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June.09, 2021: @acenewsservices

Newspaper Headlines: Lockdown end uncertainty, and Lloyd Webber defiant as many of Wednesday’s papers focus on whether all #coronavirus restrictions will be lifted in England on 21 June.

i newspaper Wednesday
The planned easing of lockdown rules in England on 21 June makes several of Wednesday’s front pages, including the i newspaper. It says there is hope that any potential delay will be limited, because of young people’s keenness to get vaccinated. There was a spike in interest in the jab booking system after it opened to under-30s, the paper says. But sources tell the paper it is currently too close to call whether the reopening will happen.

BBC News: Staff:

The Guardian says Chancellor Rishi Sunak is willing to accept a delay of up to four weeks – but that ministers will continue to scrutinise data on cases and hospitalisations in the coming days. Mr Sunak is more concerned that the reopening must be permanent when rules are lifted, the paper adds.

The main front page picture is of the baby boy named Artin who died in the English Channel as his family tried to reach the UK………..One person who is not keen on a delay to lockdown easing is theatre impresario Andrew Lloyd Webber, who tells the Daily Telegraph he will reopen his theatres without social distancing later this month “come hell or high water” and is even prepared to be arrested for doing so. He said theatres’ finances were suffering and he has already remortgaged his London home.

The Daily Mirror looks at the potential impact on weddings if there’s a delay to the 21 June date. It suggests 50,000 weddings could be at risk by a four-week delay – and the cost to the industry could be £325m every seven days. Ceremonies are currently limited to 28 guests plus the bride and groom.

The Times focuses on the government’s advice to travellers, after minister George Eustice said that Britons should “holiday at home” because of the spread of coronavirus variants. The paper says the government is being accused of a U-turn on foreign travel and causing confusion. It also quotes an Algarve tourism official who says that of the more than 100,000 Covid tests carried out at Faro airport as British holidaymakers headed home, six were positive.

The Daily Mail suggests it has a dossier of Covid data that “Boris cannot ignore” when deciding whether to lift the lockdown rules. But its top story is on the reports that students at Oxford University have removed a picture of the Queen from their common room. The paper says the decision was taken because students felt the portrait “represents recent colonial history”.

The Daily Express also runs the report, saying the students have sparked fury by their decision. It says the image has hung for decades in the common room at Magdalen College.The deal agreed by the G7 group of rich countries to make big companies pay more tax makes the front page of the Financial Times. The paper says Chancellor Rishi Sunak fears it could affect the global banks headquartered in the City of London so he is hoping to get an exemption for financial services.

Wednesday’s Metro leads with the news that more than 800 suspected criminals have been arrested worldwide after being tricked into using a fake messaging app run by the FBI. The paper says hundreds of gangsters in Britain are among those who have been arrested in the sting. Detectives spent 18 months intercepting 27 million messages – and huge amounts of cash and cocaine have now been seized.

And the Daily Star announces a “new space race”, following the news that Amazon’s billionaire founder Jeff Bezos is planning to take a trip in a rocket later this year. The paper says Richard Branson from Virgin – who set up Virgin Galactic – is planning to beat him to it.

The Guardian suggests the Chancellor Rishi Sunak – who it says had been regarded as more keen than some of his colleagues to lift constraints – is now willing to accept a four-week delay. 

But according to HuffPost UK, the Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove told colleagues he would bet on the original date. 

The i newspaper says hopes for the reopening as planned have been raised by a “Glastonbury-style rush” for vaccine appointments. 

The Daily Mail reports that Boris Johnson is under pressure from business leaders to stick to his roadmap, with the former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith saying: ‘We need to get on with it now.”

The composer Andrew Lloyd Webber declares in the Daily Telegraph that he will reopen his theatres in June “come hell or high water” and is prepared to be arrested for his actions. Andrew Lloyd Webber owns seven theatres including London’s Theatre Royal

Under the headline “Bride and Doom”, the Daily Mirror warns that 50,000 weddings could be at risk if there’s a delay. 

According to the Times, ministers have been accused of a U-turn on holidays, after people were urged to stay in the UK. 

Whitehall sources deny there has been any policy change. 

The Tory MP for Crawley, Henry Smith, who has Gatwick Airport in his constituency, tells the i that not relaxing the travel rules will damage the UK’s recovery. 

While the Daily Express suggests thousands of families will face what it calls “staycation heartache” – saying there are very few vacancies left and prices have soared.

NI border

The online Independent suggests that tensions with Brussels over the Northern Ireland border “threaten to spiral out of control”. 

With what many papers have called the “sausage war” looming, the website says that neither side have much hope of an agreement at today’s talks. 

Discussions so far are said to be “going in circles”. The Telegraph says that comments by the European Commission’s President, Ursula von der Leyen, indicate that the row could spill over into the G7 summit this weekend.

The Financial Times reports on its front page that the chancellor is seeking to exempt the City’s biggest banks from the G7’s global tax system. 

The FT explains that HSBC makes half its profits in China, while Standard Chartered does little business in the UK. 

A British official says that British and EU countries want financial services left out of the agreement, but it’s understood President Biden is keen to extend the scope of the tax.

“How dare they!” asks the Express, accusing Oxford students of “sparking fury” by taking down the Queen’s portrait in a common room. 

The Mail says the university’s chancellor, Lord Patten, called the decision “offensive and obnoxiously ignorant”. The students insisted it did not “equate to a statement on the Queen”. The Sun online dubs it a “woke joke.”

Getty Images Dianas Ford Escort is the subject of a story in the Times

And the Times reports that a 40-year-old Ford Escort with 87,000 miles on the clock and a silver frog emblem on its bonnet is expected to sell for £40,000. 

All because it was once the runaround of a certain Lady Diana Spencer – a gift from her fiance, Prince Charles.

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