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May.13: 2021: @acenewsservices

Newspaper headlines: Fears of ‘all-out war’ and concerns over variant

The Times
Images of destruction in Israel and Gaza feature on many of the front pages, including the Times, which says fears are mounting over the threat of “full-scale war”. It reports that Israel Defence Forces have sent tanks and troops to the border and a military spokesman has refused to rule out a ground offensive.

BBC News: Staff:

The Daily Telegraph carries a picture of youngsters cleaning up a torched synagogue in the city of Lod under the headline “US offers ‘ironclad support’ to Israel over conflict with Hamas”. It quotes US Secretary of State Antony Blinken saying that there is an “absolute distinction” between Hamas “indiscriminately raining down rockets” and Israel’s response: The paper also reports that GPs are being told to encourage patients to go online for appointments.

There are two striking images of plumes of smoke and flame in Israel and Gaza on the front of the Financial Times: The paper says more than 50 people have died in deadly attacks as the violence continues in the region:

The FT’s lead story is on stocks retreating after a 4.2% surge in inflation in the US: The Guardian leads on Boris Johnson’s promise to hold an independent inquiry into the handling of the Covid pandemic but it says that there is anger that it will not be held until 2022:

It says experts believe an inquiry could be up and running in “three to six months” and quotes Lord Falconer saying the government will be confident the pandemic inquiry will not conclude before the next general election, which it says is expected in 2023.

Meanwhile the l reports that there are fears for the end of lockdown after variant cases triple: It says a government scientific adviser thinks it is possible the final lifting of lockdown in England could be delayed beyond 21 June due to the threat of the Indian variant. It also reports that the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) will hold a meeting on Thursday:

However, the Sun seems more confident as it describes 21 June as the “Great British Mask Off”. It says that’s the date that social distancing will end and masks in shops and offices will no longer be required.

The Daily Express declares “It’s working” as it says two million jobs have been saved as the UK economy rebounds from Covid: The paper quotes Chancellor Rishi Sunak saying “our plan is working”.”We’ll never give up, Maddie” is the Daily Mirror’s headline as it says her devoted parents have vowed never to stop looking for their missing daughter on her 18th birthday. The paper says Kate and Gerry McCann still hope she can be found alive 14 years after she disappeared during a family holiday in Portugal.

The Daily Mail continues its criticism of the prime minister over social care as it reports that families have paid £14bn in social care costs since Boris Johnson promised to fix the system on his first day in Downing Street. Social care was only briefly mentioned during the Queen’s Speech on Tuesday.

The Metro leads on the prime minister’s “mystery” court debt after Boris Johnson was issued with a county court judgement over unpaid debts of £535: The paper says documents show the PM should have got the judgement six months ago but seems to still not have paid the bill. The prime minister’s spokesman said the claim was “totally without merit”

The Daily Star also mentions the debt story with a mocked up picture of Boris Johnson as a clown: But its lead story is on former Labour adviser Alastair Campbell who accidentally said the Queen had died while standing in as a host on ITV’s Good Morning Britain. “A weapon of Maj destruction” is its headline as it asks if it is too late to get ex-host Piers Morgan back on the sofa:

The Sun celebrates on its front page what it calls the “Great British Mask Off”

The paper suggests scientists support plans to end the requirement for face coverings in shops and offices in England from 21 June. 

But the i leads on the concerns of scientific advisers that variant cases could triple, which could delay the end of lockdown. Although the paper’s policy editor stresses the watchword is “concern” not “alarm”. 

The Guardian reports that analysis by researchers at Imperial College London suggests the strain could be more transmissible than the Kent variant, but it is not yet clear why. 

The Financial Times says scientists are concerned by reports of fully vaccinated people in India becoming infected with Covid-19. Although an Indian virologist tells the FT that severe cases after vaccination remain “very very rare.”

The Daily Telegraph suggests that new NHS guidance will instruct GPs in England to triage patients by speaking to them first by phone or online

Practices brought in this approach during the first lockdown on a temporary basis but the Telegraph says it will now become the default. 

NHS England said that from Monday GP practices must ensure they were offering convenient face-to-face appointments. 

The Daily Mail leads with an estimate that patients with dementia and their families have spent £14bn on social care, according to the Alzheimer’s Society, since what it calls Boris Johnson’s “broken promise” to fix the system. 

The Mail calls it “indecently wrong” that the government has not dealt with the issue – saying “there is no safer time for No 10 to take tough decisions”. The Department of Health and Social Care said it was committed to bringing forward a longer term reform plan this year.

GCSE and A level papers from last year’s cancelled exams that many schools in England are using to test pupils this summer are being sold on social media, according to the Guardian – with sites offering them for as little as £1. 

The body representing exam boards, the JCQ, said teachers were deciding grades using a range of evidence.

The Daily Mirror and Daily Express both report on how on the 18th birthday of Madeleine McCann – missing since she was three – her parents still have not given up hope. 

The Mirror says they still leave cards and presents in her room. The Sun says German investigators, who are holding the suspect in the case, say they have new evidence.

PA MediaMadness frontman Suggs has been surprising strangers with impromptu performances, according to the Daily Star

And the Daily Star reveals that frustration at not being able to do any gigs has led the frontman of Madness, Suggs, to surprise strangers with impromptu performances. 

The star has apparently taken to singing to people at bus stops. And according to his wife his serenades haven’t gone down so well, with people running away. The Star jokes of his behaviour, “that’s the first sign of Madness”.

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