Chase has issued two apologies to China, after telling business leaders in Boston that the bank would outlive the country’s ruling Communist Party. Jamie Dimon said he regretted the comments, claiming he was only “trying to emphasise the strength and longevity” of his company.

Antarctica could be set to become the world’s most sought-after tourist destination according to the Times, after a full sized passenger plane landed on an innovative runway on the continent for the first time. The paper says the ice airstrip has been carved with grooves to make braking possible. 

But there may be a shortage of flights, as the difficulties posed by snow glare and atmospheric interference with cockpit instruments mean only the most qualified pilots are allowed to access the Wolf Fang airport.

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