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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: The Times focuses on a pledge by 103 countries at the summit to cut methane emissions by 30%. The paper says PM Boris Johnson struck an “optimistic tone” at the end of the second day of the conference, saying the talks had given a “sense” of how the world could achieve the cuts needed in greenhouse gases and also line their own pockets with green products but where does those that we throw away go ….landfill sites of course …..more soon on #COP26 in next few days …..

Guardian front page 03/11/21
Climate stories dominate many of the front pages as the COP26 summit continues in Glasgow. The Guardian leads with new analysis showing the heatwaves and wildfires that caused widespread devastation in Europe this summer would not have happened without global heating. The paper says the research is a “stark reminder” to leaders meeting at the conference that global warming “is causing terrible damage to lives and livelihoods”.

Nov.04, 2021: @acenewsservices

As PM hails methane deal cut but businesses are still slow in deciding whats in it for me?

BBC News: Staff

The Daily Star describes the deal as a “historic end to scourge of cow guffs” – a reference to the significant amount of methane emissions that comes from livestock.

Another commitment from 110 countries at the summit to halt and reverse deforestation by 2030 makes the lead in the Metro. Describing it as “a historic pact”, the paper quotes Mr Johnson as saying the deal aims to save “the lungs of our planet”.

Meanwhile, the Financial Times says banks are “under fire” for watering down their climate pledges and continuing to finance the fossil fuel industry in the six years since the Paris climate accord was signed. The paper says lenders are under growing pressure to sever their links with some of the world’s worst polluting companies.

Away from COP26, the Daily Telegraph reports that the prime minister is attempting to reform the House of Commons standards watchdog following its decision to ban Conservative MP Owen Paterson from Parliament for alleged breaches of lobbying rules. Tory MPs and ministers will be ordered to support a backbench motion which could lead to the standards committee being disbanded and replaced with a new body, according to the paper.

The i has analysed data on booster jabs and found third doses for over-50s will not be completed until February if England’s programme continues at its current rate – missing a Christmas deadline. Meanwhile, the paper says the vaccination of children went backwards in the first week they could get the jab at walk-in centres.

The Daily Mirror also focuses on problems with the vaccine rollout, reporting that social care could be “pushed to the brink of collapse” because 60,000 unjabbed staff face the sack within days. Despite 105,000 posts already vacant in the sector, Health Secretary Sajid Javid is insisting all workers must get the Covid vaccine or leave their job.

The Daily Express reports that DIY blood pressure monitors will be handed out by the NHS to reduce deaths from heart attacks and strokes. It is hoped the machines, costing £17 each, will help patients spot high blood pressure earlier, the paper says.

The Daily Mail leads with calls to “get the rot out” of the Metropolitan Police after two officers admitted sharing photos of murdered sisters. The mother of the victims, Mina Smallman, says Met Police chief Cressida Dick must take responsibility for her force’s failings. “How low can the Met go?” is the paper’s headline.

The Sun reports that Richard Madeley is to replace Piers Morgan as a full-time presenter on ITV’s Good Morning Britain. The star will appear alongside Susanna Reid and is finalising an estimated £300,000-a-year deal, according to the paper.

The Guardian leads with new analysis from the Met Office, warning that extreme heatwaves once predicted to happen every 10,000 years are now “the new norm” – arriving every three years. 

It quotes experts who say “global heating” is to blame. The paper illustrates the impact with a picture of the wildfires that hit the Greek island of Evia in August. 

It is a stark reminder, it says, of the task facing global leaders at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow. 

Extreme weather events, like the wildfires that hit Greece last summer, are the new norm, a report has warned

“PM seeks to replace standards watchdog” is the headline for the Daily Telegraph. It reports that Conservative MPs and ministers will be ordered by government whips to support a motion to replace the Commons Committee on Standards with a new body. 

The paper says ministers believe the move could lead to the resignation of the standards commissioner, who has been accused of anti-Tory bias. 

Army top brass are about to get a dressing down from the defence secretary, according to the Times. It reports an “exasperated” Ben Wallace has summoned army generals to the Ministry of Defence next week for an extraordinary meeting of the Army Board, which will cover a number of “worrying” issues relating to conduct and culture – as well as spending problems. 

“How low can the Met go?” is the Daily Mail’s headline, as it reflects on the actions of two police officers facing jail for taking and distributing what it calls “sickening” photos at the scene of the murder of two sisters, Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman, in London last year.

“Booster jabs rollout for over-50s has stalled” is the lead for the i. It says its analysis shows that if England’s programme continues at its current pace it won’t be completed until February – well beyond the original Christmas deadline. 

The paper reports that the chairman of the Royal College of GPs is calling for the government to step up messaging on the urgent need for booster take-up. 

“60,000 carers face sack over jab” is the Daily Mirror’s front page splash. It says unions are warning that social care could be pushed to the brink by the insistence of Health Secretary Sajid Javid that all care workers must be vaccinated if they are to continue working in the sector. 

The general secretary of Unison, Christina McAnea, tells the paper care homes risk losing so many staff, many will be unable to operate. She says it is not too late for the government to delay the jabs rule. 

The Mirror says firing care workers over the issue would be madness, jeopardising the lives of the disabled and vulnerable.

And there is bad news for moderate drinkers in the Times. “Put down the Pinot” it says, warning that the “benefits of a single glass have been debunked”. 

The paper reports that new German research has indicated that having a single glass of wine every night probably does not have the health benefits previous studies have led us to believe. 

Instead, researchers say that the real reason moderate drinkers live longer is because those who abstain totally often have a reason for giving up drink, such as already being ill or being an alcoholic.

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