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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: So where do l start #COVID19 cases and deaths rise by nearly 10,000 in one day see below:

The i carries the headline “PM under siege from own party” – reporting there was anger from some Tory backbenchers over the reforms to second jobs that in fact you cannot have one ……

Front page of the Daily Express
Many of Thursday’s papers focus on the government’s decision to prevent MPs working as lobbyists and political consultants. The Daily Express reports the prime minister has admitted his mishandling of the “sleaze row” sparked by the issue of MPs’ second jobs was like “crashing a car into a ditch”. Along with several other papers, the Express carries a front page picture of the Queen after she carried out her first in-person engagement in nearly a month.

Nov.19, 2021: @acenewsservices

FINALLY: PM’s sleaze row ‘car crash’ and Queen back on duty: The Daily Telegraph says Boris Johnson is attempting to draw a line under a fortnight of political damage sparked by a vote on the behaviour of former Tory MP Owen Paterson. It notes that the PM acknowledged on Wednesday for the first time that Mr Paterson had broke lobbying rules. On the Queen’s return to engagements after nearly a month, the Telegraph says she is “back on duty”.

BBC News: Staff:

The Times says ministers are hoping to seal an agreement that will see migrants who cross the English Channel being held in Albania while their claims for asylum are processed. It reports the UK hopes the move will act a deterrent amid a recent surge of arrivals in small boats.

The Daily Mail’s top story is on the rise in inflation. It says Britons will face a £2,000-a-year hit due to the combination of inflation, tax hikes and higher interest rates.

The Guardian leads on the government’s plans to cap the costs of social care in England, which according to the paper could expose poorer homeowners to “catastrophic” costs.

The Daily Mirror carries interviews with the taxi driver and the security guard who rescued him after the Liverpool bombing on Sunday.

The Metro leads on the jailing of nine Insulate Britain activists for breaching an injunction preventing them from causing further disruption in their protest campaign on UK roads.

The Daily Star also focuses on the jailing of the Insulate Britain activists. The paper, which has been critical of the actions of the group, says it is “news to cheer us all up”.

The Financial Times leads with the story on Amazon banning Visa credit cards as a payment method on its UK website.

England footballer Jack Grealish features on the front page of the Sun in a report about his love life.

Boris Johnson’s appearance before a private meeting of his 1922 backbench committee is widely covered in Thursday’s papers – along with his admission that he was wrong to try to save the former cabinet minister, Owen Paterson, from being suspended from parliament. 

“I crashed the car over Paterson, admits PM”, is the Daily Telegraph’s headline. The paper says the meeting was full of frustrated Tory backbenchers, and his comments were an attempt to draw a line under a fortnight of political damage. 

The Times quotes one MP as saying the remarks were as “close to an apology as we’re going to get”. Another tells the paper the Prime Minister had appeared “flat and downbeat”. 

The Daily Express describes him as contrite.

The i reports that government benches were sparsely populated during Prime Minister’s Questions, as many Conservatives stayed away. Party managers had to frantically call around backbenchers asking them to take part in the ensuing debate on sleaze reforms, the paper adds, “PM under siege from own party”, is the headline.

By according to the Guardian, fewer than 10 MPs are likely to be affected by Boris Johnson’s proposed rule changes on second jobs. It says analysis of what is known so far of the changes suggest that only a handful of the 99 MPs who hold second jobs will be affected.

For its lead, the Times reports that ministers are hoping to seal an agreement to fly Channel migrants to Albania as a central measure to end the crisis. It says that under the plan, arrivals on Britain’s beaches in small boats would be taken to Albania within seven days for off-shore processing. 

It is thought the prospect of a long wait there, while claims for asylum in Britain are evaluated, will act as a deterrent against making the crossing, the paper adds. Discreet talks with the government in Tirana to establish an asylum centre are said to be under way.

The government’s updated plan for how a cap on social care costs in England will work from 2023, makes the lead for the Guardian

It says tens of thousands of the poorest pensioners face paying the same for their old age care as wealthier people. According to the paper, Boris Johnson has been warned that MPs in the so-called red wall seats that the Tories took from Labour at the last election could revolt when the changes are put to a vote.

The Mail highlights the sharp increase in the annual rate of inflation – and warns that, with tax and interest rates rises on the way, people will be worse off by £2,000 a year. The paper says Britain is on course to sail straight into an economic storm. Not for a generation has inflation been a political issue in this country, it goes on. Once again – the paper adds – rising prices are centre stage.

Finally, the Queen’s first public engagement since she pulled out of the Remembrance Day service because she sprained her back, receives widespread attention. 

The Telegraph’s front page has a picture of her meeting the outgoing Chief of the Defence Staff, General Sir Nick Carter, at Windsor Castle. It is a picture to cheer the nation, the Daily Express says.

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