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June.19, 2021: @acenewsservices

Newspaper Headlines: ‘Flopscotch’ at the Euros and blue wall ‘at risk’ & a combination of two stories – one the Tory defeat but due to Labours lacklustre performance of just 1.6% of the votes and turnout of 54% in the Chesham and Amersham by-election, the other England and Scotland’s 0-0 draw in the European Championships with the Daily Star attributing the result to psychic Uri Geller – saying he used his mystical powers to “turn England’s millionaire superstars into boring old duffers”

Daily Mirror front page - 19/06/21
BBC News: England and Scotland’s meeting at Wembley in the European Championship is reported across the front pages – with photographs of both the players and supporters widely featured. The Daily Mirror says it was a “flopscotch” for England after a lacklustre team were held to a goalless draw in the “Battle of Britain”.

The Sun tries to put a political slant on the match saying the result showed SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon that England and Scotland can’t be separated: But it notes the point for England sets them on course for the knockout stage of the tournament:

The Daily Telegraph’s front page shows frustrated England fans watching the match at a pub. “Scotland brave-hearted, England half-hearted,” says its headline: The Telegraph’s lead story focuses on the Lib Dem surprise victory over the Tories in the Chesham and Amersham by-election – reporting that Boris Johnson has been warned by some cabinet colleagues not to take the party’s traditional voters for granted:

The Guardian says the Tories fear other “blue wall” seats across southern England could be at risk after the by-election defeat: It says Downing Street is under pressure to ditch proposed planning laws which many MPs are blaming for the loss:

The Financial Time says the unexpected by-election loss took place in one of the Tory strongholds. The new laws, which would allow more development in parts of the countryside, are being described as “electorally toxic” by some activists and MPs, says the FT.

The Times says the planning laws were “weaponised” by the Lib Dems during the by-election campaign and cabinet colleagues are urging the prime minister to soften their impact: It says backbench MPs could now move to kill the legislation before it becomes law:

The Daily Express focuses on Boris Johnson’s response to the defeat in Chesham and Amersham saying the PM sees it as a “warning shot” to reaffirm his election promises and “rebuild the country”

The i says Brexit red tape has halted charity poppy sales in the EU: Extra expense and paperwork has forced the Royal British Legion to close its online shop for the bloc, says the paper:

The Daily Mail reports police questioned Prince Charles as a witness following the death of his former wife, Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1997: The details are contained in an interview with a former Scotland yard chief who investigated the case:

“There are crowds of drunk, riotous supporters celebrating the result” – a man tells a police officer in the Matt cartoon in the Daily Telegraph – “they must be Lib Dems”. 

In its lead, the Daily Telegraph says Boris Johnson has been warned to pay more attention to “traditionally Tory” values by ministers after the Conservative defeat in the by-election where, the paper says, there was a backlash against proposals to change planning rules.

Some Cabinet ministers have been talking to the Times. One tells the paper: “We need to tread carefully on planning.” Another says: “The heartlands aren’t being given the the attention they need – and the best way to show them we’re listening is to abandon the planning bill.” 

The Financial Times has heard similar assessments. It has been told by a member of the cabinet that “planning reform is going to be the biggest challenge of the autumn” when draft legislation is expected in the Commons.

Writing for the New Statesman website, the former Conservative Cabinet minister David Gauke says Tory MPs will be feeling “very jittery”. He says planning reform isn’t dead but its prospects are bleak. 

The Guardian says the prime minister has been warned a “swathe of seats” in the “blue wall” across southern England could be at risk after the Liberal Democrat victory in Buckinghamshire. 

The Sun warns that Conservative “complacency” needs to end – while the Daily Express says Mr Johnson has experienced his first “notable election wobble”. 

For the Daily Mail, though, the defeat is a “bloody nose” not a “full-blown disaster”.

Great Scots” is the i’s assessment of Scotland’s performance in the 0-0 draw against England at Wembley. “Bad News Nicola” says the Sun on its front page in a nod to the SNP first minister. “Scotland and England can’t be separated.” Reuters

Daily Mirror agrees – saying football’s ability to “bring folk together and unite nations” remains as powerful as ever.

But the Daily Star says the match was a “drab stalemate” and England’s “lions” were “lame”.For the Daily Express, they were “toothless”.

The Daily Telegraph describes England as lackustre, while the Times asks: “Do we need to talk about Harry?” after Harry Kane’s struggles on the pitch.

Online, the Scotsman praises Scotland’s “controlled aggression” during the game. According to the Herald, the players put in a “valiant defensive effort” ……….The Press and Journal in Aberdeen, says Scotland have “resurrected their tournament”.

The Daily Record thinks the side have “come of age”.

Elsewhere, the i reports Brexit red tape and extra expenses mean the Royal British Legion will not be able to sell poppies across the European Union. Labour tells the paper it will raise the issue with ministers next week – which is Armed Forces Week. A government spokesperson has told the BBC it will ensure the charity gets the support needed to operate in the EU.

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