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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: It Budget Day now thats a interesting word (BUDGET) should mean we are carefully with our OR taxpayers money but the Metro describes it as “Rishi’s new age budget”. It adds that the chancellor even prepared it whilst wearing “trendy new-age style” socks and sandals. The paper says that while Mr Sunak is attempting to portray a bright outlook there are fears the UK faces “a gloomy winter of shortages, soaring energy bills, price rises and growing inflation”

So how do l feel about listening to the last 3hrs of rhetoric well Tories spend on BuSINness while LABOUR disagrees with EVERYTHING and SNP (SCOTLAND) calls for leaving the UK Union with cries of REFERENDUM at every turn …basically folks everyone DISAGREED with everyone else more soon…..

The Times
There is a mixed bag of stories leading Wednesday’s papers, although most of the front pages make mention of the Budget. The Times reports that Chancellor Rishi Sunak is expected to use up to £30bn from the proceeds of economic growth to invest in services and reduce borrowing when he unveils his Budget on Wednesday. It says that the “sharp rebound” from last winter’s Covid lockdown has led to the economy growing at a faster than expected rate, giving the chancellor between £20bn and £30bn to spend.

Oct.28, 2021: @acenewsservices

The Daily Express carries a picture of the chancellor alongside his dog Nova as it says that “Now Britain needs you to deliver!”.

BBC News: Staff:

It says Mr Sunak will set out a “string of measures to boost growth after the pandemic shockwaves” and will “map out how businesses can make the most of the UK’s new-found Brexit freedom”.The Daily Telegraph leads on a report which criticises the NHS Test and Trace scheme as an “eyewatering” waste of taxpayers’ money: It reports on comments from the Public Accounts Committee that despite £37bn of funding the scheme failed to enable a return to normality.

The paper also features a picture of the Queen holding a virtual audience from Windsor after news that she will not be attending the COP26 climate summit.The i leads on the monarch “regretfully” deciding not to attend Glasgow for the summit following medical advice.

Sticking to climate change the Guardian leads on a “thundering wake-up call” from the UN which has reported that the world is squandering the opportunity to “build back better” from the Covid pandemic and faces “disastrous temperature rises” of 2.7C if countries fail to strengthen their climate pledges. It also reports on a call to vaccinate pregnant women against Covid as a priority.

The paper says the Queen’s withdrawal is “seen as a big blow for Britain” with world leaders converging on Scotland. It says she will now make a video address rather than host a major reception.The Daily Mirror’s headline is “Tired Queen pulls out of summit” as it says the 95-year-old monarch is told to rest at home rather than go to the climate summit. The paper reports sources saying that the Queen “hoped no-one would use it as an excuse not to go” to COP26……….The Daily Mail says that the Queen “dramatically pulled out” of attending the climate summit following her “secret hospital stay” last week. Palace sources tell the paper that the monarch’s decision not to travel to Scotland is a “sensible precaution” in light of her doctor’s advice to rest.

The Financial Times leads on a story that Chinese companies will be shut out of Britain’s “floundering” nuclear energy programme. …………….It says Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng wants to attract investors from the US, UK and elsewhere before existing reactors are retired in 2035. The paper reports that while Mr Kwarteng only referred to wanting to reduce “the UK’s reliance on overseas developers” Tory MPs believe the model will help him remove China’s GCN from future energy projects.

The Daily Star channels TV classic Dad’s Army as it says “Who do you think you are kidding Mrs Lumley?” in response to Joanna Lumley suggesting that rationing could be brought back to save the planet. Referring to her starring role in Absolutely Fabulous it says “although we think you are absolutely fabulous, this sounds like a load of Bolly, darling”.

It’s Budget day, so several front pages feature photographs of the chancellor, including the Times which claims Rishi Sunak is expected to almost double economic growth predictions for this year when he delivers his speech – giving him an extra £20-to-£30 billion to spend. 

“Our New Age of Optimism”, says the Daily Express – quoting the chancellor’s pledge to build a post-Brexit economy that can bounce back from the pandemic. 

The Guardian says Mr Sunak will strike a “bullish” note – despite facing the threats of inflation and holes in the public finances. 

According to the Daily Telegraph, he’ll focus on helping families through the cost-of-living crunch and delivering on previous promises before the next election. 

UK governmentChancellor Rishi Sunak released images of himself with red Labrador puppy Nova, preparing for the Budget

The Daily Mirror isn’t impressed by Treasury photos of the chancellorpreparing for his speech wearing a pair of flip flops costing £95. 

The shots are “unintentionally revealing”, it argues, emphasising the distance between a “privileged multi-millionaire” and “workers facing a cost-of-living crisis the Conservatives are making worse”. 

The Sun says business leaders are wondering what happened to the Tories’ claim of being the party of low taxes – so “all eyes will be on the small print”. 

The Times’ leader column urges the chancellor to ease the highest tax burden since 1948 – insisting “the government’s role is to ensure that growth with stable prices can resume”. 

Britain “cannot tax its way to wealth”, it says, “and Mr Sunak knows this”. 

Images of the chancellor vie for space on the front pages with those of the Queen following her decision to withdraw from a reception at COP26 in Glasgow next week. 

According to the Daily Mail, Palace sources have insisted the move is a “sensible precaution” and the Queen remains determined the climate summit should be a success. 

The Mirror says officials “moved to dampen health fears” by releasing pictures of the Queen smiling as she carried out video calls on Tuesday – her first official engagements since her stay in hospital last week. 

It says the MPs’ report sets out how more than 2,000 consultants were each paid more than £1,000 a day to work on the system which “repeatedly” failed to break transmissions and “deteriorated” just at the point when it was needed most. 

The paper’s leader column describes Test and Trace as a “costly fiasco”and says that with the vast majority of people now vaccinated – “it is difficult to understand” why the operation continues.

The main news for the Financial Times is Tuesday’s Commons appearance by Kwasi Kwarteng, in which the business secretary set out what the paper calls a new funding model for Britain’s “floundering” nuclear energy programme

It says the recent cancellation of projects is seen as evidence that the current system – of only paying operators when plants are producing electricity – is broken, so now ministers want to allow construction costs to be front-loaded on to consumer bills. 

The FT notes that Mr Kwarteng also spoke of wanting to reduce the UK’s reliance on overseas developers and says Tory MPs believe the new model will help him shut out Chinese companies from future energy projects.

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