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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: The i newspaper says Prime Minister Bois Johnson is battling to contain the backlash – with columnist Ian Birrell calling for a ban on MPs having second jobs in the wake of the affair, calling the current arrangement allowing them to do so a “corruption that needs to be stopped”…………….However, the Times takes an opposing view, arguing that a system which encourages talented people from outside the world of political bureaucracy to enter Westminster should be encouraged.

Metro front page
Many of Monday’s papers continue to focus on the fallout over the lobbying row around former Tory MP Owen Paterson. The Metro reports Conservative MPs have joined the “growing backlash” against the government’s handling of the controversy. The paper quotes cabinet minister George Eustice describing it as a “storm in a teacup”, adding that questions over the conduct of Prime Minister Boris Johnson have been “put to bed”.

Nov.09, 2021: @acenewsservices

Storm in a sleaze cup’ and ‘Brexit trade war’ many of the papers are still saying with an axe to grind in Boris Johnson’s head ….

BBC News: Staff:

The i paper is also leading on the “sleaze” backlash faced by the prime minister, previewing a “marathon grilling” of Mr Johnson expected in Parliament on Monday. The paper also reports Conservative MPs were “furious” over Mr Eustice’s “attempt to dismiss the affair” on Sunday.

In a different story about criticism of ministerial conduct, the Guardian is reporting that a watchdog had to stop the government from “breaching a strict code” around neutrality when selecting new chairs of the BBC and British Film Institute. The Office of the Commissioner of Public Appointments had to ask ministers to replace interviewers for the roles because they were “not sufficiently independent”, the paper learned through a Freedom of Information request. The government says the commissioner found no breaches of the code.

Similarly, the Daily Mirror says police are coming “under pressure” to investigate the accusation the Conservative Party was giving places in the House of Lords to multimillionaire donors. The paper quotes Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, who has accused the prime minister of being “up to his neck” in sleaze. The government has defended the peerages, saying they were philanthropists who were successful in business and ought to be considered for the Lords, the paper adds.

The Daily Express is reporting on the possibility of a “trade war” with the EU amid the growing row over the Northern Ireland protocol. The paper says Brussels is considering the “nuclear” option of abandoning arrangements on the Irish border signed as part of the Brexit deal should the UK trigger Article 16 of the treaty – which allows either side to suspend any part of the agreement.

Former Health Secretary Matt Hancock has written in the Daily Telegraph calling for Covid vaccines to be mandatory for NHS staff ahead of a “difficult winter” for the health service. Mr Hancock said making vaccination for health and social care workers legally required as soon as possible was “common sense” and warned against delaying putting off a decision until the spring.

The government is looking at plans to prevent GPs from taking new jobs in wealthy areas and “for them to work in deprived towns” instead, the Times reports. It says ministers became interested in the proposal after Health Secretary Sajid Javid promised to eliminate the “disease of disparity” of healthcare between rich and poor areas.

The Daily Mail is reporting on “shocking research” which indicates we inhale up to 7,000 microplastic particles daily. The paper says the levels were 100 times higher than expected and could be a “potential health threat” comparable to asbestos or tobacco.

The Financial Times has a story on an investigation by French authorities into allegations of “misuse of corporate assets” and “money laundering” by steel magnate Sanjeev Gupta’s business. The paper says the investigation into his company GFG Alliance began after “suspicious activities” were reported by public officials, but prosecutors’ refused to confirm the exact nature of the allegations. GFG denies any wrongdoing and told the FT it was not aware of any investigation.

There are plans for “wine trains” run by National Rail to ensure people have enough to drink for Christmas, according to the Daily Star. The “good booze” of a specialist wine delivery service has been brought in to combat the shortage of lorry drivers in the UK, the paper says.

The Metro calls the ongoing row about lobbying a “storm in a sleaze cup” after government minister George Eustice described the controversy involving Owen Paterson as “a Westminster storm in a teacup”.

It points to examples of MPs working in the NHS, schools and journalism, adding that the damage caused by the prime minister’s handling of the issue “ought not to rebound to the discredit of politics more widely”.

Owen Paterson resigned as an MP earlier this week

The Daily Mirror reports that the SNP have asked police to investigate claims the Conservatives may have awarded peerages in exchange for large donations. 

The party insists the individuals received honours based solely on their business and philanthropic achievements.

The Guardian runs claims a regulator had to step in to ensure the recruitment processes for the new chairs of the BBC and the British Film Institute were fair and politically neutral. 

It says the commissioner for public appointments asked ministers to replace interview panellists over concerns about their independence.

The online-only Independent reports senior police officers have warned Home Secretary Priti Patel that proposed immigration legislation could fuel people trafficking. 

A cross-party group of MPs have also criticised the bill, arguing it would make prosecuting offenders more difficult and reduce protections for victims.

Former Health Secretary Matt Hancock writes in the Daily Telegraph that Covid vaccines should be made compulsory for all NHS staff as soon as possible, arguing the logic for the policy is “crystal clear”. 

It is thought the government could introduce the policy next spring, but ministers are under pressure to act more quickly to relieve pressure on the health service this winter. 

The Times says ministers are considering proposals to force doctors to set up GP surgeries in less affluent areas to address discrepancies in access to services. 

It says a regulator could be set up to restrict applications for “well served” places.

The front page of the Daily Mail focuses on a study that shows people inhale around 7,000 micro plastics every day – a level it claims poses a health risk comparable with asbestos or tobacco.

The levels were a hundred times higher than researchers expected. 

The Guardian reports on an unlikely new target for anti-vaccination campaigners in the United States. 

The paper says the Sesame Street character Big Bird has attracted criticism, after declaring on Twitter that their wing was “a little sore” after receiving a Covid jab. 

The post sparked angry responses from a number of right-wing broadcasters and the former Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz – who accused it of being government propaganda for five year olds.

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