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May.11, 2021: @acenewsservices

Newspaper headlines: ‘End in sight’ but let’s ‘use common sense’

Daily Mail
The news that England’s Covid lockdown rules will be eased further next week leads many of the papers. “The end is now in sight” is the headline on the Daily Mail as it quotes the prime minister. It says with no deaths reported in England and the 1m social distancing rule set to be axed an upbeat Boris Johnson has said a “normal” summer is on the horizon.

BBC News: Staff:

The i chooses to lead on it being “six days until you can hug your family” as the guidance is relaxed. The paper describes the lifting of restrictions as the “big unlock”, with overnight stays, indoor pints and no face masks in classrooms all part of the changes.

The Daily Telegraph quotes Mr Johnson saying that “it is up to all of us to exercise common sense” about the risk from Covid. Cartoonist Matt focuses on hugging with two people sitting in a beer garden and the caption: “They say hugging your grandchildren carries no risk, but sometimes the little blighters wipe their noses on your jacket.””Free at last” is the triumphant headline on the Daily Express but it also echoes the use of “British common sense”.”Yes! Yes! Yes!” is the Sun’s slightly saucy take on the news as it reports that people in England will be able to have their lovers “stay the night at last”.

The Times describes the latest easing plans as a “cautious kiss goodbye to Covid curbs on freedom”. It says Boris Johnson has signalled an end to “government edicts” as it aims to replace public health law with guidance. The paper also reports that in Tuesday’s Queen’s Speech the government will pledge to put “rocket fuel” under its levelling-up agenda with a focus on education.”Threesy does it” is the headline on the metro as it reports that the UK’s Covid alert level has fallen. Level three means that the virus is in general circulation but restrictions can be gradually eased. With that the prime minister has announced “the single biggest step on our road map”, with indoor mixing and hugging allowed from Monday.

The Guardian leads on an exclusive article written by Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner who says her party has “talked down to voters for too long”. She says Labour must speak to the people in minimum-wage jobs who she grew up with. The paper also reports on escalating tensions in Jerusalem between Israel and Palestinians, with a picture of medics helping a wounded protester.

The Financial Times leads on iron ore prices hitting a record high in what it describes as the “latest sign of booming commodity markets”. The steel-making ingredient rose 8.5% to a high to almost $230 (£160) a tonne, fuelled by strong demand from china, the paper says. It also carries a a picture of Palestinians felling from tear gas after clashes with Israeli security forces.

The Daily Mirror chooses to focus on Tuesday’s Queen’s Speech with the headline “We’re still waiting prime minister”. The story refers to a pledge from Mr Johnson to fix the social care system, with the paper saying that the issue will “barely feature” when the Queen sets out the government’s programme for the next year.The Daily Star goes for something completely different as it reports that experts are recommending that bugs should be put in school dinners to avoid a world food crisis. “Don’t think much of the grub” is the headline.

‘The front pages are dominated by the prime minister’s confirmation of the latest easing of lockdown restrictions in England next week’

“The End Is Now In Sight” is the Daily Mail’s headline, while the Daily Express says we’ll be “Free At Last!”

The Daily Telegraph relays Boris Johnson’s call for people to use common sense, and the Sun celebrates that lovers will be allowed overnight stays

The paper’s leader calls the day restrictions will be eased “Happy Monday”, joking that readers will be able to hug their gran, go into a pub for a pint, or even hug their pint if they want.

PA MediaThe Sun dubs the day restrictions will be eased as “Happy Monday”

While most of the English papers praise the announcement that people will be able to hug friends and family from Monday, the Times’ Scottish edition leads on claims that the majority of people north of the border are against social distancing rules being relaxed yet

It cites a YouGov poll, which claims that 57% of people would want restrictions to remain in place even when everybody in the country has been vaccinated. 

The Scottish Daily Mail edition focuses on reports the Holyrood government looks set to announce a traffic light system for international travel similar to England’s, calling it a “Green Light For Sunshine Holidays”. 

The fallout from Labour’s poor performance in last week’s elections continues to attract coverage. 

The party’s deputy leader Angela Rayner writes an article in the Guardian saying Labour needs to stop patronising working class voters, which the paper calls “a coded criticism of Sir Keir Starmer’s performance” as leader. 

The Times reports that some figures within the party encouraged Ms Rayner to launch a leadership challenge when she was removed from her role co-ordinating election campaigns at the weekend. 

PA MediaAngela Rayner is reported to have been encouraged to launch a leadership challenge against Sir Keir Starmer

HuffPost UK’s political editor, Paul Waugh, is among those to claim the public row over the deputy leader’s place in position in the shadow cabinet put paid to plans for a much wider reshuffle – but that the episode had “simply delayed the inevitable”, with a wide cull of frontbenchers still expected at some point during the summer.

The online-only Independent reports that hundreds of junior doctors will be dropped from an NHS training scheme in England this summer, despite working on the frontline throughout the pandemic. 

It says a reduction of places available for anaesthetists who’ve already completed four years of training will result in many having to wait three years to resume their efforts to become fully qualified, despite there being a national shortage of people able to do the job. 

Health Education England, which funds training places, tells the website it is “supporting trainees as much as possible in finding roles across all professions”.

Wild Ken HillWhite-tailed eagles will be reintroduced to Norfolk over the next decade

The i says efforts to reintroduce Britain’s biggest bird of prey to the wild in England are being accelerated. 

The conservation agency Natural England plans to release up to 60 young white-tailed eagles from Poland in Norfolk over the next decade. 

The species – whose wing span can grow to about 8ft (2.5m) – became extinct in the UK during the early 20th century, but trials to reintroduce them on the Isle of Wight have been taking place since 2019.

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