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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Today’s it PM Boris Johnson who takes flack again this time over HS2 to Leeds OR North and of course the argument is over NORTH – SOUTH divide and its time for BLAME GAME again even though the proposed ‘Integrated Rail Plan’ and instead of costing £150-billion it will cost £96-billion SAVING taxpayers £54-billion …seems like a REAL DEAL but NO time to say it was in Queens Speech and he should keep to what he said …. and The i also reports on the aftermath of the HS2 scrapping under the headline “Train wreck: Fury as PM rips up rail plans for the North” more soon folks ….

Front page of the Guardian
Many of Friday’s papers focus on the government’s decision to scrap the HS2 line to Leeds. The Guardian carries the headline “betrayal of the north” – and outlines the fury expressed by MPs in region, who say the new strategy is a “downgraded rail plan”.

Nov.20, 2021: @acenewsservices

The Mirror says the decision was “HS2-faced”. The paper notes the plans were scrapped despite Boris Johnson’s 2019 manifesto mentioning the pledge to build the high-speed link 60 times.

BBC News: Staff:

Patel blames EU over migrants as The Times leads on comments by Home Secretary Priti Patel who it says has blamed the EU’s open borders policy for for sparking a “mass migration crisis” in the English Channel. The paper also pictures the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall in front of the Sphinx in Egypt during their visit to the Middle East.

The Daily Express says the home secretary launched a “furious attack” on the EU over the “Channel migrant chaos”.

The Daily Mail leads on the news the Charity Commission has started an an inquiry into allegations that donations intended for the Prince of Wales’ Prince’s Foundation went to another charity instead.

The Daily Telegraph reports the return of tighter Covid-19 restrictions across Europe, as the rates of people infected with the virus in the continent continues to surge.

The Financial Times leads with the story on Turkey cutting its interest rates again on Thursday, which has led to the country’s currency – the lira – hitting an all-time low.

And TV Presenter Richard Madeley’s comments about having once seen a ghost feature on the front page of the Daily Star, after he was confirmed for the I’m A Celebrity 2021 line-up.

The Guardian says the prime minister has been accused of betrayal after plans for high speed rail improvements in northern England were “delayed and downgraded”. 

“Train wreck” is how the i headlines Boris Johnson’s announcements, and it says Tory MPs in the north are warning that Downing Street has broken key promises. 

The Daily Star calls Mr Johnson a “train robber”, while the Sun says he “hit the buffers again”. 

There is a backlash in the regional papers. The Manchester Evening Newsdescribes the rail plans as a “Second class ticket for the north” while the Yorkshire Post says the region has been “sold out”.  The Sheffield Telegraph mocks up a railway station display board with the simple headline “Cancelled”. 

The Daily Express editorial says Boris Johnson called a halt to spiralling costs, and argues that improvements will now happen more quickly. 

But the Mirror’s leader column says his announcement made a mockery of the levelling up agenda, and underlines how the government is incapable of meeting its grandiose promises. 

Elsewhere, the Sun says “more shame” has been heaped on English cricket after a picture emerged of the international, Alex Hales, in black make-up at a party in 2009. He said he had not realised at the time the offensive nature of his costume. 

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reports the “shame” of Azeem Rafiq, who testified on Tuesday about his experience of racism – and has now apologised for anti-Semitic Facebook messages. 

It says he was “forced to face up” to his own racist language, used in 2011. The Times, which first reported the messages, says the ECB’s chief executive could have to step down next year because of the furore.

The Daily Mail says one of Prince Charles’ charities has been plunged into a fresh crisis because of an investigation by a watchdog. 

The Charity Commission is launching a statutory inquiry into the Saudi Arabian Mahfouz Foundation, to see whether it received donations which had been intended for the Prince of Wales’ Foundation. The paper calls it “the most serious level of probe”. 

The Home Secretary, Priti Patel, features on the front page of the Times, blaming the EU for what she calls a “mass migration crisis in the Channel”. The paper says she described the French as being “overwhelmed”, and said the real problem was a lack of border protections across the European Union. 

The Mail says her attack on Brussels “is a marked change of tone after months of friction with the French government”. 

The French daily Le Monde has a feature on how the rescuers in the Channel fear they will soon reach breaking point. “Even as winter approaches, and the water temperature drops”, it says, “records for the number of crossings continue to be broken.”

Finally, the Times reports on a German shepherd dog called Gunther who is selling his mansion in Miami for $31m (£23m). He is the world’s richest dog, who inherited a fortune from his childless owners in 1992. 

The paper says he enjoys trips around the world, and a private chef to cook him steak or caviar. But don’t worry about him – the house sale doesn’t mean Gunther is in trouble. He has several other houses, and is simply looking to downsize.

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