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June.12, 2021: @acenewsservices

Newspaper Headlines: Johnson and Biden’s ‘love-in’ and PM mulls 21 June delay: “Oh baby, what a love-in” is how the front of the Daily Mail sums up yesterday’s face-to-face meeting between UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden.

Daily Mail
Prime Minister Boris Johnson described US President Joe Biden as a “breath of fresh air” as the two leaders met in Cornwall on Thursday for the G7 summit of world leaders, reports the Daily Mail. The paper says the pair and their families bonded with a display of “extraordinary warmth” on their first ever meeting.

BBC News: Staff:

The Daily Express quotes Mr Johnson as saying there is a “massive amount” their partnership could achieve. The paper says the pair also agreed to step up preparations for a post-Brexit trade deal between the UK and US.

But the Guardian says the G7 summit risks being overshadowed by a “bitter Brexit stand-off” between France and the UK. French President Emmanuel Macron increased pressure on Mr Johnson over post-Brexit regulatory checks on goods going into Northern Ireland from Great Britain, the paper says, insisting “nothing is negotiable”.

In other developments, ministers are considering delaying ending coronavirus restrictions in England for a month to give businesses “certainty” and allow more time for people to receive two vaccinations, the Times reports. The paper says plans are being discussed to push back the end of lockdown – planned for 21 June – by either two or four weeks.

The i says a shortage of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine over the next few weeks could also hit hopes for what some have dubbed “freedom day” 21 June. It comes as clinical trials begin for a new vaccine to protect against coronavirus variants.

The Metro says Health Secretary Matt Hancock caused “outrage” when he defended his performance during the pandemic, at an appearance in front of MPs. Mr Hancock said Britain had never had a shortage of personal protective equipment, despite medical staff having to wear bin bags earlier in the pandemic, the paper reports.

The Daily Mirror says Mr Hancock faced a “furious backlash” for his claims about PPE. One nurse quoted by the paper says: “The families of those affected by callousness deserve an apology.”

The Daily Star jokes about the health secretary’s remarks being “totally believable”. It features a mocked-up image of him with a Pinocchio-style nose.

The Sun previews the start of the delayed Euro 2020 football championships with an editorial aimed at England’s footballers. The paper says 56 million people will be following the players and in return “you can give this football-mad nation hope, unity and, perhaps, some joy”.

Finally, the Financial Times reports that US consumer prices increased by the most in nearly 13 years in May compared with a year ago, the Financial Times reports. The jump exceeded economists’ forecasts, the paper says, fuelling a debate over whether the US economy is at risk of overheating.

It has pictures of Mr Biden and the US First Lady in Cornwall, with the prime minister, his wife Carrie and their toddler son, Wilfred. 

The paper’s leader article accepts that the ongoing row with the EU about Brexit has cast a shadow over the G7 summit. But it points out that “crucially Mr Johnson and Mr Biden appeared to hit it off”.

The Guardian suggests the start of the G7 summit in Cornwall was “soured” by a warning from French President Emmanuel Macron. 

As the row continues between London and Brussels about the post-Brexit checks on some goods entering Northern Ireland from the UK mainland, the paper quotes Mr Macron saying that “nothing is negotiable”, so soon after the details of a deal were set down last year.

The Mirror is dumbfounded that Mr Johnson is planning to hold his post-summit news conference during England’s first European Championship football match. 

It says the prime minister is “poised to snub” the Three Lions by addressing the media five minutes after their crucial game against Croatia kicks off on Sunday afternoon. 

Mr Johnson’s spokesman tells the paper: “It is looking likely there will be a clash, I’m afraid, but we will do our best.”

EPAUS President Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson met for the first time on Thursday

The Daily Telegraph leads with a warning from former Prime Minister Theresa May that “global Britain is closed for business” because of the government’s approach to coronavirus travel restrictions. 

Mrs May is quoted saying the rules are “incomprehensible” given the vaccination programme’s success. 

And she laments that if fresh measures are imposed every time there’s a new Covid variant “we will never be able to travel abroad again”.

The Times says ministers believe a four-week postponement of the final easing of Covid rules in England – planned for 21 June – would allow more people to have two vaccinations. 

Some in the cabinet, the paper explains, favour a two-week delay while others think that wouldn’t give businesses enough “certainty” of no further hold-ups.

“Pfizer jab shortage warning hits hopes for the twenty-first of June,” says the front of the i.

It suggests that supplies will be “tight” over the next few weeks, as efforts continue to give jabs to all under-30s.

The Daily Mirror’s lead is about the appearance before MPs yesterday of Health Secretary Matt Hancock. 

PA MediaMatt Hancock’s appearance in front of MPs makes several of the front pages

It’s sceptical about his suggestion that there was no evidence some NHS workers faced a shortage of personal protective equipment, at the start of the pandemic. 

Its opinion column describes his comments as “at best unconvincing and at worst deeply insulting”.

But the Daily Express defends Mr Hancock, saying in its leader that he “displayed candour and resilience in his marathon evidence session”. 

It concludes that: “Rather than scapegoat ministers, aides or officials, he gave every impression he is part of a team and has fought to save as many lives as possible in the throes of a public health nightmare.

A new campaign is launched by The Sun to prevent what it calls an “environmental disaster”, caused by the irresponsible disposal of single-use face masks. It says the masks may have saved thousands of lives by stopping the spread of coronavirus. But it reports that “some 53 million a week are chucked away in the UK, harming birds and animals and even washing into the sea”.

The Times welcomes the legal victory of the woman who lost her job with a think-tank after saying people could not change their biological sex. Maya Forstater yesterday won her appeal against the original employment tribunal ruling. The Times thinks the outcome “strikes an important blow for free speech, which in recent years has all too often found itself outmuscled by the competing concern for the rights of those whom it might offend”.

And finally, the Telegraph says Cambridge University academics, studying medieval skeletons, have found that a surprisingly large number of people in the fourteenth century had bunions. They believe this was a result of the fashion at that time for pointed-toed shoes. The bony lumps, which had been considered a more modern problem, were more common in those buried in urban areas, who were more likely to be fashion-conscious. The headline is “a sore point”.

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