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June.04, 2021: @acenewsservices

Newspaper Headlines: Holiday ‘chaos’ and ‘alarm’ over new variants & Almost all of the papers lead on the UK government’s decision to remove Portugal from the green list of travel destinations.

Daily Express front page 04/06/21
Changes to the UK’s restrictions on travel abroad dominate the front pages. The Daily Express says the plans of millions were “left in tatters” after the government announced Portugal would be removed from the green list, meaning travellers must quarantine on their return to the UK. No new destinations will be added to the green list, with Transport Secretary Grant Shapps saying he did not want to put plans to ease domestic restrictions at risk by opening up foreign travel too soon.

BBC News: Staff:

In what the Daily Mail describes as a “devastating day for the travel industry”, seven more countries were also added to the red list, which requires people to quarantine in a hotel for 10 days on their return to the UK. The paper says it leaves Gibraltar as the only realistic destination for Britons to visit without quarantining.”

“Britain is grounded” is the headline for the Metro, which says millions of people desperate for a sunshine break in Europe have had their hopes “dashed”. It says travel bosses are infuriated by the changes to the traffic light list and airline shares have tumbled.

The changes have plunged the holiday plans of thousands into “chaos”, according to the Daily Mirror. But a poll for the paper found 81% of people wanted anyone returning to the UK from abroad to isolate.

The Daily Star accuses ministers of being “clueless clowns” for “ruining” summer holidays abroad. It says Britons are “ticked off” after Portugal was removed from the green list.”Holiday in the UK to save 21 June” is the message on the front of the i, which suggests a trade-off between tougher restrictions on travelling abroad and plans to ease the lockdown in England. The paper says Britons are now scrambling to book flights home to avoid quarantining on their return when the rules change at 04:00 BST on Tuesday…….Others are rushing to cancel trips after Portugal, after bookings soared in recent weeks, according to the Times. The paper interprets the removal of the country from the green list as a sign holidays abroad will be unlikely for many this summer.

The decision on Portugal was taken because of concerns over a new Covid variant, being referred to as the Nepalese variant, the Telegraph reports. However, ministers admitted it was not known whether the new variant was more transmissible or a bigger risk to those vaccinated than the Indian variant from which it derived, the paper adds. Its front page also features a picture of Prime Minister Boris Johnson receiving his second coronavirus jab.

It comes as new data suggests the Delta variant, first identified in India and now dominant in the UK, is much more likely to cause serious illness, the Guardian reports. The variant also appears to be circulating more rapidly within schools but Public Health England stressed more data was needed, the paper adds.

The Financial Times says the UK economy is bouncing back more strongly than expected, with recruitment of permanent staff reaching the fastest pace for 23 years in May. The paper says the easing of lockdown has helped boost the figures, although there are concerns about potential labour shortages in some sectors.

The Daily Mail says hopes of summer trips abroad were “plunged into turmoil” on a “devastating day” for the travel industry. The Telegraph says there are fears of a “second lost summer”, while the UK waits for Europe to catch up with vaccination rates here. 

The Independent website describes the announcement as a U-turn because the government had previously said it would give warning of a country moving from green to amber, to provide certainty to businesses and holidaymakers. 

The Daily Mirror calls it a “foreign holiday nightmare”, while “Britain is grounded” is the headline for the Metro. The front page of the Daily Starreturns to its theme of mocking up cabinet ministers as clowns, who it says are ruining summer holidays.

ReutersPortugal will be moved to the amber list from next Tuesday

The Guardian says ministers tightened Britain’s borders amid alarm about the Delta variant of coronavirus, which was first detected in India. 

The paper highlights official data suggesting the variant is circulating rapidly in schools and is much more likely to cause serious illness than the Kent – or Alpha – variant. 

Paul Waugh, on the Huffpost UK website, wonders what this means for the plan to lift all coronavirus restrictions in England on 21 June. He says the idea of a two-week delay is gaining traction in Whitehall – not least because it gives time to vaccinate more people. 

The papers are full of holidaymakers describing their disappointment. A bar owner from Glasgow tells the Scotsman there is no way he can afford to self-isolate after returning from Portugal – so he has cancelled his trip and his family are devastated. 

In the Guardian, a couple from London who have spent £500 on PCR tests say they are going anyway – despite having to quarantine on their return. 

But the Sun has spoken to a woman seen lathering her dog with sun cream on Anglesey. She agrees with pub trade groups that it is the perfect summer to stay in the UK. 

The Financial Times says scientists in Cambridge have re-engineered the genetic code of microbes to create a synthetic cell with capabilities unlike anything in nature. 

Until now, the FT explains, it has not been possible to alter the three-billion-year-old code but the researchers say in doing so they have potentially ushered in a revolution in biology. 

The artificial cell is not only completely resistant to viruses but it can apparently create new types of materials from antibiotics to plastics with unique properties. 

Ben Birchall/PA MediaA statue of slave trader Edward Colston has been moved to a museum after being toppled during a Black Lives Matter protest last year

Pictures of the toppled statue of Edward Colston at its new home in a museum in Bristol appear across the papers. 

The Times reports that the curators had considered displaying the statue at 45 degrees as a compromise between standing upright and lying down, amid the heated debate about the slave trader’s legacy. 

A review in the Daily Telegraph is unimpressed with the decision to have the memorial displayed lying face-up, likening it to a vanquished chess piece. Let’s not pretend, the paper says, that presenting the statue horizontally is not a partisan act.

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