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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: As #COVID19 cases rise across U.K. and #COP26 ends on Friday the next question is what was achieved at the two-week-summit and everyone WANTS billions of £’s, $’s and Euros in belief it will SAVE THE WORLD from #GlobalWarming & #ClimateChange and preventing a RISE in temperatures ABOVE 1.5% as they creep closer to 2.4% this seems TOTALLY impossible as the RICH gets RICHER and the POOR remain POORER by the day ….Only God will put this RIGHT at the END of these DAYS Amen 🙏’s

(GLASGOW) #COP26 Summit Report: Despite pledges made the world is still nowhere near its goals on limiting global temperature rise, a new analysis shows #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Nov.10: It calculates that the world is heading for 2.4C of warming, far more than the 1.5C limit nations committed to.………………..But the prediction contrasts with optimism at the UN meeting last week, following a series of big announcements that included a vow to stop deforestation.

The Guardian front page
Several of the papers have further claims about the earnings of MP Sir Geoffrey Cox, as the debate about parliamentarians’ second jobs continues. The Guardian says the former attorney general has earned at least £6m from legal work since he entered the Commons – but Sir Geoffrey says he does not believe he breached the rules and prioritises working for his constituents.

Nov.12, 2021: @acenewsservices

#AceDailyNews says according to a BBC News Report: By Georgina Rannard: #COP26 World Leaders so far have US on track for 2.4C #GlobalWarming target and has a massive credibility, action and commitment gap”, according to the Climate Action Tracker (CAT).

BBC News: Staff:

The Daily Mail – which has the slightly different figure of £5.5m – calls him the “MP with no shame” in its headline. It says he worked 10,700 hours as a lawyer, as the prime minister said MPs must devote themselves “primarily and above all to your constituents”.

“Exposed: Tory MP’s homes greed” is the headline on the Daily Mirror front page, which says Sir Geoffrey rented out a taxpayer-funded London home while claiming £1,900 a month for a second home in the capital – even while he was working overseas. The paper says he has not broken Commons rules, however.

The Duchess of Sussex admitted misleading a court over whether she had authorised aides to brief the authors of a biography about her, the Daily Telegraph’s front page reports. The paper says she had “not remembered” the email exchanges, which emerged in an appeal over a privacy judgement concerning the Mail on Sunday’s publication of a letter to her father.

The i newspaper says Tory chief whip Mark Spencer is “in peril” after giving his approval to Sir Geoffrey working in the Caribbean instead of attending Parliament. The paper also says former Tory Transport Secretary Chris Grayling is earning £100,000 a year working for the Hong Kong ports company.

“A bit of a cop out” is Metro’s take on the prime minister’s response to allegations of “sleaze” against MPs amid the controversy over outside interests. At a COP26 climate summit press conference, Boris Johnson said he did not believe the UK was “remotely a corrupt country”, but the paper says he was “left wriggling”.

The Daily Express calls it “explosive new evidence” and describes the testimony of her former aide as a “bombshell” in the case.

“Little Miss Forgetful” is the Sun’s headline, alongside a mock-up of a blue-faced Meghan as one of Roger Hargreaves’ Little Miss characters.

The Times’ lead story reports on an HMRC team which has been ordered to recover £1bn of “fraudulent or mistaken” claims on the government’s furlough scheme during the pandemic. The paper says among the companies under scrutiny are hundreds which were only established after the scheme was announced, and which billed the taxpayer for £26.6m.

The Financial Times leads on news that US consumer prices rose last month at the fastest rate for three decades. President Joe Biden says tackling inflation is a “top priority” as rising energy costs contributed to the 6.2% hike.

And the Daily Star reports that the UK is becoming “a nation of cocktail drinkers” with sales of mixed drinks surging as the public abandons ales. “Two pints of mojito and a packet of crisps, please!” is the paper’s headline.

There’s a renewed focus in the papers on Sir Geoffrey Cox’s work outside Parliament: Analysis by the Guardian has found the Conservative MP has earned at least £6m from his second job as a lawyer since entering Parliament in 2005.

The paper says records show he skipped 12 recent votes in the Commons on days when he was doing paid legal work. 

The Daily Mail puts the former attorney general’s outside earnings at £5.5m for 10,700 hours of work

Sir Geoffrey did not respond to the Mail’s questions about his earnings – but in a statement on his website said he “makes no secret” of his outside work. 

The Daily Mirror says Sir Geoffrey “rakes in” around £1,000 a week for a property he lets out in Battersea in south London.

He also submits claims for £1,900 a month to rent a second property in the city. This continued when he was reported to be working in the Caribbean. 

Sir Alastair Graham, a former former Standards Committee chairman, said the former attorney general’s actions were “totally wrong”. But “astonishingly,” the paper says, the arrangement is within Commons rules. 

But, according to one Tory MP, Boris Johnson is unlikely to sack Mr Spencer because it may call into question his own future – as the chief whip is supposed to be the last person standing in government.

“Meghan says sorry,” declares the Daily Express, as it leads on what it calls the “bombshell” revelation that the Duchess of Sussex did authorise an aide to brief the authors of the controversial “Finding Freedom” biography. 

The disclosure came as part of Associated Newspapers’ appeal against the ruling that its publication of a letter from Meghan, to her father, was unlawful. 

The Express says she forgot about the briefing – leading the Sun to mock up the Duchess as “Little Miss Forgetful”, inspired by Roger Hargreaves’ Little Miss characters, on its front page. 

And finally, “WOOD you be-LEAF it” is the question posed by the Sun, as it features the bizarre case of the council workers sent out to clear leaves – from a wood

The 🤑] blower. 

People have described the council’s actions in Branksome Park Wood in Dorset as “pure insanity”, while the Sun suggests the local authority may be “blowing” cash.

#AceNewsDesk report …………Published: Nov.12: 2021:

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