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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Ministers consider #COVID19 Plan B the Observer says new evidence has emerged that indicates ministers are preparing to bring in tougher Covid restrictions: The Observer’s main story says new evidence has emerged that the government is paving the way to implement its Plan B Covid measures in England amid warnings from health bosses that a “vortex of pressures” is encircling the NHS.

The Sunday People front page
The Sunday People says at least 51 MPs have called police over violence and threats in the past 12 months. The paper says the “horrifying” incidents include death threats to politicians, their staff, and families, as well as physical attacks on constituency offices.

Oct.25, 2021: @acenewsservices

The paper has learned that local authorities have been contacted by the UK Health Security Agency to canvass their level of support for the “immediate rollout of the winter plan – Plan B”. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has so far publicly resisted calls to implement Plan B measures, which include making face coverings in some settings compulsory again.

BBC News: Staff:

The Sunday Mirror reports that the prime minister flew 1,200 miles on a private jet in two weeks, which the paper says proves “his eco rants are just hot air”. Ahead of a major climate summit in Glasgow, COP26, Greenpeace says Mr Johnson’s “hypocrisy is corrosive of public trust”.

The Sunday Telegraph says the Chancellor Rishi Sunak will announce a multibillion-pound boost for the NHS, including funds for a digital overhaul of the health service. The paper says it comes as Health Secretary Sajid Javid revealed one in 10 NHS trusts still operate on “paper-based systems”.

The Sunday Express also looks forward to what the chancellor will announce in Wednesday’s Budget. It says £703m will be given to “beef up” border security, and a “giant” £3bn will be given for a “skills revolution”.

The Sunday Times leads on an investigation into the killing of a Kenyan mother. The paper says a British soldier confessed to murdering the 21-year-old woman while training in Kenya, according to a “former fellow squad die”.

Mince pies could be in short supply this year, the Daily Star warns, saying “it’s crust too much”. The paper says it’s “another raisin to be gloomy” and could leave bakers “pie and dry” ahead of the Christmas Day.

The paper has learned that the UK Health Security Agency contacted local authorities on Friday to canvass their level of support for the “immediate” rollout of the measures: Plan B would include working from home and compulsory mask-wearing.

According to a special report by the Independent online paper, the NHS faces its hardest winter yet as soaring coronavirus cases combine with a surge in A&E demand and a health service brought to its knees by 18 months of unrelenting pressure.

It says it’s heard from doctors, nurses and health officials from across the UK that the mounting crises on several fronts means the health service is facing – in the paper’s words – a very real catastrophe.

The Sunday Telegraph reports that Chancellor Rishi Sunak is expected to announce an extra £5bn for the NHS in his Budget on Wednesday – on top of the £36bn package announced last month.

It says the increase will include funds for a digital overhaul of the health service, after it was revealed that one in 10 trusts still operates on “paper-based systems”.

51 MPs report threats and an investigation by the Sunday People shows that at least 51 MPs called in police over violence and threats in the past 12 months. It says the incidents included death threats to the MPs, their staff and families – and attacks on constituency offices: According to the paper, police are now urging MPs to take a range of special measures, including not travelling on public transport and enrolling in self-defence classes.

For its lead, the Sunday Times says the Royal Military Police has launched an inquiry into claims that a British soldier murdered a 21-year-old woman while training in Kenya.

The paper says a fellow former serviceman has claimed that his comrade broke down in tears and confessed to the murder at a hotel in the town of Nanyuki in 2012.

The former serviceman tells the paper he informed senior officers in his regiment at the time, but despite this, the suspect has never been questioned about Agnes Wanjiru’s killing. Defence Secretary Ben Wallace is now speaking directly to the Kenyan authorities, the paper adds. 

Finally, recent reports have suggested that we could be facing a shortage of turkeys, toys and pigs-in-blankets this Christmas. Now, the Star on Sunday says grottos across the country are struggling to recruit Santas and elves.

According to the People, the share of searches for seasonal roles by jobseekers is down 27% compared with the same time in 2019 and 33% below its 2018 level.

A Lancashire company paying up to £40 an hour for Santas tells the paper it’s surprised people aren’t jumping at the chance of a “nice gig”. The shadow of the empty grotto looms, the paper warns.

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